Soviet Russia Meme
Soviet Russia Meme
Example of Meme
Site it originated from 4Chan
Status Semi-active
NSFW? Varies
Related Memes Unknown
The Soviet Russia meme is a meme that started in the depths on 4Chan, and migrated to the Super Smash Bros. Series Community and then the Wii Fit U Community by a user whose NNID is PizzaGuy271. The idea of the meme is to reverse the roles of the two subjects. However, this does not follow to the original method, but Miiverse just has a misconception of it. It's supposed to make everything in Russia sound tough and scary. For example, "In Soviet Russia, water drinks you!" "In Soviet Russia, chair sits on you!" "In Soviet Russia, animals hunt for you!" The meme has been used by an abundance of users in many different communities.

Origins of the Joke

The joke became popular when a Ukrainian-American comedian from the Soviet Union, Yakov Smirnoff, started using them to describe the differences between his life in the USA and the USSR. One of these jokes was "In America, there's plenty of light beer and you can always find a party. In Russia, Party always finds you". Soon, shows such as King of the Hill, Family Guy, and The Simpsons started using them and revived the joke. It soon spread to the internet through 4Chan and was spread across the English-speaking internet.

List of Examples

  • In Soviet Russia, you ban the admins.
  • In Soviet Russia, scales tip Robin
  • In Soviet Russia, Pikmin throw you
  • In Soviet Russia, Pokemon catch you.
  • In Soviet Russia, Raymond loves Everybody.
  • In Soviet Russia, food eats you.
  • In Soviet Russia, admins are cool.
  • In Soviet Russia, bikes ride you.
  • In Soviet Russia, you exterminate daleks
  • In Soviet Russia, bugs quish you.
  • In Soviet Russia, the trash throws you
  • In Soviet Russia, weed smokes you
  • In Soviet Russia, table flips you.
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