The Console Ban Warning is a message that Miiverse users receive when multiple accounts have been permanently banned from a single device, or when they have one permanent ban and several temporary bans on other accounts. The message appears as a notification from the administration like every other message the admins generally send. It states that the administration is aware that many violations were committed through the accounts used and/or made on the device being used. It varies from person to person whether they will get the warning; the admins may get tired of dealing with people "violating" the Code of Conduct excessively, presumably to make Miiverse a "better" place, and decide to remove you from Miiverse permanently. People normally receive at least one warning before their console will be restricted to access Miiverse at all, but some people have gotten lucky by receiving more than one warning—up to about 3 to 5 warnings—without the console ban actually happening.


  • There are two different variations of this message, which depends on whether the user is either at least 18 years old or younger than 18 years old. Both, however, are very similar.
  • This is the only time the admins say "ban" instead of "restrict".