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Stoney (Formerly known as Volnutt as his ID implies) is an average Miiverse user with some popularity. He joined Miiverse on December 31st, 2012. Currently, he trashposts on Miiverse in the New Super Luigi U Community.

Profile Comment

Hey it's me Volnutt (falsebanbyzero) I decided to format my system


stoney in real life

Le Miiverse Resource

He joined Le Miiverse Resource wiki on July 24, 2014 and was an admin there until he eventually got demoted due to inactivity in 2015. As of 2016, Stoney is currently inactive on LMR.

Doki Doki Hatty

Doki Doki Hatty is a Miiverse fangame and a rom hack of Super Mario Bros 2 created by Stoney. The game reskins all the enemies and characters to look like Miiverse users, everything else is mostly regular Super Mario Bros 2. This is the game he is most known for.

Other projects

LMR Champions:

LMR Champions is a game created with the Mugen engine he made. It hasn't been finished due to lack of art support.

Final Miiverse:

This was a project he made when he was bored. It is a hack of Final Fantasy that replaced the heroes with LMR users. Everything else is pretty much the same.

Miiverse Legend of the Yeahs:

This was a short lived RPG Maker game. It has nothing to do with Yeahs, funny enough.

Cancelled WIPs:

Miiverse Punch Out:

This was meant to be a reskin of Mike Tyson's Punch Out, however sprites were complex and layered too strangely. It was a struggle to change even one whole sprite.

Mega Bard:

As the name suggests, it was meant to be a Mega Man hack. This probably won't ever happen due to The Bard's current infamy.

Turnabout LMR:

This was an Ace Attorney Online case that would star Trickster as defense and Bala as prosecution. The lack of sprites lead to discontinuation. May or may not come back.

Pokemon Mii version:

A would-be hack of Pokemon Crystal that replaces everything to be LMR or at least Miiverse related. The complexity of the coding and the amount of programs to download to make this discouraged the project.

ended up on badmiiverse posts