The boxart, made by the one and only EDGEhog, Bala.

Smashverse Wii U Edition is a 2014 fighting game developed by Rare and published by Electronic Arts. After the commercial success of Miiverse vs Capcom, Micro$oft wanted to make a cheap cash in, that was different enough to get a 10/10 on IGN without paying too much. They couldn't get the rights to Cacpom's characters though. That's when they got the idea to make a Super Smash Bros clone. The employees at Micro$oft found it best to put a Smash clone on a console that was waiting for an upcoming Smash Bros game: the Nintendo Wii U. To do this, they made Rare develop it. And no, there will not be Banjo, Kazooie, or Conker in the damn game. STOP ASKING, 90s KIDS! To make the Miiverse fighters, which Rare had no knowledge of, EA kidnapped RichardCar and held him at gunpoint to make him work on the game. EA also made a port to the 3DS too, which runs horribly because they didn't bother to downgrade anything. Also, half the game contains things that may rustle your jimmies. Viewer discretion is advised.

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  • Bigley
  • Pretzel and Sponge
  • Tepig & Axew
  • Sakuraichu
  • Rosalime
  • DevineThought
  • Travis
  • Bobbers
  • Shrek
  • Haipna
  • Toon Alan
  • Nicole
  • Player One
  • Chadtronic
  • Blast
  • Virtuality
  • Pico/Chico/Coco
  • Human
  • Cory Baxter
  • Mr. Dew and Doritos
  • Dark Leigie
  • Dr. This Guy
  • Robosnake
  • Memenado Trickster
  • Eggurai's Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 (Robot Car)
  • Richie [Derp]
  • Ninten (Nett)
  • Rachi
  • SSJ Nerd
  • Chris The Stick(3rd party Character)
  • Leo Luster (Final Unlockable Character)
  • Khloe
  • Notsmart
  • BetaStarJake
  • Sanic teh hoojheg
  • John in HD

DLC Characters

The DLC characters are locked-disc content. Each pack cost $39.99. Ads pop up constantly and never go away unless you buy the DLC. Online mode is also prohibited to use by DLC buyers.

  • Pack 1: Advertisement of the Dev/Producer
    • Rare: Kinect Sports Avatar
    • EA: Battlefield Soldier
  • Pack 2: 3rd Party Fanservice
    • Nintendo: Ridley (Prints money)
    • Activision: CoD Dog (Prints more money than Ridley because even though everyone hates CoD, they all still buy it)
  • Pack 3: Fighters from the web
    • Original the Character. (From the DeviantART account one of the Dev team members' 12 year old son. Donut steel!)
    • PewDiePie (Also prints money since over 30 million people are subscribed to him)
  • Pack 4: The Mister Collection 1
    • Mr. Right
    • Mr. Left
  • Pack 5: The Mister Collection 2
    • Mr. Up
    • Mr. Down
  • Pack 6: 3DS version clones 1
    • Dark Bala
    • Dr Sakuraichu (Prints money since Dr Sakuraichu is as glitchy as fuck on the Wii U version, so people will try out the glitches)
  • Pack 7: 3DS version clones 2
    • GameTek
    • 3Spooky5me (this pack is age-restricted because of him spooking everyone)

Game Modes

LE WARNING: These are all similar to Super Smash Bros's.

  • Classic Mode

Desc. "Choose your own route to take and face off Shokio at the end."

Here you choose through 3 different paths: Red (Hard), Blue (Easy), and Green (Medium). They each have a different mode including Shrek Smash (Target Smash w. Shrek's face), Free for All, Team Smash, 1 v. 3 smash, Multi man Smash, Boss battles, or Home Run Battle.

At the end there's a random boss, but Shokio is always going to be the White path. Choosing the black path leads you to a random boss fight. Higher the difficulty the stronger the boss.

  • Online

Desc. "Play with friends, Play in tournaments, and Play with random people."

Here you can choose between 3 icons; Spectate, Smash, and Friend Smash. In Smash there are 3 more icons; for Glory, for Fun, and for Money (You pay actual money). 

For Glory is a 1 vs. 1 Final Destination Items off battle. For fun is for people who don't like no items. For money is basically gambling with real currency. 

  • Shrek Slam

Desc: "Target Test in the form of Shrek's face."

All characters have a unique Shrek Slam arena

  • Boss Battles

Desc: "Fight all Boss Fights in Story Mode, one by one, without dying."

Limited healing items are available in between battles.

  • Events

Desc. "Win fights with special rules. There are 69 events. Event 69 has you fighting Bigley, not resized, Shrek and the admins."

There are 69 events, which vary. There are 5 difficulty settings: Easy, Normal, Hard, Very Hard, and AVGN Rage hard.

  • All-Star Mode

Desc. "Similar to Super Smash Bros. 3DS's All-Star mode but its when the fighter joined Miiverse." This mode is no pushover: you battle opponents 1 by one instead of a 3 vs. 1.

  • Admin Smash

Desc. "Admin Smash is similar to Multi-man Smash, except you're admins."

  • Masterpieces

Desc. "Similar to Super Smash Bros. Wii U's but its the fighters favourite video game(s), and the demos are WAY too long. Like the ocean. 7.8/10."

Adam: Pikmin 1/2 (50 hours)

Whatever: Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games (3 hours)

Sakuraichu: Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction (59 hours)

CaliburTek: Super Mario 64 DS (10 minutes)

Bala: Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney (No time limit, but you can only play Turnabout Trump.)

Nostalgic: Five Nights at Freddy's (5 nights)

Player One: Mega Man 5 (12345 days)

Mr.LuigiDude: Super Mario Bros. 2 (Doki Doki Panic) (Unlimited)

Stoney: Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkiachi 3 (Over 9000 days)

Skyshaymin: ET 2600 (2600 days)

TELLMEMORE: Kirby's Return to Dream Land (More Tells)

Virtuality: Super Scibblenauts (75 minutes) Travis: Mother 4 (2 days)

Chris The Stick (Christme): Ratchet & Clank Up Your Arsenal (game starts in Marcadia) (1 Hour)


  • Special Orders:

Desc "There are two types of Special Orders, Shokio and Shofu Orders."


Note: You can't start events until you unlock Bigley, as the characters in it are needed to be unlocked to complete the Event.

1. Big Bigley: Fight a low-level, Giant Bigley. Stage: Bigley Field. Character: Any

2. The Ridley Debate: Fight 6 Pro-Ridley debaters on Pyrosphere, but make sure you don't attack Ridley fan! Character: Bala

3. Pikmin Master vs. Blue Bomber: Which video game series is best? Let these two decide on Gamepad!  Character: Adam or Player One

4. Save The Tree: You love this tree. You've cherished it for years, and now Sapphique wants to destroy it. Don't let him! Character: Whatever

5. Regular day on YouTube: Fend off the trolls and people who can't take an opinion before your brain fries from sheer stupidity. Character: Stoney

6. Bowja from his cashle: fight BOOWWWJAAAAAA! because he's from his CAAAAAAAAASHLE! Character: Mr. Luigidude

7. Gotta go fast!: try to catch up to sanic before he breaks the world barrier from going too fast. Character: Anyone

8. Ridley debate alt.: defeat the characters that happen to be very vocal anti ridleys. Don't forget to kill ridley fan and bryan. Character: Stoney

9. Battle for the badmins: prove that you're the best admin by banning the memes. Character: admin

10. Mewtwo battle: fight off mewtwo extremists while defending sakurai from their desperate measures. Character: anyone

11. Build-a-bot: Fight the robot characters while trying to give bigley prep time to build his robot counterpart. Character: Ridley*

12. Miiverse days: Fight off trolls and butthurt users that try to report your post for having an opinion. Watch out for badmins! Character: anyone

13. Stranger danger: People keep on trying to figure out your gender. KILL THEM ALL. Character: Blast

14. Just Plain Racist: Welp, the Admins have become big enough jerks that they want to kill each other in Admin Smash. Character: Admin Stage: Final Destonation Reward: Admin Trophy, BlackTroll Trophy

15. MAD: As The Bard, keep Miiverse After Dark going. Avoid console ban items.

16. Brotherly fight: Bigley has betrayed you and hired Bala to help kill you. Fight them both and prove you aren't too big Character: Ridley*

17. StoneEye 007: You've been hired to stop the trolls from filling up PewDiePie's comment sections, good luck, solider. Character: Stoney

18. The holidays: Keep the spirit coming and protect Santa Claus from the naughty kids. Character: Leo Luster

19. Expand dong: Avoid getting showered in coconut cream pies. Character: Leo Luster

20. Zelda wars: Fight off the zelda natives. They hate off topicness. Character: Anyone

21: Dark Bala's inferno: Destroy members of the other fanbase Bala hates: Bronies. In a stamina match, crush 7 of these pony-loving people with Dark Bala on the Youtube Community.

