Team Fortress 2
Publisher Valve Corporation
Developer Valve Corporation
Release Date(s) October 10th, 2007
System Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Xbox 360, Playstation 3
Miiverse Features N/A
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Team Fortress 2  (also known as TF2) is a 2007 first-person shooter game developed by Valve Corporation. There are 9 playable classes each with their own strengths and weaknesses. The game received critical acclaim and is still being updated to this day.

In June 2011, the game became free-to-play with no catch. All of the game’s unlockable weapons were able to be unlocked by a free-to-play account and only cosmetic items that have no effect on gameplay were locked.

In July 2016, the game was given a matchmaking system that places up to twenty-four players into a server in order to have coordinated games with a balancing system through rank and in turn, completely overhauled the previous “Quickplay” system. Alongside this change came official competitive matchmaking, which was teased for years before.


Team Fortress 2 is fairly popular on Miiverse due to it's very positive reception and the fact that it is free, which means that anyone can play it. TF2 isn't just popular on Miiverse, but on all types of social media as well. Miiverse users usually like to show their liking of TF2 by praising the game, changing their Mii's to TF2 characters (The Heavy and The Medic being more common ones) and of course, memes. Some of the more popular memes are "POOTIS" and "I HAVE NO IDEA!"

Playable classes

  • The Scout (voiced by Nathan Vetterlein) is a snarky, fast-talking baseball fan from Boston, Massachusetts. He is categorized as an offense-based class based around capturing objectives quickly and picking off targets using his high damage output. He is equipped with a Scattergun, a sawed-off shotgun that is functionally identical to other shotguns aside from having slightly higher damage at extremely close range, a semi-automatic Pistol, and an aluminum baseball bat by default.
  • The Soldier (Rick May) is an American from the midwest obsessed with war and fighting, despite being rejected from every branch of the military. He is armed with a Rocket Launcher, Shotgun and Shovel by default. Additionally, he can use the high knockback from the Rocket Launcher on himself in order to “rocket jump” at a cost of health, similar to other first-person shooter games such as Quake.
  • The Pyro (Dennis Bateman) is a delusional Pyromaniac of unknown gender or race. He wears a fire-retardant suit that makes him non-ignitable by fire-based weapons, and is armed with a custom-made Flamethrower as well as a Shotgun and Fire Axe by default. His Flamethrower has an alternate-fire called a “compression blast”, which releases a blast of compressed air that knocks back enemies, can extinguish teammates and deflect projectiles in the opposite direction.
  • The Demoman (Gary Schwartz) is a black, Scottish alcoholic from the Scottish Highlands. He, much like the Soldier, has very high burst damage through splash damage from his explosives, and has two different forms of explosive jump. By default, he is armed with a traditional Grenade Launcher, a Stickybomb Launcher, and a Bottle of harsh cider informally known as scrumpy by default. Additionally, he has certain replacement weapons for all three of his weapons that assist in melee combat, notably swords and shields.
  • The Heavy Weapons Guy (Gary Schwartz), also known as simply the Heavy, is a bulky mountain of a man from the USSR. Despite speaking poor English and being mostly brawn, the Heavy isn’t dumb; having a PhD in Russian Literature and speaking fluent Russian. Although he has the slowest movement speed, he has an extremely high health pool. By default, he is equipped with a Minigun with massive damage output, affectionately known as Sasha, a Shotgun, and his own Fists by default.
  • The Engineer (Grant Goodeve) is a relaxed, soft-spoken man hailing from Texas. He specializes in being able to build structures including sentry guns to hold defensive positions, dispensers to give health and ammo to teammates and teleporters to get his teammates to the front lines much faster. By default, he is equipped with a Shotgun and a Pistol, similar to a Scout, as well as a Wrench for maintaining buildings and two PDAs to build and destroy his buildings, respectively.
  • The Medic (Robin Atkin Downes) is a doctor from Rottenberg, Germany. Hence the title of “Medic”, he specializes in being able to heal his teammates in order to keep them fighting for longer, as well as use an “Übercharge” to temporarily make his heal target invulnerable at the cost of being poor in head-to-head combat. By default, he comes equipped with an automatic Syringe Gun for self-defense, a “Medi Gun” to heal teammates, and a Bonesaw. Additionally, he comes with natural health regeneration in order to stay on the front lines longer and shrug off stray bullets.
  • The Sniper (John Patrick Lowie) is a loud-mouthed assassin from New Zealand, raised in the Australian outback. His name being rather self-explanatory, he comes equipped with a laser-sighted Sniper Rifle for long-ranged combat, being able to pick off key targets in one blow. Albeit weak at close range, he still has a weak Submachine Gun and a type of machete called a Kukri for self-defense at close range by default.
  • The Spy (Dennis Bateman) is a chain-smoking master of espionage from France. Quite possibly the most complex class in the game, he specializes in infiltration and assassinating key targets, such as Übercharge-ready Medics. He is able to disguise as enemies for infiltration and teammates for intimidation, as well as being able to turn invisible to get behind enemy lines undetected. By default, he is armed with a Revolver for short bursts of damage to finish off weakened targets, an electronic Sapper to destroy enemy Engineer buildings, a butterfly Knife that can deliver a “backstab” from behind to instantly kill any target, a disguise kit to perform the disguise functions mentioned earlier, as well as a cloaking device disguised as a wrist-watch to turn invisible.

