Tellance M. Morgan
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Tellmemore ("TELLMEMOOOORE") is a Miiverse user who submits posts saying "Tell me more." He includes "Tell me more" in every post he makes in some way, shape or form. He has around 200 followers. He also has a legendary sword called the Tellmesword, which is indestructible, but Nahtatroll can destroy it. He claims to have a transformation called SuperTellmemore.

The account was possibly made to make posts about the things users talk about and how much he cares about those people and those things. It's a sarcastic joke, if you haven't already figured that out. The joke has been reused several times in 900 posts.

His last post was on 6/25/2016 in the Nintendo@E3 2016 Community.

Profile description

TELLMEDAY II COMING 24/1/2015 GET READY TO TELL AGAIN!! I'm Tellmemore, ruler of Tellmeland with a legendary sword, the Tellmesword, which only can be destructed by Nhatatroll. I have a transformation: SuperTellmemore, which increments my powers and my wish to you to TELL ME MORE. WARNING: Tell me more. Hey Ridley fanboys tell me more NOW TELL

—His Profile comment

Tellmeday I & II


Tellmeday is a Miiverse event that took place on 7/24/14. Tellmemore and his 50 followers took part in this event. The goal of Tellmeday was to......guess what? make people tell them more. Many people assisted Tellmemore that day, despite there were people who hated on him too. "Expect to Tellmeday 2!!!" -Tellmemore

Tellmeday II

The sequel to Tellmedy took place 1/24/2015. Now more than ffifty people known as the TellmeCrew helped him to rule Miiverse, and, like the previous one, it was a huge success. Even not-allies joined the fun.

As TELLMEMORE's left Miiverse the future of the Tellmedays lay in the TellmeCrew's hands...

Tellmemore Thing


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