26: Brawling The Melee:  CaliburTek think Brawl is better than Melee. Show him how wrong he is by punching him in the face... in a competitive match? Actually, all items are on. Also, you're less heavy and he's quicker. Stage: Smash Bros Community. Character: Bala

34. The Meme Duo: Two memes face off at once! Let's beat these horses even when they're dead! Stage: Yeah Button. Characters: Bigley or Shrek

35. Double Trouble: Shadow & Waifu vs. Tepig and Axew vs. This Guy (+his Goomy). Stage: Chandelier

36: Sunglassesplay: There has been a contest, and this is the finale. Kill every boss and make sure Darkchu/Dark Sakuraichu kills none. Character: Sakuraichu. Opponent: Sakuraichu (Darkchu costume) Stage: Sakuraichu's wall (DANGEROUS)

37: The true robot master: Use your Final Smash to kill the Robot Master at the screen! Stage: Gamepad Character: Player One.

38: Playstation Fanboys Battle Royale: The filthy PSAS victory theme peasants are tainting the Glorius Smash Bros victory theme Master Race! Wreck those Sony ponies with any of the Nintendrones. Stage: Smash Bros for Wii U/3DS Community

39: MLG war: Dank Pit and Mr Dew & Doritos are trying to noscope you in to your grave. Show them your skills! Character: Rachi. Stage: MLG War Zone

41: Pokemon Battle: Tepig and Axew vs. the bosses Treeko and Helipotile. Stage: Smash Bros Community.

62: Meleeing he Brawl: Dark Bala thinks that the competitive Melee community is dreck. Show him just why competing in Smash is important! No items. Stage: Final Destination. Characters: GameTek

68. An Irresistable Force: (Once you've unlocked all other characters, this Challenge is available.) CHALLENGER APPROACHING! Leo Luster has made his way on the Tracks! Beat him to keep your Ogreloard status! Character: Shrek

69. Meme Battle Royale: Time to decide the most Legendary Miiverse meme, on Final Destination! Character: Shrek, Bigley, Cory Baxter, or Leo Luster

70. Tellin' Dirty: TELLMEMORE only wants tells, but the badmins have other plans for him... tell them more for this time! Character: TELLMEMORE

71. Sitting In The Shadows: Shadow is tired of being in the shadows so he is gonna figbht his way to the top. Character: Shadow and Waifu

72. He has Arrived: Shrek wants to buy all the Bigley amiibo. You must stop him. Character: Tom or Cory Baxter

73.Youtube Community: When Nicole and Allan try to date again, you don't approve of it... Stop them. Character: SSJ Nerd

Note: events are the only way you can fight as DLC charcters without forking over 30 bones. Unremovable ads pop up if you take longer than 30 seconds to complete these challenges. Naturally, a DLC character, who's unfinished, would be broken and glitchy, but that's not the case since the DLC is locked-disc content.


  • Bigley: Fight on the Smash Bros Community stage 20 times.
  • Shrek: Beat All-Star mode on difficulty 10.0.
  • Pretzel and Sponge: Play on Vineland Island 42 times.
  • DivineThought: Beat All-Star mode 5 times.
  • Sakuraichu: Beat the final boss in story mode on 10.0 difficulty.
  • Rosalime: Complete Classic mode with Rosaline.
  • Tepig & Axew: Use Shadow and Waifu in 20 battles.
  • Toon Alan- Win 20 Battles with Alan
  • Virtuality: Hidden in an area in the story mode
  • Allan: Complete Boss Battles on any difficulty.
  • Nicole: Complete classic mode with Allan.
  • Bobbers:
  • Blast: Defeat Shokio on a BIG intensity.
  • Travis: Play on The Mother 4 stage 10 times.
  • Human: Sing All Star.
  • Haipna:
  • Miiverse Administrator: Defeat 1000 total admins in Admin Smash.
  • Pico: win 69 battles or beat the classic mode 69 times
  • Dark Leije:
  • Mr. Dew and Doritos: Win 50 online matches/play 50 matches without using items.
  • Cory Baxter: Complete Classic mode with Shrek, Bigley, and Pico after completing story mode. After fighting Shokio, you will be sent into the White House, where Cory will challenge you to a battle.
  • Leo Luster: Complete event 68 "An Irresistible Force", and have all other characters unlocked.
  • Final Destination: Unlocked with Sakuraichu.
  • The Tracks: Unlocked with Leo Luster.
  • MLG War Zone: Unlocked with Mr. Dew and Doritos.
  • Sakuraichu's wall: Unlocked by beating classic with every character on 10.0.
  • The Tree: Beat Chapter 17 of the Story Mode or Event 4.
  • Dr. This Guy: play Classic Mode with one of This Guy's alts.
  • Player One: Complete the "Pikmin Master vs Blue Bomber" event with player one on hard dificulty
  • Rachi: Beat all-star with Sakuraichu.
  • SSJ Nerd: Saw "Shadow sucks" while in an online battle.
  • Sanic teh hoojheg: Ran 3 miles combined total.

Story Mode:

Desc. "Similar to Super Smash Bros. Brawl's Subspace Emissary, with cutscenes. The plot follows the events of Holocaust of the Smashers. Characters who were not involved in it have side stories dealing with whatever they did during that period."

Characters played: 

  • Rosaline
  • Rosalime
  • Nostalgic
  • Nostalgo
  • Dr. Fakeman
  • Dr.Eggman 
  • Negman
  • IvoEggman
  • Eggurai
  • Niko Bellic 
  • Stoney
  • Bala
  • RichardCar
  • Bigley
  • Shrek
  • RighanRed
  • Noodle
  • Tepig & Axew
  • Osamaniqua
  • SkyShaymin
  • Jissin
  • ClementJ642
  • Player One
  • Stefan
  • ROB0Bard
  • Tellmemore
  • Sapphique
  • Mr.LuigiDude
  • Igor
  • Haipna
  • Whatever
  • Goat2nd
  • ToastLogic
  • CaliburTek
  • Trickster
  • Morticia
  • Shadow and Waifu
  • Adam
  • This Guy
  • Potato
  • Tom (the user, not the mod)
  • SmashS
  • Bernd+
  • Sakuraichu
  • Royalheap
  • Chris The Stick
  • Pretzel and Sponge
  • SSJ Nerd (Near the end)

  • Chapter 1: Admins Start to Strike

In a far away stadium in the Smash community, Whatever challenges Nostalgic in a 1 vs. 1 battle, all items off Final Destination battle. Adam and This Guy are in the background watching in the stadium because they're betting money to who's going to win. Tom sits next to them, but doesn't get involved in the battles. He just watches. 

By the result, Nostalgic/Whatever won the battle and revived Whatever/Nostalgic from their ban. After Battle, the Admins show up and swarmed the battlers with Admin goons and Admin police.

The 4 fight hard against these opponents until a user by the name of Trickster comes out and shoots a ban laser at This Guy, but Nostalgic jumps up to save him, causing him to get perma banned into a statue. Trickster runs off and leaves while the other 3 chase after him.

When the users find Trickster, the 3 discovered that he has an army of eggs and memes, ruled by Dr. Eggman. Eggman defeats the gang and summons an Egg Bot to destroy the 3 users.

After the battle, the Egg Bot self destructs in 10 seconds and blasted Trickster, Eggman, Whatever, Tom, Adam, and This Guy in the air, separating.

  • Chapter 2: Sakuraichu VS Bigbot

In chapter 2, Sakuraichu is walking in the streets of the Zelda community. He stops to talk about Smash, but a Zelda fanboy shouts an admin over. A giant admin walks towards Sakuraichu, ready to ban. The gameplay of the stage focuses on running away from the giant admin. Once you've ran outside the Zelda community, another cutscene starts. Sakuraichu attacks the badmin with his sunglasses. The giant admin dies, but a fake robot of Bigley called Bigbot comes out of the giant admin. Bigbot is the stage's boss.

