A Special Community is a community that's often unique. The only remaining special communities right now on Miiverse are the Legend of Zelda community and Play Nintendo community. Many former notable special communities include the Super Smash Bros. Series Community which was most of the time off topic, with many trolls and memes, The Year of Luigi community, which was shut down on March 19th, 2014, and most recently the Animal Crossing community. Unlike Regular communities, Special communities will always remain at the home screen, until a major game is released. 

Sometimes, Special Communities will not allow you to post. Some examples include the Camp Miiverse, Haunted Mansion and Play Nintendo communities. A Christmas community also existed, however it shut down sometime after December. The Zelda community and Play Nintendo are only remaining communities that are in the Special Category. Many say that the Zelda Community will shut down when the new Legend of Zelda U game releases, which remains most likely true. 


  • Nintendo occasionally adds special communities during holidays, or other events.  Most of the time, Tom and Amy are the only ones allowed to post.
  • Other Special Communities include E3 2013, E3 2014, E3 2015, and most likely another E3 community for each year.
Special Communities
Special Communities: Play Nintendo Community * The Legend of Zelda Series Community

Former Special Communities: Super Smash Bros. Series Community * Animal Crossing Series Community * The Year of Luigi Community * Miiverse Monster Mansion * Nintendo@E3_Community * Camp Miiverse * Miiverse 2015 Fan Faves Community

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