The Aggressive Invasion was an extremely controversial event that occured on May 17th, 2015. It ultimately lead to multiple users being banned and tensions between Smashers and bandwagoners to be heightened even further.


It was just a normal day in the Wii Fit U Community. Cipher was bored and wanted to cause trouble. Gabi suggested that they invade The Legend of Zelda Community. It only consisted Gabi and Cipher posting random stuff on the community. Not many took notice at first, but then a few more users, such as King Adam decided to be in on it.

A lot of more bandwagoners decided to troll the community as well. It was at this point that everyone in the community took notice of the trolling. Gabi took credit of most of the work when it was really Cipher that wanted to invade. A few Smashers, such as a user named Dami decided to go and be on Cold Midna's side, and many Smashers and bandwagoners became divided. Most people hate her now, but some actually grew to love her more. Cipher eventually stopped posting, apologized, and just stuck around to see the trolling. Cold Midna and others stopped the meaningless trolling as of then, and later Gabi started the page you're reading right now.  


Gabi taunting ColdMidna.


Gabi was banned and the Zeldians celebrated including Cold Midnas alt account frost bitten who posted "indeed Mm what was that she posted about me again? all her little taunts" though still after the victory there were still some trolling Smashers and bandwagoners (especially the latter) left. This event led many Smashers divided on whether Cold Midna's report bombing was justified and tensions with bandwagoners being heightened to even further heights. 

More lmr

The post that started it all.

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