  • Chapter 3: Bala's Inferno I

The date is September 10th, 2014. Smash Bros's official, complete roster was to be shown in the following days. Bala, being a passionate anti-Ridley, was content with the roster presented in the undeniable ESRB leaks. Others, based on the incomplete All-Star mode screenshot in the leak were positive that there were more characters, specifically Ridley. Bala must battle 20 Pro-ridley debate like a multi-man smash on Pyrosphere before the roster is revealed. The battle is stamina, not percent, so the debaters don't die, they just get tired of Bala's shit.

  • Chapter 4: The Lone Player

Player one is seen on a street, and a Admin attacks out of nowhere. After a battle, The admin goes away, but not without calling a army of clones of Player One. After running, he trips, and the clones transform into a admin, and he blasts Player One away, turning him into a trophy and flying high into the sky.

  • Chapter 5: The Tell Strike.

Rosaline is in a lonely meadow, when suddenly, he sees a random Tellmeallie. The Tellmeallie looks at him and Rosaline, scared, makes a fighting pose, then the Tellmeallie keeps walking. Rosaline whispers of relief but then another Tellmeallie comes, he repeats the same fighting pose, and the Tellmeallie walks away again. But then, suddenly, a sword hits him and sents him over the sky, to after a few seconds, the Rosaline trophy falls on it. Then the swordman throws the trophy away and reveals his face. A title card appears; TELLMEMORE. He hears a motorbike coming, who is Eggman, who has the Noodle and the Mr. Luigi trophies. Tellmemore hides while Eggman discovers the Rosaline throphy and decides to steal it too. Taking advantage of that chance, the Tellmeallies attack Eggman and TELLMEMORE takes the trophy and puts it in to the motorbike with the others. He then takes the motorbike to carry them to Tellmeland, where they will be safe. Afterwards, the camera zooms on a box and CaliburTek is hiding in it it then cuts out of the scene and skips to Chapter 6.

  • Chapter 6: The ruins

Skuraichu walks in to the YouTube community, unaware of the bomb there. Sakuraichu then kills some Rpers in a short fight. However, right after he thought he was safe, a bomb exploded and killed most of the people there. Being a survivor, Sakuraichu steals their stuff. You then get to steal stuff in another short gameplay segment. After that, Sakuraichu is shot by a person, wearing a hood and coat, and becomes a trophy. Several engineers then quickly build a robot of Sakuraichu, followed by throwing the trophy to the hooded person, who takes the trophy to Eggman.

  • Chapter 7: Bala's Inferno II

2 weeks later, on September 23rd, Bala is in his house sipping tea. He looks out the window to see a giant Tower immerge from the ground. The Tower of Smash. On it was an inscriputure claiming DLC characters, game modes, and stages in the Wii U mode. Almost nobody gives it much attention until Based Sakurai shows the Gamer stage. Tower of Smash dictated that Game & Wario would be a stage. "You fools!" Bala exerted, "It's only logical to have a stage from the most recent Wario game! They got the name wrong. In no way does this reveal support the Tower!" But nobody listened. Since words did not work, it was time to fight. Bala unsheathes his sword and begins to scale the tower of 100 floors. Most floors have a single, weak leak believer, but every 10th floor has a heavier duty one or several weaklings. At the top, Bala fights Brain Jeremy.

  • Chapter 8: Clones

Shadow walks through Smash Community saying Hi to other users when a dark hooded figure takes him aside, A battle ensues where Shadow knocks the figures hood off and reveals Bard. Shadow runs away when meteors crash behind him, Shadow jumps on one of them and rides away and grabs Saku Cat riding into Tellmeland, a path of destruction behind them. *Kirby's Air Ride Section Here* Behind them appears an army of shadow clones behind him riding reports, shadow dodges and weaves them until one hits him over Tellmeland falling onto the Motorbike with Luigi with SakuCat.

  • Chapter 9: The lake

Player one is seen falling on a forest, after being launched in Chapter 4. He looks back, and sees Stefan. Curious, Player One looks forward, and sees a GIANT ADMIN ROBOT. He and Stefan turns the other way and they run. After a short running, the admin falls on a lake, pressing a button and opening a portal to Tellmeland

  • Chapter 10: The evil thingy

Eggman accidentally drops the Sakuraichu trophy in the forest and several foxes walk towards the trophy. They touch the stand and Sakuraichu is revived. Sakuraichu, being a hater of foxes, runs away. In a gameplay section, Sakuraichu attacks foxes while climbing around the forest. After escaping the forest, a cutscene starts. Sakuraichubot attacks Sakuraichu, then a boss fight starts.

  • Chapter 11: That Dang OBA

We see Adam about to fall to his death but then he finds a Warp Star and steals it. After he lands he notices something in the distance, so comes after it. (Level Starts) (After Level) Adam finally reaches to the shadow and shadow is OBA Dragon (Which Adam HATES) OBA Dragon was about to kill This Guy and Stefan who got captured. (Boss Battle Starts) (After Boss Battle) We see This Guy, Stefan, and Adam walk away, then it zooms out to see OBA Dragon beaten down badly.

  • Chapter 12: Bala's Inferno III

Brain Jeremy escapes on Ridley before being finished. Ridley's back is where the next fight takes place. Bala must fight a powered up version of Brain Jeremy, as well as A Cthulu who knows Karate, And a Treecko+Helipotile duo. The Cthulhu knocks Bala off of Ridley, but he grabs onto his feet. In the battle, Bala must do a midair jump after executing a hit on the Cthulhu, who's under him in the water. Near the end of the fight, Sakurai shows that Ridley is a stage boss during the 50 fact extravaganza. Jeremy's crew dives off of Ridley, and the most persitent and strongest Pro-Ridley debaters all climb onto Ridley. They are confident that they have evidence of him being DLC. Bala must face them all at once.

  • Chapter 13: The Admins Hate Your Pants

Whatever is in the Youtube community. She gets bored and takes an alternate identity for the lolz, I<3urpants. As I<3urpants, she starts saying "I like your pants" to everyone. She gets a lot of funny and even pervert-like reactions. All of a sudden, an admin appears who wants to ban I<3urpants. Whatever/I<3urpants fights the admin. The admin gets defeated. While I<3urpants was not banned, (s)he got 43 warnings. Whatever decides to give up the alternate identity and return to being Whatever.

  • Chapter 14: Player on Tellmeland.

Player One entered Tellmeland, and saw a horde of Tellmeallies. They attack Player One. (After a short section) "Geez, these Tellmeallies are stupid." Player One said "They may be, but I'm not!" A voice said. "Who you are?" Said Player One? "I am... Tellmemore, owner of Tellmeland. Now just sit back and relax while you join my trophy collection to Tell me more!" Tellmemore said. "Not so fast!" Player One said. Then they battle (After Battle) "That was easier than expected" Player One said "TELLMEALLIES, KILL HIM" Tellmemore yelled. Player One is launched away by the Tellmeallies, landing near Caleb's trophy. Player One touches the stand and Caleb looks at Player One, surprised. They both run back to Tellmeland.

  • Chapter 15: Shrek VS Sakuraichu

Sakuraichu is illegally riding a motorcycle to Tellmeland. One mile away from Tellmeland, he smells the scent of onions. He hears a roar, coming from nearby. The ground starts to shake and his motorcycle is pushed over. Shrek gives Sakuraichu an onion to heal him, and challenges Sakuraichu to a fight. You get to choose a character. The character that lost becomes a trophy and the character that won says "GG", followed by reviving the loser. Sakuraichu asks Shrek to meet him at Tellmeland, before leaving on his motorcycle. Shrek takes the other route. You then get to adventure through the area as Shrek. This does not unlock Shrek or Sakuraichu.

  • Chapter 16: Calibur's Box

Player One and Caleb are running back to Tellmeland to try to stop TELLMEMORE, but they see a box. Player One, thinking it's a trap, prepares to blast the box, but a voice says "NO!" and Calibur comes out from inside the box "I've been hiding from the admins... That TELLMEMORE guy has something to do with this..." And a voice says "The Admins can be rivals for you, but for ME no!" It was a stage boss: Cold Midna. The player can choose between Player One, Caleb and Calibur. After the battle, Cold Midna dies, revealing a portal to TELLMELAND. They meet Sakuraichu when they enter.

  • Chapter 17: Who's the Real Whatever?

