NNID supersonicboom92
Age 16
Joined December 30th 2012
Community Smash Bros. Community
Followers 3300
System(s) owned SO Wiiu
Birthday 02/01
Alts Unknown

Supersonicboom92 (aka Ben) is a long time user of Miiverse. He is known for making many various things on Miiverse, such as comics, pictures, pouting out details, drawings and much more.

Ben first joined Miiverse back in 2012 December 30th, under the Nintendo Network ID supersonicboom93. Ben loved to draw Pokémon and Sonic. A year later, came his first ban. He was trying to get the user Nully to stop drawing inappropriate pictures on Miiverse. However people on her post kept falsepreporting him for every comment he posted, which ultimately lead to a 2 week ban.

Devastated due to him losing all his friends, followers, yeahs, and drawings, Ben didn't know what to do. But he knew he could not give up, so he created a new account, with the NNID supersonicboom92, although his first few weeks were rough. He really rose to popularity when he made a big drawing project, where he drew the entire Pokemon anime opening.


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