The Arrow Meme
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The Arrow Meme, also known as ARROWS or arrow posts by some users, is a popular Miiverse meme that first occurred on September 22nd, 2014.


The first post of the unintentional meme originally happened in the Family Party: 30 Great Games Community (in fact, arrows are the only reason why anyone goes to that community) in July 2013, when a user named "EliteJames" posted "↑ So? Why does it matter?" The meme spread throughout the Super Smash Bros. Series Community around December 2013, but it died out for a while.

A few minutes later, lots of people started putting arrows in their posts to point at the person above that post. Many people also said "Oh no! Arrows are coming at us!"

EliteJames continued to post "↑ So? Why does it matter?" for a long time. Everyone congratulates users with comments whenever the post successfully arrows another post that goes along with it, such as "Woah, that timing!" or "TIMING!".

This meme was revived around July 2014, only to die again within the next day.

The Arrow Memes then became popular again on April 6, 2015 by a user named Aubuscus (NNID: Aubuscus_Alt) with making perfect timings, including a timing hitting Zephyr himself. This led to arrow posts being frequently used again. However, this also led to some backlash against the meme, with arrow posts being called "unfunny unless there's perfect timing", and since the majority of later arrow posts were poorly timed, it wasn't liked as much.

Arrow posts have become less common again since the Miiverse Redesign, since people don't want to waste one of their 30 posts each day on one. The few arrow posts that do remain are mostly done by users who create dedicated sockpuppets (alternate accounts) for arrow posts.

Arrow posts have since made a return in the New Super Luigi U community, and more recently, the BoxBoy Game tips community.

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