Game Modes

TF2 has a large variety of gamemodes, both traditional and original.

  • Attack/Defense Control Points: This gamemode, as stated in the name, is based around one team, BLU, attacking and the opposite team, RED, defending. The basic premise is that there are a handful of “control points”, which RED holds by default. BLU has to get through RED’s defenses in order to take the set number of control points, and RED’s goal is to stop BLU from doing so. These matches are set on a timer, and if the timer reaches zero before BLU can capture all control points, RED wins. Assuming players do not leave after a round is finished, the teams are typically switched or the map is switched to a different phase of the same map. The RED team is given a generous amount of time (roughly one minute for most maps) to set up their defenses, such as allowing Engineers to erect their buildings and other players to reposition themselves for the incoming BLU team.
  • Control Points: Similarly to the previous gamemode, the mode revolves around owning all control points in order to win. However, both teams are even and are attempting to take all control points comparably to tug-of-war. With the exception of one special official map, these maps contain five control points with the middle one being uncontrolled, with the outer two being owned by the respective teams on either side. The ultimate goal is to capture each sequential point, with the next point opening when the previous point is captured. These maps are typically close to symmetrical in order to prevent one team having a distinct advantage.
  • King of The Hill: King of The Hill, abbreviated as KoTH; is a gamemode where there is a single control point in the center of the map. When this point is captured, the capturing team’s timer ticks down, and the point can be taken over by the opposing team. A team wins when their timer reaches zero. Notably, the team in control of the point has a much longer respawn rate than the opposing team.
  • Payload: In this gamemode, the offending (BLU) team must push a bomb cart (or payload, hence the name) into the defending (RED) team’s terminus in a set time limit. Much like a control point, the cart moves faster depending on how many players are on the cart. Throughout the map, there are checkpoints which increase the time limit and act as a stopping point for when the defending team pushes the cart back. In some cases, a checkpoint can even set the offending team’s spawn closer to the cart. When the cart is not touched for a long time by the offending team, the cart begins to roll back to the previous checkpoint. Once again, the RED team is given a short period of time to set up their defenses against the incoming BLU team. An offshoot gamemode exists called Payload Race, in which both teams need to reach a terminus before the opposing team can do the same.
  • Capture The Flag: Similar to Capture the Flag in other games, a team must infiltrate the enemy base in order to steal the opposing team’s briefcase. If the briefcase’s carrier is killed, it is dropped on the ground until the carrier’s teammate picks it up or the defensive team can prevent anyone from picking it up for a full sixty seconds. Generally, these maps are played until a team can capture the briefcase three times, but this number can be changed through server settings.
  • Special Delivery: There is a single briefcase that a team must pick up and deliver to a point in the map. Similarly to Capture the Flag, when the briefcase is dropped, the previous carrier’s team must pick up where the last player left off, or the defensive team must prevent anyone from picking it up for sixty seconds. For balancing purposes, the briefcase takes time to capture. In the only official map the gamemode has, the carrier must be on a lift for a short while as it ascends. When it reaches the peak, the briefcase is captured.
  • Mann vs Machine: Team Fortress 2’s official co-op player vs. environment gamemode. Up to six players are queued together in order to fight through waves of enemy robots. Notably, the gamemode includes a currency which is obtained through killing robots and collecting their cash, which can be used to upgrade the player’s weapon stats and unlock short buffs the player can use during waves.
  • PASS Time: A gamemode very similar to Rugby in where a team must pick up a Jack in the center of the map and attempt to capture it in the opposite team’s goal. The carrier of the Jack cannot use any of their weapons, and can only throw and pass the Jack. Unlike a briefcase, any team can pick up the ball once it is dropped and even intercept passes. By default, the scoring limit is five and it has a time limit. Once the time limit is reached, the team with the most points wins.
  • Mannpower: An offshoot gamemode of Capture the Flag in which players are allowed to use Power-Ups scattered across the map and are given extra mobility through a Grappling Hook. As the gamemode is so fast and over-the-top, the capture limit is increased to seven by default.


