Cookie smoothies are perfect for a hot day.

—Soap's Profile Bio

NNID kitten-turtle
Age Unknown
Joined 1/06/13
Community YouTube Community
Followers 39
System(s) owned SO N3ds SO Wiiu
Birthday Unknown
Alts None

☆§ºªρ★ (NNID: kitten-turtle) is an average user on Miiverse that draws and posts in the YouTube Community. Contrary to her name, she seems to have an obsession with penguins, as no turtles are to be found on her page. She is a major fan of Club Penguin, and draws many Art Academy: Sketchpad drawings dedicated to it, such as penguins and Puffles.


She mainly posts in the YouTube Community and the Art Academy: Sketchpad Community. She has made over fifty posts and has yeahed 1,900+ things. She is currently following 18users and has 38 followers. While her posts seem to appear very off-topic and has a Smasher vibe to them, she is, in fact, a YouTuber.


  • Her posts gain an of average 7-12 Yeahs, depending on the community.
  • She actually enjoys cookie smoothies.
  • She also loves llamas and alpacas.

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