His Mii.
NNID 512432
Age Unknown
Joined Unknown
Community The Legend of Zelda, Wii Fit U
Followers 202
System(s) owned SO N3ds
Birthday Unknown
Alts Unknown

Snoipe (NNID: 512432) is a user that posted in the Legend of Zelda Community and in the Wii Fit U Community. He had 202 Followers, has Yeah'd 6,460 posts and has posted 2,548 posts. He loves Kill la Kill, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, the Pokemon game series, Metal Gear, Wreck-It-Ralph and is very fond of airplanes (vehicles.)

He is currently banned, proven by this. It is unknown is he has another account.


He owns a Nintendo 3DS system, and his favorite game genres are RPGs, Action, and Adventure games. His posts are very humorous, and they get a good amount of Yeahs each. He never seems to draw anything, but when he does, it's usually very well-done or entertaining in some way.


  • He gets an average of 5 Yeahs per post.
  • He is from Slovenia.
  • His Mii may or may not resemble him IRL.
  • His last name is Hagaspacho.
  • He took room 1000000000000000001 in the New Bigley Hotel.
  • He is Kyon's cat.

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