Spaghetti's mii
NNID SpaghettiLord
Age Unknown
Joined October 15th, 2015
Community Puerto Rico Community, New Super Luigi U
Followers 7
System(s) owned SO Wiiu
Birthday Unknown
Alts Unknown

Spaghetti (NNID: SpaghettiLord) is the leader of the Spaghetti Empire. He owns room Spaghetti in New Bigely Hotel. On October 15th Spaghetti appeared and teamed up with the Smashers to take over the Puerto Rico community and stop the FNAF posts, which resulted in The Great Spaghetti Revolution.

The Spaghetti Empire

The Spaghetti Empire is a group created by Spaghetti to help take over the Puerto Rico community. He only was activate when the Spaghetti Empire started, but however, near the end, his account was removed. However, despite removing his account, he did have another account, however, it did get banned several times.

The Members:

  • бигли wha²(OctolingsRWaifu)
  • Devon(PhantomzkullX79)
  • Minedude(Minydudlelz)
  • Shaldun 1(ThBadmiin)
  • david meep(DeadCruncher741)

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