Whatever is relaxing under a tree. She is about to fall asleep when a user named #Whatever comes up to her and says, "I'm the Whatever person! Get out!" Whatever says "I've obviously been on Miiverse way longer than you. Why don't YOU get out?" #Whatever gets enraged by this, and the two of them fight. (you play as Whatever to defeat #Whatever.) #Whatever is defeated, and Whatever says "Looks like I'M the real Whatever! Don't mess with me again!" She then sees the portal to Tellmeland and makes it her goal to take over Tellmeland. However, she doesn't enter the portal. Instead, she has a horde of Hammer Bros enter the portal to attack anyone and everyone else who entered so her takeover will be easier.

  • Chapter 18: Hammer Bros attack

Caleb, Calibur, Player One and Sakuraichu are walking in Tellmeland when suddenly a portal opens. A crap load of Hammer Bros attack the four. You select which character you will use first and fight 20 Hammer Bros. After that, Sakuraichu shuts the portal down temporarily for one hour. The four then explore Tellmeland. They find Shrek a trophy on the floor, after reviving it, Shrek is still half dead, with cuts all over him. Another 30 Hammer Bros attack the four. Again, you choose who you want to use first. After killing all 30, a mysterious figure that is familiar to Sakuraichu appears. He zaps Shrek with this white magic stuff, Shrek is healed, but his eyes are red. Shrek is being controlled. Sakuraichu and Caleb run towards the mysterious figure, while Calibur and Player One fight Shrek. After beating Shrek, he is captured by the mysterious figure's minions and they teleport somewhere. Caleb and Sakuraichu take the hood off the mysterious figure, and it is revealed that it is the admin overlord. The admin overlord tries to ban them, but he runs out of magic, so he teleports away.

  • Chapter 19: The Rogue-bot

All of the Hammer Bros are defeated, so Whatever wants to send in stronger, tougher minions. Then, she sees Whateverbot, a robot of Whatever. She decides Whateverbot would be a good choice. She tries to get Whateverbot on her side. However, Whateverbot repeatedly refuses to join Whatever and instead wants to destroy Tellmeland. Whatever must stop Whateverbot from reaching the portal and destroying Tellmeland. Whatever defeats Whateverbot, but the engine that powered Whateverbot enters the portal. Whatever enters the portal to get the engine, but it closes when she enters, making her stuck in Tellmeland. She goes searching for the engine, hoping she can make good use of it in her plan.

  • ===Chapter 20: RighanRed and the Yeah Bomb===

The scene shifts to RighanRed walking on the street as Heropoon poffs out of smoke with a yeah bomb, A bomb that will destroy all of Miiverse. You then fight as RighanRed against the boss fighter Heropoon to destroy the Yeah Bomb. As heropoon dies Righan sees that a note feel out of his pocket, and he knows exactly who its from.

  • Chapter 21: Gravity Hold and the bots.

Sakuraichu, Calibur, Caleb and Player One runs away, due to a bomb blast. They find a pit filled with spikes with a small button on the middle. Aware that the projectiles won't reach the button, Player One says "I can use Gravity Hold to flip the spikes into the sky, but it needs to be charged" and he starts charging. Enemies tries to stop his charging, and so, Sakuraichu, Calibur and Caleb must defend Player One until he's finished charging. The spikes will fly into the skies, and they press the button, revealing robotic Clones of P1, Caleb, Calibur and Sakuraichu. After they're defeated, a Subspace Bomb explodes, and they run away, until a hooded figure kick Calibur and P1 into the bomb.

  • Chapter 22: The Plan Continues

Whatever sees the explosions. When the view is cleared up, she then sees the engine she was looking for and grabs it. Nearby is a Yeah Bomb that was left behind. Whatever almost gets it, but realizes it could be a trap. She finds a stick and pokes it against the bomb. After several pokes, Whatever determines that it's not a trap and picks it up, hoping to incorporate it into her scheme.

  • Chapter 23: Le Trickster

Meanwhile, Trickster is driving his white Van, with a perma banned Nostalgic and This Guy. Trickster drove until his van got blown up by Dr. Fakeman, which unbanned the two victims. The three get surrounded by Dr. Fakeman's army, but fight through his army. The three then hide in a cave, which they see the Old Man. He battles the three and loses.

  • Chapter 24: Goomy is Found

Adam, This Guy, and Stefan find themsleves in this cave looking area trying to find This Guy's Goomy. (Level Starts) (After Level) They find the Goomy trophy with Admin Goons next to it. After they defeat the Admin Goons This Guy uses a Pokeball to catch Goomy. Then they find robot pieces and follows it.

  • Chapter 25: Inside the bomb

Calibur and P1 are seen inside the subspace bomb, and a voice says "Oh, welcome to the perma ban dimension" "Ungh.... What?" Says Calibur. "You are permabanned, because a admin shoot you" Said the same voice. "No, we got kicked into here" said P1. "Then, what are you doing here, you can get out and enter Tellmeland again" Calibur and P1 get up and run away (After section) "Not so fast" said a voice, it was Cold Midna. "This time, YOU will lose and YOU will get banned!" (after battle) Calibur and P1 enter tellmeland, and see Mr.LuigiDude and Sakuraichu again. "Oh, You're back!" said both. "So, YOU defeated my Hammer Bros!" said a voice, that was Whatever. (after battle) "G-Gah!" said Whatever, and she runs away, but not before sending more Minions.

  • Chapter 26: On Top Of The Bomb

Shadow is running on top of the reset bomb and the floor gives away falling onto ColdMidna snapping her neck, killing her for now. DekuBoy and his army of Scrubs without a leader attack Shadow. (But the screen cuts to black)

  • Cutscene

Tasha is summoned from the YouTube community by the admin overlord. The admin overlord gives her equipment, such as report bombs. Shrek is healed, but is still being controlled by the admins. The admin overlord tells them who to kill, before leaving.

  • Chapter 27: More Minions

As the minions are holding up Player One, Sakuraichu, Mr.LuigiDude, and CaliburTek, Whatever continues to look for resources. She finds a bunch of robot parts and gets them. A Yeah Bomb, an engine, and robot parts, she thinks. What can I do with all of these to help me take over Tellmeland?Then she decides to build a robot with the parts and the engine, one that will obey her. Meanwhile, P1, Sakuraichu, Mr.LuigiDude, and Calibur have to fight the minions Whatever sent out. (you choose in what order you want to play each of the 4.) All of the minions are defeated. By the end of the battle, Whatever is finished with the robot and names it Whateverbot II. She sees that all the minions were defeated. She orders Whateverbot II to go after the 4 and eliminate them, holding onto the Yeah Bomb for later.

  • Chapter 28: Whateverbot and Whatever

Player One, Calibur, Luigi and Sakuraichu battle Whateverbot II. After its defeat, Whatever comes and power up the robot, and battles along with it. After Whateverbot II's and Whatever's defeat, Calibur, luigi, Player One and Sakuraichu prepare to finish off Whatever, but she explains she isn't working for admins, but just wanted to rule Tellmeland. Suddenly, she feels the Yeah Bomb in her pocket about to explode. Frantic, she throws the Yeah Bomb, leading it to explode.

  • Chapter 29: Meanwhile

The scene gets cut to somewhere in the Bit Boy Arcade community. We see Stoney traveling there for no reason "I don't get this, why am I here? This game isn't even fun..." He then gets attacked by Miinions and Bernd+ is shown walking toward him. "You dare to insult my game?" bernd says. "It was just my opinion!" Stoney exclaims. "Let me go!" He demands. He, then uses his transformation (His final smash) to break free and run. You have to run from everyone in this stage, while dealing with Miinions and Miiverse newbies. You run from bernd+ and you can actually fight back, but the screen is scrolling, so you have to run, even if you kill bernd+, he will always be revived since he's a verified user and can't be killed by a normal user. After the stage is beaten, the scene cuts to black and turns to our other heroes.

  • Chapter 30: Bala's Finale

This pics up right where we left off. Suddenly, Ridley gets shot out of the sky. Bala jumps off at the last second and remains unscathed. He dusts humself off and sees Samus standing before him. "Did you do that?" In a masculine voice, Samus replies "I missed." Samus takes off her helmet. Underneath it, it's Batman. Batman takes off his mask. Underneath it, it's Stoney. Stoney says something relevant to Bala's arrogance and persecution of the people who just want a reasonable character tof be a fighter in Smash. They face off. The player can chose to fight as Bala or Stoney, but the outcome is mostly the same.

