Sydneh :^)/BORB :^)
32gm7exdp6rsj normal face
NNID sydneycat2003
Age 12
Joined November 2014
Community Art Academy Community/ New Super Luigi U Community/Occasionally Texas Club
Followers 1760+
System(s) owned both
Birthday Dec. 17th
Alts Taranza !!, KORBEH :^)

Sydneh :^) is a Miiverse user that is quite popular for being such a young age, mostly because of her great art skills. She usually posts 1-3 times a day, sometimes drawings, and sometimes text posts. Her Wii U alt Taranza !!/whatever it changes to (Marx-lingSempai) was created for offtopic posting (previously, it is now mostly inactive on Miiverse) and Splatoon. Her 3DS alt KORBEH :^) (SmolSylveon) sorta replaces her Wii U alt as a late night trashposting and kind-of roleplaying account.

She's in a bunch of fandoms but she's mostly Splatoon, Kirby, Pokémon, Steven Universe, and Don't Hug Me I'm Scared trash. Mostly a Kirby fangirl at this point tho.

She doesn't really consider herself one, but she still hangs around with the smashers. She doesn't even have a copy of Smash 4, actually.

She identifies as a toaster oven.

​Nurd Friends (or Toasters)

This consists of a completely random and large compilation of friends she calls nurds or toasters. Mmmm.



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