NNID NewSolMerse3DXL
Age 16
Joined November 21st, 2012
Community New Super Luigi U
Followers 400+
System(s) owned 3DS SO N3ds

Wii U SO Wiiu

Birthday 20th of March
Alts SolAHHH

pichu for ssb4


SolMerse is a well known Miiverse user who has around 300+ followers. He is often known for his L shaped mouth. He mainly makes text posts and mainly posts in the Wii Fit U and Youtube Communities, and now, the NSLU Community. He is curently a member of SP Clan. His Wii U has gotten Console Banned. He also really likes The Beatles. He lives in the US Eastern Coast. He has made many Miiverse memes, the most notable of which is probably his bad translation. Doing the math, and judging that there is one whole month of posts, his posts average 8 yeahs. His FC is 0533-7436-8734.


SolMerse joined Miiverse on the launch of the Wii U in North America. For the first few months he only posted in communities of games that he already owned, until July the 2nd in 2013, when he first came on the Super Smash Bros. Series Community. Since then he has gotten banned multiple times. He has a YouTube channel called Sol Merse. He is a member of the Infamous SP Clan. He was also part of #UsersOfTheGreenBird, a cult that worships Mega Man X and the holy Green Bird. It was formed by TriFace and SolMerse, and their third-in-command was Denning.


  • AngryAndy (old waifu but now friends)
  • Mark (Son)
  • Hatty (friend)
  • TriFace (friend)
  • Jonathan (friend)
  • Alex (friend)
  • Noah (enemy)

Infamous Quotes

  • "What do you MEAN that Cheat Codes disables Achievements?!"
  • "I am a Skeptical 5 Year Old."
  • "Sonic 06 is better than Super Smash Bros. Melee. #DaTruth"
  • "Well, I got myself into this Position..."
  • "Miiverse: The Magical Mystery Place of the Internet.
  • "One Direction sucks, Beatles are better."
  • "Hatty is John Lennon in Disguise!! #EXPOSED!"
  • "Ridley for Smash."
  • "melon pls"
  • "Anime Sucks.
  • "Super Smash Bros. Community >>> Youtube Community."

SolMerse and Miiverse War III

On May 1st of 2014, a user named MyBaulz (no pun intended) directed the Super Smash Bros Community to say "Anime Sucks." in the YouTube community. SolMerse was in on this so he made a post that said "We of the Super Smash Bros. Community have decided that we shall declare War against the Youtube Community. WE WILL BEET U UTUBE PEOPEL!!!". The post got deleted by the admins. What started as a joke to Sol, turned out to be the spark of Miiverse World War III. The war raged on until May 8th when SolMerse made an official peace treaty to the YouTube Community with the Super Smash Bros. Community ending the war. To this day, there are still high tensions between YouTube and Smash and some mini-wars have occurred here and there. Miiverse World War III also is the reason why SolMerse's original account got permabanned by the admins.


  • SolMerse's Wii U (Console Banned)
  • 3DS/LoMM Account (SolMerse3D) NewSolMerse3DXL
  • Current Main (NoGoodNNIDsLeft)
  • SolMerse (permanently banned)
  • Faceless 3 (deleted)
  • HattyxSolxAndy(SolMerse) (Permanently banned)
  • IamRealGogaGomby (SolMerse) (Permanently banned)
  • InsertNNIDHere (SolMerse) (PermaBanned)


SolMerse has a YouTube channel called Sol Merse.