The Supreme Dred Army is a clan of Miiverse users, formed after the Smashers were massacred by the Corrupted Rebels, who fight false reporters and protect trolls. They were established in the fall of 2014 by Dr. James, who needed an army in order to fight the rebellious Hylians. The SDA strives to preserve the old values of the Smashers from the Super Smash Bros. Series Community, as that era was considered the greatest generation for Miiverse.

Beginning: The Revival of the Dred Side

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Dr. James

On 10/30/2014 RighanRed, the founder of the Dred Side, officially handed over his position as leader of the New Dred Army to Dr. James, who then renamed it to Superior Dred Army (SDA). Dr. James later decided to change the name to Supreme Dred Army due to negative backlash from veteran Dred members. Most of the original members of the New Dred Army were either banned from previous battles or were just inactive on Miiverse. Much recruiting had to be done.

The Great Hylian/Smasher War Era


SDA propaganda lel

During the terrible war between Hylians and Smashers, Dr.James began making alliances to strengthen his clan. The SDA became close allies with Count Dooku's Confederacy of FreeMiiverse, along with the Eggverse Empire, the original Dark Side, etc. Together they fought and banned radical Hylians to protect the Smashers from mass report-bombings. James was very loyal to Count Dooku and his allies at the time, and defended them from many Hylian haters. He blindly believed the Hylians to be evil report-bombers without genuine reason.

There came a time, however, when James finally realized how foolish he was being and made peace with the Hylians, starting with the infamous Cold Midna, which brought the Smasher/Hylian War to an end. The SDA became very close with the Requiem of Spirits and Defenders of Zelda. This angered CountDooku. Dr. James decided he'd had enough of the Count's lies and hypocrisy, and proceeded to abandon him and his alliance near the end of 2014.

"I learned that taking orders from egotistical, hypocritical children wasn't the way to go, so I left him and his damned alliance."- Dr. James
Since then the SDA made very few, but hugely monumental accomplishments that ultimately changed Miiverse.

The End of the Dredful Legacy

On March 17th, 2015 Dr. James left Miiverse for awhile. He passed his position of leadership over to his good friend Michael Metric, who vowed to continue making Miiverse a better place in his absence.

Unfortunately, time began taking its toll on the old SDA. The members were all either banned or inactive, and both Dr. James and Michael started using Miiverse less often. The Supreme Dred Army is currently inactive and unlikely to be revived. RIP.


  1. Hylians
  2. Rising Phoenix

    The Colonel will always be the SDA's no.1 ally

  3. The New Dark Side
  4. Corrupted Rebels
  5. Requiem of Spirits
  6. Trolls


  1. United Miis
  2. Waluigi Hate Club
  3. False Reporters
  4. Drek Worshipers
  5. Eggverse Empire

Love/Hate relationship:

  1. CIS
  2. CountDooku
  3. Smashers
  4. RighanRed
  5. Thanos the Mad Titan
  6. Youtube Community


  • The SDA was once a branch of the Confederation of FreeMiiverse, but left after realizing how corrupt it was.
  • Dr. James valued freedom of speech on Miiverse and wanted to ensure that people would have the right to troll if they pleased.
  • They are currently inactive.
  • All members must love Waluigi and support Shrek.
  • They owned the Christmas Wonderland community.
  • The SDA was originally created to destroy Hylians, but eventually became close allies with them.
  • The Dred army is one of the oldest Miiverse groups of all, and even played a major role in the terrible Qix War.
  • They've been compared to the KKK and Nazi Germany by Nostalgic. (But honestly, who hasn't been?)
  • The SDA was responsible for the end of the major Hylian & Smasher War that occured in 2014
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