3qlh7vafhulp9 normal face
NNID theyugiohpro
Age Unknown
Joined Somewhere around 2014
Community Unknown
Followers 90+
System(s) owned SO Wiiu SO N3ds
Birthday Unknown
Alts Unknown

MLP is garbage.


TheLimit is a Miiverse user that's not really known that well. He's been on Miiverse sometime around the year 2014. He was mostly in the SSB community when it was off-topic. he is a user who got false reported by the Zelda and YouTube Communities. He then got unbanned and went to the NSLU community, and got banned AGAIN, because of The Bard fanboys for reporting him,


He was known as Luigi and had a Luigi Mii. He hated MLP and its fanbase so much that the bronies false reported him too much. pretty much he did this in the YTC, he also had poor spelling but then got better over months, even though he has over 90 followers, no one really knows him,

He liked to troll the The Legend of Zelda Series Community. One of his posts on there was "Zelda is a Male" there was a user who fell for the bait and reported him for no reason leaving him a 2 Week ban.

he has another ALT with him that he got from someone, it was now deleted..


  • He submitted a picture in one of SSJ Nerd's "Miiverse In a Nutshell" Youtube videos.
  • TheLimit is his ALT
  • he's not that famous.
  • He hates The Bard
  • He's been in many Roleplays in the YTC because he trolls them.
  • He is currently banned on LMR due to being rude and disrespectful to other users.
  • hes the most sexist person on da planet.

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