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Socky is a meme from the SSB Community. It began when everyone "stole" Socky, and it suddenly became a meme. The owner of Socky, Ewan, at first didn't agree with how everyone was stealing his original character. Then he accepted the spread of his creation. He gained fan characters as well.

Sockey Says

"Socky Says" is a Miiverse meme created by Ewan (EwanMcAwesome) on August 24, 2014. Socky made its debut in a handwritten post concerning Ewan's creation saying "What did I just draw." Within the same hour, he included Socky in a post entitled "Socky Says." The post got decent reception, so he decided to include Socky Says in more posts. After 15 posts and 17 hours, the post became a meme... for all of one hour. Ewan tried to revive the meme, but it has faded into obscurity. 

The first Socky Says post.

Fan characters, Fanfics and Fanart

Fan characters

  • Stocking (created by Roxy "Rocks-anne" Roxanne) Stocking is a goth stocking that is appeared in a sorry message saying, "Stocking says sorry for stealing Socky." Ewan said, it's ok. Stocking is possibly suppose to resemble Stocking from Panty and Stocking series. Or just a Socky knockoff.
  • Glovely (created by Potato King) Glovely is a creation by the royal, miiverse, king of potatoes. Glovely is a glove of course, taking the form of Socky but with five fingers placed on his head.

A tiny amount of people (1% fans of Socky) started something called Socky and Stocking with Glovely. But many forgot about it anyways.


Usually drawings of Socky says, some got annoyed by the meme and would hate Socky, some would put Anti-Socky images in their profile. Some fans were loyal, some weren't interested in creating "Socky oc's" but the meme would mostly be 90% of Socky says post.
ZlCfzSW OlAbn47 n3

Ewan's current profile picture.

It is a Morning meme

Since it was a meme in the morning, users got bored and saw Socky and decided to "on purposely" make him a meme without forcing it. You would say it was started by the users but the true starter is the creator of Socky, Ewan himself.

Socky Today

Socky today is still being drawn by Ewan. He includes Socky in some his drawing where Socky sits on his hand. He draws these drawing on one of his 3 accounts.

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