Super Smash Bros. Support Communities

The Super Smash Bros Support Communities are special subcommunities for the Super Smash Bros. for Wii U & 3DS Community.

Once the Miiverse stage released on June 14, 2015, many sub-communities known as "Support _____" also came out. These communities allowed users to post their handwritten posts on the community of the character they are cheering for, so that they can appear on the Miiverse stage when someone plays as the character they're supporting. The feature was met with mixed to negative reception, mostly due to the immense amount of inappropriate posts. These sub-communities are now considered as some of the most immature communities by many.

Since text posts are disabled in the Support _______ Communities, all of the posts are handwritten. And due to that, most drawings are noticeably scribbles due to some cannot draw very good on the system they're making support from. Very many posts are inappropriate especially in the Zero Suit Samus Support Community. Because of this, the large amount of Miiverse users often consider the Support Communities to be the most embarrassing and childish Community on Miiverse.

Support Community Activity

Like most communities on Miiverse, the Support Communities are active in the day, while quiet at night. But even so, each Support Community is active depending on what character it is. So Support Communities like the Support Sonic and Support Roy, is generally active mostly considering a lot of people think a lot of other people use that character. While Support Communities like the Support Wario or Support Mii Sword Fighter is generally inactive due to tier list.


This is a gallery of drawings from the Miiverse Smash Bros Support communities.

View at your own risk!

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