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Launch Date May 28th, 2015
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The Splatoon Community is a very active Miiverse community. Splatoon is a game where the goal is to cover the map in more ink than the opposing team, using different types of weapons, such as chargers, rollers, splash walls and splat bombs. In the community, it is common to find posts about things such as screenshot posts, raging people, Steven Universe jokes and fanart of Splatoon. It's also very common to find memes in this community such as Squid Kid, and posts about the characters Spongebob characters and quotes.


This community derives of mainly squid memes and references, such as the "Squid Kid" quotes or the SpongeBob character, Squidward.

The community jokes often about white ink. The white ink joke has been around ever since Splatoon has been known; white ink is basically referring to semen. This has been applied to many photoshopped images of Splatoon, and Rule 34.

Splatoon dog win

Dogs Winning

Splatfest is also a popular topic. People mostly argue about which team is better, and usually go into flame wars about the topic. The first Splatfest caused a lot of drama due to their popularity win.

Cats vs. Dogs War (May 7th - July 5th)

When they announced the first two teams for Splatfest (Cats and Dogs) they community started promoting both side. Some did it well, some did it poorly. The Japanese versions was Rice vs. Bread and Europe was Rock vs. Pop. Some people missed the memes. On July 5th, the war was settled. The winner was Dogs. The cat people seemed calm. 

The Splatfest Freak-Out (June 20th - June 23rd)

When Splatfest was delayed because of a bug in the Japanese Splatfest, it caused almost the entire community to explode. Most people got mad at them because Nintendo was at least trying to get rid of the bug. Nobody noticed on June 19th when it actually happened. On June 27th, It was brought back up. And thus, the Cats vs. Dogs War continues.

Marshmallow vs. Hot Dog War (August 7th - August 9th)

This war was the third Splatfest and was very noticeable because almost EVERYONE was Team Marshmellow and very little people were Team Hot Dog. There were so many Team Marshmallow people that most matches were just Marshmallow vs. Marshmellow. As excepted, Team Marshmallow won. But Team Hot Dog had the most skill. Everyone was joking about this.

Pokemon Red vs Blue (February 19th - February 21st)

This Splatfest is the eleventh Splatfest, However in Japan the Splatfest was named "Pocket Monsters Red vs Green". In honor of the 20th Anniversary of the Pokemon franchise, Splatoon had a Splatfest for the first Pokemon games, Red & Blue (instead of Blue, it's Green in JP). Most of the players picked Red, but Blue had a higher battle score, thus Pokemon Blue won the Splatfest in both North America and Europe. In Japan, Red had a high popularity, but Green had a high battle score, and Pokemon Green won the Splatfest.

Spongebob vs Patrick (April 23rd - April 24th)

This Splatfest was the thirteenth Splatfest, but had characters from a Nickelodeon show called "SpongeBob Squarepants", and had the two main characters as the Splatfest. SpongeBob won in popularity, but Patrick won in battle score, thus making Patrick winning the Splatfest. However in Japan the Splatfest was Tuna Mayonnaise vs Red Salmon, Red Salmon had a high popularity, but Tuna Mayo had a high battle score, thus making Tuna Mayo win the Japan Splatfest. The Squidward Meme also saw a huge rise thanks to this Splatfest.

Callie vs Marie (July 22nd - July 24th)

This is the final Splatfest, this instead has you pick your favorite Squid Sister, Callie or Marie. This Splatfest is to end it all. The Splatfest ends with Marie both winning Popularity and Battle Points making her win the Splatfest.

The Octoling Hacker

On October 1, a rumor started about a hacker that played as an Octoling. The game can't handle an Octoling, so if the supposed hacker gets into your plaza you will lose your save data. While there's no photographic proof yet, the Splatoon community is talking about this. Some people think it's a person named "K9516B," but this is not true. Only two people have said to see him. The best way to not lose your save data is to play until the hacker leaves or save your data onto a USB.

The Current State of the Community

The recent activity of the Splatoon Community mainly consists of squid party invitations, posts asking for help in the story mode, or private battle invitations. There's also the drawing section, most notorious for artists who ship their own OCs, which is what makes the drawings section most hated part of the Splatoon Community by a lot of Smashers.

After Splatoon 2 was announced during the January 12th Nintendo Switch Event, there have been tons of posts and drawings being hyped for the game.


  • Before the community was created, there were Splatoon fans on the Wii Fit U Community, whom changed their Miis to Inklings, and talked about Splatoon. 
  • Miiverse After Dark drawings of the Splatoon characters and "white ink" jokes are also common. These "MAD" drawings can be found on the Splatoon Community itself, and are infrequent in comparison with the Wii Fit U Community. This caught the attention of website Kotaku.
  • Players who post their drawings in this community can have it appear as graffiti in the game's main hub, Inkopolis. Many players are able to see the posts about an hour after they're made, therefore the posts can get a lot of yeahs.
  • When you see the community on Miiverse, there was a typo and the C in Community was lowercase. This, however, was fixed after the events of Memepocalypse 2016.
  • There is a Splatfest for the game going on against Spongebob and Patrick. Some users say that the Spongebob memes on the community are now truly justified.
  • In the game's sequel, Splatoon 2, you are able to post drawings for other people to see. The options for drawings are the exact same as in Miiverse.

Miiverse Posts – SQUID STUFF 1

Miiverse Posts – SQUID STUFF 1

Most Miiverse posts on the Splatoon Community

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