If Bala wins, Stoney slides back in the generic anime style, then dashes foreward and slow-mo drop kicks Bala in the midsection. If Stoney wins, we still see the rest of the cutscene, but not the part prior. Bala goes flying and rolling across the ground. Stoney makes another hilarous one-liner. In a daze while trying to stand up, Bala says "Urgh... I suppose I'll... not participate in speculation of the next Smash Bros." Suddenly, Mewtwo supporters appear on the horizon. "Well, can't win 'em all, I guess. Gotta run!" Bala runs off, chased by the Mewtwo fans he opposed in the past. The screen fades off into black

  • Chapter 31: Unfinished business

The screen reappears to Stoney, who turns to the Mewtwo supporters, "I had enough of you, mewtwo people! This is the 10th time you attacked me over my speculation on him!" He then tranforms, but then a Pro-Mewtwo says, "Um... Medaka called, she wants her-" but got interupted by Stoney saying "Yeah, yeah, I get it! My Final Smash ripped-off Medaka Box! I'll settle this with you people!" A Pro-Mewtwo then says "But he's already confirmed!" Stoney then says, "I get it! But that doesn't change the fact that you guys overreacted and should apologize" He gets in a fighting stance, "Let's go!" the fight begins as you have to beat them all, while escaping the place before it self-destructs. After that, you see Stoney outside as the tower explodes behind him. The screen cuts to black as Stoney is found unconsious from the recoil.

  • Chapter 32: The Blast

The bomb Whatever launched separated Calibur, P1, Mr.LuigiDude and Sakuraichu, making the 4 fly in different locations. Player One landed near Stoney, and wonders what happened with him. Stoney quickly wakes up and uses his transformation, thinking Player One is a Mewtwo supporter. Player One also uses his Final Smash, but the player can choose which Robot Master to transform P1. After the battle (The player can choose who he'll be), the winner will revive the loser. If Stoney wins, after reviving, he'll point his fist at him and say "I've had enough of your Mewtwo supporters!" and Player One will say "Hey, I just attacked you because you attacked me!" If Player One wins, he'll distransform and revive Stoney and say "Sorry for the attack, but you attacked me, so it was a self-defense" Regardless of who wins, a GIANT horde of Mewtwo supporters appear, and Player One and Stoney must team up to defeat them.

  • Chapter 33: Sakuraichu's cell

Sakuraichu wakes up in a large cell, with the Admin Overlord standing right in front of him. Sakuraichu says "Why am I in here?". The admin overlord then shouts for corrupted Shrek and Tasha. Sakuraichu jumps off the floor and holds his sunglasses. The boss fight has Shrek chasing and attacking you, Tasha shooting and the Admin Overlord using magic. After beating the boss fight, Sakuraichu realises he has Raichu's Poke Ball. Sakuraichu sends her out and tells her to destroy the bars. Raichu does that and afterwards Sakuraichu withdraws him. Sakuraichu explores the building and finds a portal back to Tellmeland and enters it.

  • Chapter 34: Build-A Bot

Adam, This Guy, and Stefan find a broken ROB0BARD with skulls of banned users next to it. (Minigame Starts) After the Minigame we see ROB0BARD go on a rampage and say Kill Admin Overlord, kill Admin Overlord. Then he flys off to this huge black hole with the Admin Overlord in it. Adam, This Guy, and Stefan find three Warp Stars and steals them, following ROB0BARD.

  • Chapter 35: The Tell Sacrifice

Nostalgic has lost This Guy and Fakeman, and is singing and dancing along Tellmeland without any worries. He suddenly sees Noodle and Rosaline's trophys, so he runs to revive them. But as soon as he gives the first step, a swords K.O.s him. "Tel me more" says TELLMEMORE as he carries the trophys with the others. He cleans them and then takes three Tellmebrooches. "Look, these are Tellmebrooches. They'll revive us past a few days, after the Admins have taken over this. Not even my power can do anything." He gives one to Noodle, one to Rosaline... and the last... *sigh* whispers TELLMEMORE as he gives it to Nostalgic's trophy. But then, the TellmeCastle Roofs is destroyed, and Whatever and her minions land on the floor. Bricks and blocks fall and defeat TELLMEMORE. Whatever sees Noodle's trophy and takes it, then she communicates with The Bard, who tells him where to go to conquer Tellmeland.

  • Chapter 36: Duo Battles

Stoney and Player One walk away, tired of fighting the horde of Mewtwo Fanboys. Bala see them, and Him and Stoney (Player One can't be chosen) battle again, after defeat (Regardless of who won) Player One will battle Dark Bala (As Boss), taking Stoney's place. After Dark Bala's defeat, a voice says "Well, look who is here!" It was The Bard, with 5 robotic clones of him. "ROBOBARDS, DEFEAT THEM!" After the Robobards defeat, Robobard will appear and blast them with a #M.A.D gun, and the four are taken to a jail cell. They look at the admin overlord, and then at a jail cell in front of them, which had Calibur and Mr.LuigiDude. As Bala looks behind himself, he sees Oil Panic's bucket, and the others, noticing the idea, start filling the bucket with projectiles, then launch the content on the Admin Overlord, who teleports and opens the cells unintentionally.

  • Chapter 37: The End??

Shadow runs into Mewtwo factory and tries to run after Calibur and LuigiDude but gets locked inside. Shadow looks behind him and sees his greatest enemy, Justin360. Shadow jumps behind a barrel, but the barrel explodes. Justin appears in front of Shadow and tackles him. He starts to choke Shadow, but there is nothing Shadow can do about it. But just then Waifu appears and knocks Justin60 off of shadow, and a large battle ensues.

Will Calibur and LuigiDude be successful?? Will Shadow and his new friend make it out alive?? Is ColdMidna really dead??



  • Chapter 38: Admins

Player One, Stoney and Bala quickly run out of the jail cell, but Possessed Shrek attack them along with Tasha. Stoney and Player One use their transformation and Bala prepares for his Final Smash. (After Battle) They see Shadow and Player One punches them "That's for trying to end the story mode without asking!"They team up to defeat a group of Admins.

  • Chapter 39: Unite

Shadow wakes up because waifu smacked him in the face, but he sees a portal and jumps in it and sees the evilest of the evil...... ColdMidna and her army. He sees other portals but the others need to find them. Shadow attempts to fight them but he can't hold them off. He gets thrown in a cage over ColdMidna's throne.

  • Cutscene

Sakuraichu is walking and he finds a pit. Suddenly, an admin rises from the ground. Sakuraichu sighs and says "Great, another admin!". It says "Ahem-hem. Mi mi mi mi miiiii ... I am the Great Mighty Admin and I'm going to throw my bans at you. A huge supply of notifications comes from my permissions. How about a ban, you little twat? Do you really think you'll survive in here? You don't seem to know which site you're on. Verified users are the only thing that make it through my notifications. How d'you think I'd end up for banning Sakurai? Now I'm really getting rather mad. You're like a niggly tiggly shitty little tag-nut. When I console ban you out with all my shit, I'm going to take your account delete it!". Sakuraichu, terrified, takes out his headphones and quietly asks "I'm tired. Can I get some sleep before the battle?".*

  • Chapter 40: The Meme team: part 1

Luigidude is walking around the zelda community, hands in pockets. Then all of a sudden A zelda native grabs him and punches him in the gut. "What do you want with me?!" Luigidude yelled. "You know what we want," he said, "WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT THE MEME TEAM?!" "Nothing!" Luigidude yelled, obviously lying. The zelda native kept punching him in the gut until he spoke. Luigidude tried to run away. Your goal is to make it to the end without being caught.

  • Cutscene

Once luigidude thought he was safe, the zelda native found him. He was in no good shape to keep running. The zelda native saw him, and punched him until his bones wouldn't break anymore, and... FLASHBACK.

Luigidude remembered the days of the creation of the meme team, the banning of meow zelda and cold midna, those were the good old days.

Royalheap walked to him. "wut," he said, "wat happened?..."

"Im broke" (laugh track) he said, "it was the zelda native."

"Well have my metamato" he said as luigi healed up, "ill get the others."

You see Pretzel and Sponge's shadows follow them.

  • Chapter 41: The Meme team: part 2

The meme team is there and ready to storm the zelda natives' main base of operations.

"We will get them once and for all!" Royal yelled.

They break open the door and run inside. From here you can play as Royalheap, Mr. Luigidude, or Shadow and waifu.

There is is a long battle with the entire meme team (except Sakuraichu), controlled by CPUs.

