NNID toonlink514
Age 19
Joined 1/3/2014
Community Soloman's Key
Followers Unknown
System(s) owned SO Wiiu Wii U

SO N3ds 3DS

Birthday April 5th
Alts SudotheMage514,MajinZetta514

Sudomage (NNID: toonlink514) is a user that joined Miiverse January 3rd, 2014 but did not post until July 4th, 2014. At the time, he was a user named Toon Link. He soon later changed his mii to Mr.kazuya and was mainly known for starting anti-Shrek posts in the Super Smash Bros. Series Community. He again changed his Mii to Dandy and started to post stuff about Space Dandy. Around the end of the Super Smash Bros. Series Community he changed his Mii to Commando K. He received his first two week ban during the Zelda Community Takeover of 2014. He returned to Miiverse around Christmas holidays as the user hex mage. He gave up on the anti-Shrek posts and apologized to the users that he trolled [most of them]. He is working on a comic series called Resident Miivil. On August 28th 2015 he denounced his name as a Smasher and became a ambassador of the smashers and YouTube Community

2015-2016 journey

He joined the League of Mini-Mods and is a Mini-Manager. He is currently helping the 6/24 Rebellion. He got report bombed for drawing a hammer and sickle and he received his 2nd two week ban. He got in a huge argument with a user named Wretched and received his 3rd two week ban. He then drew art in the New Super Luigi U Community. He changed his name to Dr.sudo and then joined Eggmanland. He currently owns the Solomon's key community as his base. Sudo now has a Wii U (finally) and constantly plays Splatoon or draws art in the New Super Luigi U Community and has gotten way better art skills. His Wii U account currently has 320+ followers and is still growing.

Miiverse hacking

HNI 0086-0

During early 2016, Sudo downgraded his 3ds and obtained the ability to post custom images, thanks to Ariankordi's and PF2M's custom image tool. His 3ds cannot be console banned, thus making him immortal on Miiverse. His first custom image he posted was a Battletoads-themed rare pepe in the Nintendo Badge Arcade Community, but was deleted by the administration shortly afterwards. Sudo also does custom image requests. On 4/12/16 Sudo posted a joke character leak of moonman in the super smash bros. community and it caused a hilarious uproar in the Smash, Panama and NSLU communities with the post saying ''This is totally legit gooooiiiizzzz my pet ostrich works at nintendo.'' He also says that he will be posting custom images in a 2 day pattern.The post has avoided admins for an impressive 3 days before finally getting deleted by the administration.


  • Ataru M
  • Automaton
  • SolMerse
  • Negman/Geo
  • Boogie
  • Jonathan
  • Horse
  • Becca
  • Alex
  • Kat
  • Issi
  • Sp101
  • Teddy

Things he hates

  • People who correct grammar (Grammar Nazi's)
  • People who make fun of autism (I will 720 noscope you with a flintlock staff if I catch you making fun of autism)
  • People who feel bad for Chris-Chan (#1 person on my shitlist)
  • Miiverse daters (This is Miiverse not Miiharmony go do your stupid love quest somewhere else)
  • He mortally hates Sonichu and Chris-Chan with every fabric of his being


  • He is a Marionette.
  • The dot on his forehead is a third eye.
  • His favorite meme is rare pepes.
  • He is a Yeahgiver
  • His Smash 4 mains are cloud,bayonetta,and ganondorf
  • He is a high functioning autistic
  • His real name is Iren
  • Sudomage is his most prized OC his full name is Sudomire the Marionette Magician
  • He has many OC's, one of them is a armless overweight dragon named Earl who binge drinks and bites ankles
  • He is a huge fanboy of the Disgaea series and the battletoads series
  • His favorite Vocaloid song is Bacterial Contamination
  • His waifu is shygals they give him life
  • He has a very dark twisted sense of humor
  • He has a wii u his nnid is MajinZetta514
  • One of the many hackers to lurk around miiverse


  • "if you stay in the past you will become depressed, if you stay in the future you will become paranoid, if you stay in the present you will be at peace."
  • "for some reason bigley reminds me of a starving hummingbird or a oversized mosquito."
  • "miiverse admins make rocks look like freaking einstien. "
  • "miiverse your drunk go home"



his opinion on admins

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