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NNID RedSoldierTF6
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Community Wii Fit U Community
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System(s) owned SO Wiiu
Birthday Unknown
Alts RedSoldierTF2

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SoldierTF2 (NNID: RedSoldierTF6) is an infamous Miiverse user based off the character, Soldier, from Team Fortress 2 as his name says. He was first recognized by his fan-fiction, which contained lots of sexual content. They are now deleted, and he made an alternate account, and unfortunately he stopped making any more fan-fictions.

Fan Fiction

One day in early April, SoldierTF2 created a very horrific story about the other members of Team Fortress 2. It contained disturbing nature and strange fetishes. Most users find this to be very terrifying while some of them find them somewhat humorous. Ever since these posts were created, many people were acting crazy.

SoldierTF2 also made a fanfic about DEATH-X and another person named "Sal". (Currently Sal3) The story is unknown because these posts were removed not long after it was made as the admins found it almost instantly.

After that incident, SoldierTF2 made an alternate account with the same name and Mii. He then said not to worry about his fanfiction because he stopped making them. This made a vast majority happy while making some sad because they weren't in it. He now casually makes off-topic posts.


  • He has been heavily requested by others to make fanfics about them.
  • He is Wa$aKing14's former Miiverse rival.
  • He supports ships like "Sonic X Snake" and "Bowser X Shirtless Ness".
  • The spelling errors he makes about Wa$aKing has been a very shortly-lived meme.
  • He claims to be the "Prince of Miiverse".
  • He likes the rapper, Savage.

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