The members might die, and you want to save as much as possible.

The boss fight at the end of the fight is cold midna resurrected, she will report bomb, kick people, and breath fire.

After the fight you will move farther into the base as the number of meme team members deplete.

The boss fight at the end of the level is the ultimate admin, who will ban in all sorts of different ways, he can knock out members in one hit.

"FACK YOU" Luigidude yells at the end.

After that, the zelda natives are gone for good, and the admins stopped sucking.

Or so they think.

  • Chapter 42: Villanous Persistence

Cold Midna see Stoney, bala And Player One. "How many times you're going to try to battle me?" (After Battle) Cold Midna launches a report bomb at the three, launching them where LuigiDude, Royal and Shadow are. "H-Hey!" said Royal. "Who are you!" The three apresent themselves. "We have no time to discuss it. We have admins and reporters to beat!"

  • Chapter 43: The big battle

The great mighty admin opens a portal to the Zelda community and jumps in. Sakuraichu follows him and jumps inside. The portal opens where Stoney, Bala, Player One, Luigidude, Royal and Shadow are. Sakuraichu attempts to whip the GMA with his headphones. The GMA dodges and teleports to where the reporters are. Shadow gets grabbed by the GMA and hit by report bombs. But just as Shadow disappears Diablo appears."COME ON STEP IT UP!!" A big creature teleports to the community. It's Bigley. Bigley picks up a Zeldian and throws it to the YouTube community. The GMA then shoots it with a shrinking ray and Bigley is resized to the height of 7"5. The GMA then teleports somewhere. It's time to fight the Zeldians. You can choose from Stoney, Bala, Player One, Luigidude, Royal, Shadow or Sakuraichu to defeat 50 of them with three stocks. After beating 50, Shokio appears. Shokio is about to destroy the community but in two hits is killed by the GMA. The GMA says "This is my community to destroy. Get out". The GMA's cape becomes two Ridley wings and he destroys several buildings. The GMA then throws bans at the Smashers and they all become trophies and throws them in to another dimension. Meanwhile, several absent Smashers are watching what is happening and turn off their TV, then walk outside the house.

  • Chapter 44: The Final Battle

Adam, This Guy, Stefan, and ROB0BARD find what apares to be a beaten down Admin Overlord beating up Nostalgio, Nostalgio then gets perman banned until he gets unbanned by This Guy. Then The Admin Overlord reveals himself to be Tom. It would be funny if was'int so dramatic, ah what the heck i'll laugh anyway. Says Tom, then he starts laughing. Soon everyone comes to take him down once and for all, don't ask who the fuck revived everyone.

  • Chapter 45: The End

Our heros are back at the Zelda Community with no Zelda fans to bother with. Everyone is happy and cheering. Then it zooms out on Adam and This Guy Hi-Fiving. Then it says The End. The credits then start. But just as the credits start, a black hole appears, pushing the characters into it. Once there, the characters look up, revealing the Admin Overlord, but even more overpowered. The player can choose between all characters to take down the A.O. after it's defeat, the credits start

  • Bonus Chapter 1: An Irresistable Force


Suddenly, the last character you have played as is teleported to Final Destination, where Leo Luster's trophy is resting. Lightning then strikes the trophy, corrupting it into the hidden boss Giga Dark Leo Luster.exe. Upon defeating this monster, all of a sudden the credits play again and you get the same ending because honestly there was no money left in the budget.

  • === Bonus chapter 2: The ForgotTELL ===

Nostalgic and Rosaline get unbanned thanks to the Tellmebrooches. As soon as they see TELLMEMORE, they run tounbann him too. "What?" Says TELLMEMORE. "It's all ogre?! AGAIN?! OH MY GOD AND I WAS SO EXCITED TO SAVE TH DAY AGAIN BUT NOOO THEY HAVE TO BE FASTER THAN ME!!! ALWAYS!!! I KNEW I MUSN'T HAD GAVE YOU THE BROOCHES!!!" *points at the other two* "I WAS ONLY TRYING TO SAVE YOU ALL M'KAY?! THAT'S WHY I CAN'T BE NICE!! THAT'S WHY I HAVE TO BE EVIL, NO MATTER WHAT I DO!!! TELL... ME... MORE!!!!!" Nostalgic interrupts him and says: "You know TELLMEMORE you're exaggerating as always, no prob, bro, maybe next time, that's it, deal with it!!" "No! YOU ARE N DENIAL!! TELL ME MORE!! If I couldn't save the day with you... THEN SOON YOU'LL BOTH BE MY TROPIES TO TELL ME MORE... FOREVER!!!

You have to fight Nostalgic and Rosaline so you can control TELLMEMORE... AT LEAST ON SINGLE TIME. When the battle ends, you unlock TellMeCastle as a stage.

  • Bonus Chapter 3: Chris The Stick

upon entering to the Miiverse relm, Chris gets possesed by a evil force from the admins. With a character you chose, fight him and remove that evil darkness from him, once thats done, The characters let him to hang out

Secret Chapter: The Illuminati rises/Tom's Chapter

This chapter is only playable once all other bonus chapters have been completed.

Story: When Tom appears in Miiverse, he is blocked by Spoderman. A cutscene follows:

Spoderman: ILLUMINATI DETECTED!1!11111!!1 pls pay $20 to enter

Tom: I don't use $, goddamnit!

Spoderman: Foreign person detected. Initializing locked-DLC sequence...

Tom: Aw hell no. I'm not gonna be DLC.

The scene switches to Meme Run, and Spoderman is running away. Tom must catch him and kill him. When you kill him, he rips open to reveal the admins. The final battle of the whole game occurs right here: Tom vs the admins. When the admins are defeated, Bigley flies down to greet Tom. The game finally ends here. In order to play more, you must now pay $420.

Bonus Chapter 4: SSJ Nerd

You have to have Miiverse gold to view this story. 2 BAAADDDD.


  • Shokio: "The God of Anti-Ridleys " Shokio consists of various moves. He'll either attack you with a Ridley comment to why he's not in smash (hurts your brain) to wombo combo'ing everybody. His 2nd phase (at higher difficulty) is when he starts to grow Ridley wings and starts to shoot lasers and bombs. Shofu joins Shokio on harder difficulties. He tries to kill Ridley for no apparent reason while Ridley is just trying to go home after a hard day at work and you have to protect him.
  • Tri-Face: Tri-Face is the guy who is extremely against Bigley being in Meme Run. He is the Final Boss of Classic Mode if the fighter is an anti ridley or Ridley himself trying to protect his onii-chan. He will try to stop Bigley from making it to the meme run auditions and you have to protect him.
  • Swagmin: "The Swag Admin" The Swagmin attacks on a skateboard trying to run over you. He can also use his boombox as a boomerang and can shoot a ban pistol.
  • Egg Bot: "The $50 dollar cheap robot" Dr. Eggman summons the egg bot which is shaped like an egg.
  • Bigbot: "A Robot of Bigley"
  • Farquaad: The final boss of classic mode when playing as Shrek. He uses a sword to duel with the ogre.
  • Sakuraichubot: "A robot of Sakuraichu" A robot of Sakuraichu with amazing grabs.
  • Heropoon: "The crazy rapist" Heropoon shoots out rape missles and grabs you with his dreads.
  • Brain Jeremy Crew: "'Trust us, Tower of Smash will become the ESRB leak 2.0'" Brain Jeremy is the one guy that places 100% faith in the Tower of Smash's inscriptures. He is also as vocal about the Ridley debate as Bala, but he's on the other side of the spectrum. Most of his attacks are from his 2 arm chainguns or even the purple space pirate himself. His fellow Tower of Smashers, The Cthulhu, who uses karate tentacle chops, and The Treecko+Helipotile duo, who use Pokemon attacks also fight with him at a point.
  • Tasha: She is fought twice, she shoots report bullets which can kill you in one hit, she can throw report bombs, stabs with a knife and can summon admins.
  • Admin Overlord: Fought three times. He uses magic that can control, damage, stun, poison, freeze and burn the player.
  • Cold Midna: The leader of a evil clan, she's a commander in the admin's side.
  • Old Man: The Perverted sex offender) The Old Man from the Legend of Zelda raps first, then transform into a huge shadow of himself, he can shoot beams through his palms and can shoot multiple missiles at the opponent. He can also use his inflatable poojabber to attack.
  • Justin360: ASCII Stealer
  • Mariolover: Her hatred of helmets drives her to insanity. She uses a forcefield to deflect all projectiles.
  • OBA Dragon: Probably Adam's sworn enemy. This guy once was about kill This Guy and Stefan and is racist twords Americans. He uses retro video game attacks for attacks and has his one youtube account.
  • JJ: Self proclaimed king of the Zelda fans. Uses chains and whips, representing the enslaved "fans".
  • Darkchu: Yet another generic edgy recolour. He works just like a playable character. He even appears at the bottom of the screen with percentage, and if you're playing stock, stocks. He is very similar to Sakuraichu, but his sunglasses and headphones are purple and deal slightly more knockback with slightly less power, his grabs are slightly better, he is slightly slower but slightly heavier and has better defences. The knife attacks are more powerful as the knife is made of dark energy.
  • Giga Dark Leo Luster.exe: The true final boss and a corruption of Leo Luster. His attacks all deal twice as much damage, but as a result his speed is extremely slow.
  • Chris The Stick (possesed): a bonus boss once the main campaign is complete
  • Spoderman: a bonus boss in Tom's chapter


