1ljggvvu4152a normal face
NNID ArcticTanuki
Age Unknown
Joined 2013
Community New Super Luigi U
Followers Unknown
System(s) owned SO N3ds SO Wiiu
Birthday Unknown
Alts Pezz69

TanukiDee is a user on Miiverse who previously had an obsession with Toad from the Super Mario Series. She was originally known as WaddleDee, but changed her name to TanukiDee later on. Some people consider TanukiDee a male pedophilic furry, but she states otherwise. Her name is a combination of Tanuki/Tanooki, a power-up in the Mario series and Waddle Dee, an enemy from the Kirby series. She periodically obsesses over different game characters, the current one being Villager from Animal Crossing/Super Smash Bros. 4.

In record, she has obsessed over Porky from Mother 3, Toad, and Villager.


TanukiDee was first famous for drawing suggestive pictures of Toad from Super Mario, giving him facial hair, a bow tie, or removing his shirt. Most people thought she was a sick furry. She was frequently trolled and she received a lot of admin notifications. Later in time, she said she was done with Toad and stopped drawing him completely, which relieved many people.


TanukiDee still gets a generous amount of yeahs for drawing her current husbando Villager, and she posts on-topic posts in the Fire Emblem Awakening Community. No one really knows if she has any friends at the moment, except the user Flowelz, as the two exchange comments on posts often.

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