Spines across the ages.
NNID atwoodfamily00
Age N/A
Joined 11/27/2013
Community Panama Club
Followers 500+
System(s) owned Wii U SO Wiiu

3DS SO N3ds

Birthday N/A
Alts LeafMouth

FrostMouth SunMouth BAEley LucidaSans

SpineMouth is a semi-popular, decently well known American Smasher.

Basic Information

She joined Miiverse in November 2013, and at some point in 2015, she joined the Wii Fit U Community, growing in popularity and gaining friends in her time as one, and is currently a fairly regular user in the New Super Luigi U Community.

Many people like SpineMouth, as she's a nice user who's easy to get along with. She once called herself garbage a lot and trashed herself frequently, but she has since stopped. She also used to be known for getting shipped with a lot with other users, and claims to have many husbandos, stating that you can never have too many husbandos. She likes Splatoon, Ape Escape, and Undertale.

She took a break from Miiverse in January 2016, however, she returned months later to the Panama Club and currently posts there on a fairly regular basis.



  • Her real name is Bailey.
  • Floyd is secretly her sister.
  • She once made an alt called Weeb and let certain users use it for maximum trashpost output. It was shared with many other users, such as iQuit, Goomy, and Rindetta. The account has ceased usage since it was banned, however.

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