The Fezziadus Axis Order
Me and My friends
The Founding Fathers
Date Started May 7th, 2017
Date Ended November 9th, 2017 (End of Miiverse)
Community Unknown
Notable Users Involved Mack, DarkOwen, Geo, Darkchu
The Fezziadus Axis Order (TFAO) is a fuse of the clans Freege, UPS, Sakuraichu (formerly Black Kings), OTP, United Republic of Kenikai, Miiverse Militia, SUN.STAR.CLAN., Ordo Templi Bigley, United Miiverse Empire, Red Fang and the The Taco Cartel. Formerly, it included Sakuraichu (formerly Black Kings), Miiverse Militia, and the The Taco Cartel, before they defected to TDAO on the 4th of September 2017, and FFC, a founding member, before it seceded to form SFC on the 12th of October 2017.


After the alliance's successful victory against the enemy Glasses Squad and their long time rival AzureHero they realized they needed a name. The prerequisites were that it contain Fezziadus and Axis. TFAO stands for The Fezziadus Axis Order.


Their agenda is to claim various WSC Communtities and defeat whoever stands in their way.


The alliance was established after the events on El Salvador Club. After a treaty was made between Glasses Squad and the Fezziadus Fan Club, the FFC established an alliance with numerous clans.
Glorious imperium of fezz vs fucking commie hero

TFAO's first war

On May 8th, SuperKev and Dirk formed a treaty with the FFC on North Dakota, thus making the United Powers apart of the TFAO, with the interest in a stronger alliance with Freege and Black Kings (currently Sakuraichu), along with safety for the members. As of May 19th, UPS and OTP left the alliance due to conflicts in Maryland Club. The UPS rejoined in May 31st.

In June 11th, the TFAO held two meetings with the Great Meme Empire and Ordo Templi Bigley. Both meetings were about split ownerships with each other's owned clubs.

On 3-5 September popular Miiverse user Denning came out of exile to coup DarkOwen's leadership. Though the coup was unsuccessful, Denning succeeded in splitting the Fezziadus Axis Order when four users defected and brought their clans into TDAO, most notably Freege. Geo and Freege returned to TFAO on 10 September. On 9 September, DarkOwen resigned from his position and elections were held for his successors, with one of his former enemies User 6 leader of the UME, emerging victorious, in a landslide. Under Mike's rule TFAO has regained most of its former glory and all of its communities, and won many battles against TDAO specifically in Venezuela and New Hampshire. During this time Owen stayed with TFAO as an adviser, but resigned from that post on 12th October to form SFC, the Super Fezziadus Clan, which is largely irrelevant.

Beginning in October TFAO Leader Mike and his colleague Darkwing Duckness (Nostalgic, Dirk) have initiated a comprehensive plan to retake the Pinch-50, Outfit-ID, Legend of Zelda, and eventually NSLU communities, while retaining control over all WSC clubs and other pre-redesign communities. To date the plan has been a success, resulting in the Second Siege of Pinch 50.The Red Fang has rejoined TFAO once again on 10/18/17. The clan's dark lord Sug has stated that due to the new leadership, he wanted to make amends for his past mistakes, he has also gave them the path to a new miiverse, one that will continue well after the original's end.


The result of TFAO's first war


All WSC communities that exist.



  • Geo
  • Deadfish
  • Morshu
  • Captain Falcon
  • Icepick
  • Waluigi
  • Jarhead
  • Pit
  • Davy
  • Ilany Boy
  • Teddy


Miiverse Militia

  • Alex
  • Drifter
  • Joel
  • Ryan
  • Theboss
  • Edge
  • Amu
  • Nègro

The United Powers

  • Super
  • NovaDelta
  • Jason
  • Charco
  • DogGYYES

Off-Topic Party

  • Daniel
  • James
  • Nachos
  • Kaden
  • C.Trooper

Ordo Templi Bigley

  • Bigley

United Republic of Kenikai

  • OpalYeah78
  • Ty
  • Antler
  • DAD

Red Fang

  • Sug
  • Daremi
  • Bronze
  • Jared

Other Allies

  • Stormcloak
  • Juanita
  • Laverne
  • Sam
  • Death
  • Coffee Dad
  • David


  • TFAO owns all the Wii Sports Clubs.

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