Team Fortress 2 received widespread critical acclaim, with scores up to 92% on Metacritic and 94% from PC Gamer, as well as receiving multiple rewards including Best Multiplayer Experience and Best Artistic Design in 2007. Many reviewers praised the stylized, cartoonish graphics, the fast-paced competitive gameplay and the use of distinct personalities and appearances for the classes. Additional praise was bestowed on the game's level design, game balance and extensive promotion of teamwork. On the flip side, reviewers noted how the Medic class was stale and repetitive to play, despite his importance to the team. As the game received updates, the developers at VALVe addressed this issue and allowed Medic to have the first update in order to make him less repetitive. After the update, the Medic class became the third most-played class in the game.


  • Pootis (Originated from the phrase "Put Dispenser Here". However, the heavy doesn't say the "D" from 'Dispenser." So if you cut at "Put dis" it seems like Pootis."). It is used in many YTPs and YTPMVs
  • I HAVE NO IDEA! (Originated from a Meet The Medic scene. When asked if the medic was sure if the übercharge would work, he simply said "I HAVE NO IDEA!" variations exists, like "I HAVE NO EYES!")
  • Gottam! (Pretty much the same as Pootis, except it came from Engineer's "Gotta Move dat gear up!"). Also Used in many YTPMVs
  • Nope.avi (A video was made with the Engineer stretching his neck and saying Nope. Often used to say no.)
  • Spycrab (If you look up with Spy's disguise kit while crouched, the spy will look like a crab. It became so big there's even GAMBLING INGAME with it. Since the Spycrab was made a occasional taunt which has a 1/10 chance of landing. The first to land it three times loses.)
  • Bonk! (Originates from Meet The Scout where Scout hits a Heavy with his bat and yells the Phrases "Boink" and "Bonk") The word "Bonk" is written on the Atomizer and has been subject to many YTPMVs, like Pootis and Gottam
  • Demopan (Originates from an in-game Death Screenshot of a Demoman (Named "STOUT SHAKO FOR TWO REFINED") with the Frying Pan who has the "Dangeresque, Too?" and "Bounty hat equipped." Isn't as popular as the other memes, but it's used frequently to show how much TF2 has changed since Launch. Demopan had a April Fools page on the official Team Fortress wiki.)
  • Painis Cupcake (Originates from a Soldier's Jeers phrase, which he says "Pain is just weakness leaving the body!". Rubberfruit modified Soldier's voice to say "I AM PAINIS CUPCAKE. I'LL EAT YOU!")
  • MeeM (The tutorial of the game has objects for the player to learn how to play. These objects are all cardboards with a character drawn on it with voice commands. Medic's cardboard says "Meem", which was quickly popularized by Youtuber Piemations.)
  • Bonus Ducks! (During the Scream Fortress 2014 event, players would play minigames after a match ended. One of those are the two teams trying to catch ducks faster than the other team. The ducks are spawned by Merasmus, who, once a player sucessfully bumped into another player, Merasmus would scream "BONUS DUCKS!", followed by bonus ducks.)
  • This is Scout, rainbows make me cry! (Originated when a youtube user made a video where the Spy takes Scout's earpiece and says "This is Scout, rainbows make me cry!", followed by Scout hitting him with a bat. Variations such as "RAINBOWS MAKE ME CRYLENOL" and "RAINBOWS" appeared shortly)


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