Super Mario 3D World Community
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Community Type Main Community
Launch Date November 21st, 2013
Special Attributes Stamps
Community console Wii U
Game Genre Action /Platformer
Related Communities None
The Super Mario 3D World Community is a popular communities on Miiverse. This is because the game offers a special feature that allows you to post stamps with your Miiverse posts. Most of the posts on this community have stamps in them. There are other communities that have this feature, but this community is the most popular when it comes to stamps.

Miiverse Stamps

Like many Wii U games, the Super Mario 3D World Community allows you to collect stamps and create posts on Miiverse with them. The stamps consist of characters, items, and enemies from the game. There are also a few speech bubble-like stamps. 

Since one of the default stamps was a dust cloud, which somewhat resembled a fart cloud, people found this amusing (often younger users) and posting tons of pictures of characters from 3D World farting on other character's faces onto the community. A smaller group of people use any stamps included to make weird drawings of off-topic things or the game's characters in weird situations.


The posts you will regularly see in this community are stamp post with captions of the characters saying things or making them do dangerous things. The vast majority of these posts are fart jokes. On other occasions, users will make sadistic or suicidal posts, and on rarer occasions, they might actually make a post related to the level to say what they think about it or make other users laugh. 

Stamp Gallery: