NNID DeathtoReaper
Age Unknown
Joined Unknown
Community Wii Fit U
Followers Unknown
System(s) owned SO Wiiu
Birthday Unknown
Alts Unknown

I will be the savior of the YTC, WFUC and LOZ.



When Reaper(NNID:DeathtoWFUandYTC) rose and started false reporting people,a user who acted as an opposite to Reaper joined Miiverse, the user's name was Sower(NNID:DeathtoReaper), the user's mii would appear to have the intention of being the opposite of Reaper's mii in terms of color and hair, the user also states in their profile comment that the reasoning for the name was that sower is arguably the opposite to the word reaper, their goal is to destroy Reaper.

Sower first became known after a user named CordeliAGH(NNID:ShulkIsBae) made a post requesting that people search DeathtoReaper,then many people made posts regarding the war starting between Reaper and Sower, eventually due to people requesting to speak with the users, Sower made another account called Sower Doll(NNID:TalkToSower) to speak with other users. Reaper later decided to stop false reporting the Wii Fit U community, and instead decided to report posts in the Smash Bros support communities, Reaper made this news known on one of Sower's posts. Reaper is currently banned and Sower revealed their identity to be a user named EPICMAN02(NNID:EPICMAN002)

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