100 yeahs

The post

The 100 Yeah Dance is an event that took place in the Wii Fit U Community during early 2015.

The Journey to 100 yeahs

On January 8th, 2015, Plato made a post saying that if he got 50 yeahs, he would post a selfie of himself. Eventually, the post got 50 yeahs, so Plato posted the selfie. He deleted it afterwards.

Two days after Plato deleted his selfie, another user, Khloe, saw the post and made a post[1] himself saying that if he got 100 yeahs, he'd film himself doing a dance and put it on LMR, and thought it would get something like 4 yeahs. Khloe's post got 100 yeahs. Many people saw the post and shared it around because they really wanted to see Khloe dance. Users also started to comment on the post in effort to get it into the popular posts.

The Video

Months later and still no video. Khloe later commented on the old 100 yeah post and said he'd post the video in the summer.

Summer 2015 passed and still no video.


Since the post got popular, it became a meme where users would say they'd do something if they got a number of yeahs, with most of them being an obvious lie or just a joke.


A gallery of some of the comments from the 100 yeah dance post.


  1. Khloe's post

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