  • Admins
  • Imposters: They are disguised as your character.
  • Skylander
  • Zelda fans: They report bomb the player
  • User Trap: It Traps and kills you.
  • Tower of Smasher
  • Pro-Ridley debater
  • Miinion: They are the Goombas of Smashverse
  • Mewtwo Extremists
  • Anti Ridleys
  • Lenny faces
  • Ridley Fan (the user)'s alts.

Story Mode BGM

Boss BGM


Items will be based off memes and other stuff.

  • Blue Shell - Does 10 percent
  • Super Horn - Does 5 percent and can defeat the Blue Shell
  • Smash Ball - Breaking this wandering sphere grants the breaker power to unleash their FINAL SMASH! In 6+ player Smashes, 2 SMASH BALLS CAN APPEAR AT ONCE!
  • amiibo- When you pick it up throw it at the fighter to spawn a random amiibo character
  • Trophy Stand - The bottem part of a trophy and it works like a frisbee. Does 10 precent.
  • Sakurai's Cat's Tail - It works like that Tanooki power-up an does 1 precent damage.
  • Yeah Bomb - Heals you by 10 precent
  • Potion of Unbanning - Heals you completely
  • Special Flag - Works identically to the Special Flag from SSB4
  • Console Ban - looks very similar to the Yeah Bomb. Grabbing it will destroy all of your stocks.
  • Report Bomb - Damages you by 50 precent
  • Hatty's Hat - It turns you evil and you fall down.
  • Onionade - You throwing it does 420% damage and launches the victim.
  • Egg - Push A to get a 5% health boost, push B to hit an opponent for 5% damage.
  • Sakuraichu's sunglasses - Kills you unless you're Sakuraichu.
  • Bad Miiverse Posts wand - Fires a huge facepalm, not unlike Isaac in Brawl.
  • Mewtwo - he's an item cuz fuck the police.
  • 3DS - Summons random games ou of its cart to deal damage, like a ray gun.
  • Derpbot - a clone derp made that will target enemies and smack them with its body and bounce off of them

Assist Trophies

Like items, they will be based off memes and other stuff.

  • The Dark Admin-The Dark Admin walks around the stage and whoever it touches, he/she will die.
  • Troll Face-Similar to Andros.
  • Sakurai-He stomps you and your dreams.
  • Item Monster-Take all of the items I put and combine them together.
  • SammyClassicSonicFan- He yells and hurts people.
  • Ditto- It will transfrom into the person that summoned it and help it.
  • Duckness Hunt-An Assist Trophy to promote Duckness Hunt as a character coming soon.
  • Nothing- The Troll Trophy
  • Mouse-It works like Bombchu
  • Wild Gunman-A crazy gunslinger. He will shoot anyone if they do something that initiates a voice cli- *gets shot*
  • Luma-It works like Starfy.
  • CGI Donkey Kong-The screen expands and players are showered with coconut creme pie.
  • Luigi: Throws a red shell at one of the players, then death stares at them.
  • Weegee: Stares at every player to the left/right of him. Insta-KO
  • Spark Man - he'll start launching Electric BALLZ at you.
  • Heropoon- Rapes a fighter.
  • Charles Barkley: Basketballs slam all over the stage. COME ON AND SLAM AND WELCOME TO THE JAM
  • IGN Reviewer- Creates a flood that fills the stage with water. Too much water.
  • Cook- floods the stage with more cooks. TOO MANY COOKS!
  • Cheren- attracts players with his good looks and puts them in a daze
  • Mario-Down B from melee (if Jandel is in the match, he becomes more powerful)
  • Digit03- Everyone is instantly K.O.'d
  • Jesus- Everyone gets a health boost, bread and fish appear

Trickster Missions!

Trickster missions are unlocked after you complete story mode, and have Trickster as playable. They can be used to unlock hidden characters. They are narrated by Trickster, of course! Premises are presented as still images or short animations.

Mission 1: Attack of the Clones!

Description: Defeat Rosalime as Dr. This Guy

Reward: Dr. This Guy and Rosalime

Opening Dialogue: Ayy, Wassup? So ya' unlocked the missions, eh? Good, good. Check this sweet action out! Who's This Guy? Oh, he's a doctor now? Huh? And his patient is... woa-oah, what happened to Rosaline? Is that a lemon? Ah, a lime. RosaLIME. Oi, puns. She doesn't seem to want to take her meds, but I'm sure Dr. This Guy's got the skills to put her under.

Outro: Shh.. 'Don't worry, missy, we'll have that fruit out of you in no time!' Says the good doctor. Ooh, this is messy. Aaaaand she's all better, ready to give yeahs. 'Oh, thank you, doctor! Mwamwamwa!' Kissy kissy, ride into the sunset, roooooooll credits!...... they don't pay me enough for this crap....

Mission 2: Lovers' Quarrel!

Description: Keep Allan and Nicole from hitting each other for two minutes!

Reward: Allan and Nicole

Intro: Hello Miiverse, tonight on Dr. Trix, we study domestic violence issues between *gasp* Spoiler Alert! Allan and Nicole! Something about Nicole's mother being disapproving, yadda yadda yadda, who cares. Eeny meeny miny, BALA, you haven't been in this game very much, go help them iron out thier issues.

Outro: Woohoo! Two new characters. Remember kids, having someone hit your significant other will always fix your problems! What's that? They're united again? United to kicking Bala's bright blue booty? Well, that's all the time we have for tonight, now a word from our sponsors.

Mission 3: Pokèmon Amie!

Description: Help Tepig and Axew prepare for the pokèmon beauty contest.

Reward: Tepig and Axew, Ditto assist trophy

Intro: (fake American country accent) Ah am the Tricky Boo Boo chiuld, and ah am trian out far a byooty pajent! (back to his regular irish accent) No, really though, beauty pageants are serious business around here, 'specially for these two. That's a flame-pig, and that's.... Krondor, right? Ah, whatever. They've got five minutes to prepare for their performance, but wait! NO OPPOSABLE THUMBS! Good thing ol' Player One was around. Help 'em out, man!

Outro: Axew, that's what his name was, hehehe. I knew that. Whatever. Flame-Pig and Krondor win first place thanks to you, Player! Both of you. Then they all go out for milkshakes, with pokèpuffs on the top! Wait, is that milkshake a pokemon? That's messed up, dude.

Mission 4: Electric Boogaloo

Description: Defeat Sakuraichu (Stamina match)

Reward: Sakuraichu, RoyalHeap's final smash trophy

Intro: MEME TEAM, ASSEMBLE! RAAAAAAAAAA! I'm sorry. Anyway, who's hungry for a royal heap of RoyalHeap? Here we are at the battlefield, member tryouts! Too skinny, too fat. Is that Alyssa wearing a troll face? Huh. Ooh, this one looks nice. Sakuraichu? What kinda name is that? Ah well. Let's see what he's made of.

Outro: Woohoo! New member! Shocking, I thought it would take longer. See what I did there? With the shocking? HuhHe. Yeah. Seriously though, is that Alyssa wearing a troll face. Easter eggs, gotta love 'em. 

Mission 5: Having a Blast!

Description: Beat Blast and Haipna in a race!

Reward: Blast, Haipna, Haipna's final smash trophy

Intro: (ESPN jingle) Thank you for tuning in to MIIVERSE SPORTS NETWORK! Tonight, we have the magnificent Sapphique facing off against the unbeatable Blast, but what's this? Haipna? She's in this game? Err.. I knew that! Throw back to Smash 64, it's a race! So, on your mark, get seeet, wait one more minute... GOOOO!

