NNID TinySnoopy
Age Unknown
Joined Unknown
Community YouTube Community
Followers 3000+
System(s) owned SO WiiuSO N3ds
Birthday 12/25
Alts AlienH

Stalker is a user whose gender is unknown. Their first post was on 12/11/14 in The Legend of Zelda Series Community. It was their only post on the community when it was the Smashers' old home.

Stalker currently owns the Witch & Hero Community. He leads a mysterious organization called the Miiverse Watch.

Past Life

Stalker's first account was created on Christmas 2013 as Snoopy 672 with the username NanoSnoopy. NanoSnoopy however wouldn't join Miiverse until February of 2014. They joined and took shelter in the Smash Series Community. While they were there, they met Suika, who was Mrs. Bigley at the time. They established the "handsome" Bigley drawings which remained an inside joke between them. After the great destruction of the Smash Series Community, NanoSnoopy went with their family to the Volleyball Community and Zelda series community. NanoSnoopy made a reputation with each post getting over 20 yeahs. But everything changed when the fire nation attacked. On their user page, they wrote "Age=4" at the very bottom. The false reporters reported NanoSnoopy for being under 13 and got banned. NanoSnoopy would never be seen again after October 2014

A user named "şεłħ" is only the person who remains with NanoSnoopy, now known as Stalker


Stalker is based in the YouTube community. They mainly draw humorous posts. Stalker is assumed to rarely go to the Wii Fit U Community after their first post there was deleted. Stalker's most famous post is their poke at the "You're a kid now" meme featuring SpongeBob with the "Yaranaika" face.

Deleted by administrator.              



  • Stalker's birthday is on Christmas .
  • Stalker is only friends with a user named "petalbear". It is unclear why they are friends, though it is speculated that they know each other in real life.
  • They are often mistaken for Anonymous.


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