A temporary ban (also known as a tempban, temporary restriction, or a 2/1-week ban) is a ban on Miiverse that lasts for two/one week(s). They are the most common type of Miiverse bans. Users will get these if they have violated the Miiverse Code of Conduct multiple times, but not enough to get a permanent ban. It generally takes about 3-9 Code of Conduct violations to get a temporary ban, and about 4 or 5 temporary bans to get a permanent ban. They also do overlap, so if you were to get one and then 5 days later on another NNID that that account was banned, the ban would last for 5 more days.

Temporary Bans can also sometimes last a month.

As of March/April 2016, the error message that shows up whenever you attempt to log in to Miiverse has been updated to display "Your ability to post and give Yeahs has been restricted due to violation(s) of the Miiverse Code of Conduct."

It must be noted that, everytime you get a Temporary Ban, your "Notification Counter" will decrease by 2. So, if the first Temporary Ban was obtained after 9 posts taken down, the second will be obtained after 7 posts taken down, then the third at 5, and so on, until you get a ban every post taken down.
Miiverse banned by ziimanzii-d8217aw

The ban screen on PC Miiverse April 23rd 2013-June 23rd 2015

Alt accounts and the 6/24/15 update

Users will often try to bypass their bans by making new accounts (also know as alts), but if the user starts getting too many bans or on multiple accounts than it will take a lot less violations for a user's account to get banned, or even perma-banned.

Using alternate accounts to bypass temp bans have become pointless due to a update that Nintendo created. The update made it were if a user gets banned, he or she will be banned on all accounts linked to their device. Many users were outraged by this update. However, you can still use another Nintendo system and be fine, as long as it's not linked.

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