Outro: Excellent performance out there by Sapphique! Much athleticism, such run. What's this? Blast and Haipna were cheating all along? Le gasp! Le absolute monstrosity! If this were an afterschool special you would pay a bittersweet price for your deciet! Like getting BIG OILY ZITS, or eating off the same plate as SkyShaymin! Eww, it's the plate, AND HE'S BEEN ON IT, URGH! EWW!

Mission 6: 'Nuff Said

Description: Trap and defeat DivineThought and Travis!

Reward: DivineThought, Travis

Intro: It's pay day at the SmashyClub, and new recruits Potato and CaliburTrek have come to collect thier pay check! Uh, who are these two bad eggs? Someone put some thought into this character, he's almost DIVINE. I thought Travis was banned, what's he doin' here? More meme coverage? More pay? Clearly they've something to learn about the economy, take 'em out, you two!

Outro: Boom, they are out! Smash shall live in the hearts of every man, vive le banana! This stuff is starting to get downright uncreative, the only thing I can do now is make this the most meta ending outro ever. Don't you hate how long this thing takes to load? It's just plain annoying, I mean, yeesh, I know this thing runs on the best engine known to man, but it's practically Sonic 06!

Mission 7: Tricksters Day Off

Description: kill Stop the mob. (enemy swarm)

Reward: Royalheap trophy, Dark Leije (and trophy), sick trickster trophy.

Intro: So hey... Trickster is sick (possibly dead) so I, royalheap, will be filling in with my not-as-exiting commentary! But apparently not everyone is a fan, we have angry mobs outside with "bring back trickster" signs. Also, they are trying to break down the doors and burn the building, but that is beside the point. I've called Dark Leije to handle them, he can do it! Right? RIGHT!?

Outro: I guess that i will live another day because of you. Uh... merry Christmas. (sounds of a scuffle) Trickster: Hey, -cough cough- Gah, what? Am I late? Ah, darn it. I got bronchitis. Ain't nobody got tiiiime fo 'dat! Anyway, wait, what, you already did a mission? Ah well. Take 'yer character and go. AKCHAOOO!

Mission 8: Secret Service in the House

Description: Escort President Cory Baxter through the white house

Reward: Cory Baxter, White House stage, Cory in the House theme

Intro: Aaaamerica, Aaaaamerica! From burger to salty fryyyyyyyy! I'll be here all game, folks. The recently elected President Cory Baxter has been asked to give an address on the 'controversial' banning of some black dude by a white admin, or some crud like that. No politics on the Trickster channel. But the president has enemies! *gasp!* NINJA ENEMIES! WHO LEAVE TRAPS AND TRAPDOORS IN THE HALLWAY! Good thing agent Double Oh Stoney is on the case!

Outro: My fellow Miiversians, as I stand here before you today in the Green and White house, I congratulate your prowess on protecting the president! Anyway, let's go watch some reruns. Corey in the House? What is this show? That guy looks familiar. More Easter Eggs? Who writes this stuff?!

Mission 9: [Hidden by an Administrator]

Description: Rescue Trickster by breaking the cage. 

Reward: Virtuality, Ban message trophy, Miiverse theme

Intro: HEEEEELP! So apparently the anti-fun-admins think that exploring political themes in that last mission was offensive. Boo hoo. So here I am, caged, alone! But lo, what light through yon account breaks?! Tis Virtuality, here to save me! Careful, one touch from an admin, and K-O.

Outro: What's in a name, a rose by any other name would smell as sweet! As would Virtuality, if - Oh, hey, I'm free! And since I'M writing this story, suddenly the admins all got BANNED! Haha, we showed them, pard'ner! (virtuality imitation) We sure did, you're the coolest, Trickster! Ah, I do me best. Let's go grab some milkshakes.

Mission 10: The Legend of Clean Up!

Description: Clean up the Zelda community before Cold Midna busts your butt!

Reward: Zelda Community, Bobbers, Dr.Eggman final smash trophy

Intro: (wearing batman mask) I'M BATSTER! Ooh, scared myself a bit on that one! Over at the Zelda community, Doodoodoodoodoodooding!, Agent Bobby Bobbington Bobbers is making sure Dr.Egghead cleans up the mess he made when he spilled his carton of eggs everywhere. Under Midna's COLD eye. (midna impression) 'You kids clean up this mess or I'll tell everyone your first name is Ivory! And you buy all of LuigiDude's hats!' Hope the doc's got a mop!

Outro: (Midna impression) Good show, you two. Maybe we Zeldas and Smashers can get along after all. NOT! And they ruuuuuun away! Yeesh, Twilight Princesses, can't trust 'em. She's a real HYRULE WARRIOR, ya' know what I mean? Of course you do. Oh, it may be dangerous to go alone. TAKE THESE!

Mission 11: Totally off-topic!

Description: Duuude, this party suuucks. Make it fun!

Reward: Pico, Bigley, Slam remix of Smash Bros. theme

Intro: Leeeeet's get reeeady to rumble! Sure ain't no party like a Nostalgic party. Ha! And this is certainly nooot a party. Mine are way better. People are practically falling asleep here! Nosy, you and Noodle go find a way to lighten the place up a bit. Throw some beats, start a dance off with the Beat-master-Bigley, DON'T show Boku no Pico, or whatever it's called, JUST MAKE IT FUUUUUUN!

Outro: AND YOU WILL KNOW THAT I AM THE DJ WHEN I LAY THESE BEATS DOWN ON YOU! Ah, look at those happy faces. Brings a smile to my constantly smiling self. Wait, is Morticia twerking? NO! GET OUT! Kids these days.

Mission 12: Smile, Darn 'ya, Smile!

Description: Help 'ya pall Trix out and get rid of these bosses!

Reward: All Boss trophies. Shrek.

Intro: Mweh he heh! I am not Trickster! I am the most eeeevil, diabolical, dark, ironic, TRICKSNOIR! And I have trapped SHREK AND TRICKSTER deep in my most dungeoneos, dark, ironic dungeon! Can they escape? Will they? It's up to you to find out! Show me your moves, c'mon, step it up! Don't be too slow! Hey, hand's off my bread! 

Outro: Punch! Zing! And TRICKSNOIR is DOWN FOR THE COUNT! Boom badda boom boom boom! Thanks to you player, we've got almost ALL the unlockable characters, and we've beaten all the bosses! What will we do next? I'm just dyyyying with anticpation! Tune in next time to find out! (fun dance)

(bonus)Mission 12: Alan times 2

Description: Oh great, a clone, oh yeah, sorry, Defeat Alan and his clone!

Reward: Toon Alan, Pichu theme, Alan and Toony's final smash trophies.

Intro: So yeah, this is Alan, a little kid that needs a social life(Alan: hey!) and his clone that they just placed there so he's happy, now then, defeat the duo(Alan: technically we both have pichu, and geor-) Shut up Alan! this isn't your narration!

Outro: Good job! You defeated the Alans! YOU WIN! Wait a minute (record scratch) who's writing this garbage. That's hardly even a mission! Bull-crap! For real... wait, it was a bonus mission? Oh yeah, if you add an unlockable character to the list, you can make your own Trickster Mission, but you are responsible for it. But it's your fault if it's boring.

Mission 13: Lusterous

Description: Bust down some funky rhymes, and defeat Leo Luster!

Reward: Leo Luster, all Leo Luster Music, Leo Luster Trophies, Rainbow Trickster trophy & costume, Leo Luster stage. Free Play for all missions. (If you play again in Free Play mode) Memenado Trickster.

Intro: Hey kids, looks like the world just got - hey, let go-a me! (Leo) Stand back while I make the scene. I'm the most, uh! And that ain't no boast, I'm the swingin'est thing from coast to coast. I'm a lizard's nightmare, I'm every girl's dream, The picture of perfect, you know what I mean? I'm Leo Luster (Pow)! I'm where it's at, I'm a far-out happenin' cat! Uh! I'm Leo Luster, baby I'm a trip. (Trickster) WHAT? I'm the narrator around these parts! Element of Laughter Baby! Let's go RAINBOW POWER and show this dweeb!

Outro: Hahaha! AND THAT is that, why do I keep typing in all caps anyway? Ah, who cares. WE'RE AWESOME! And just for that, you unlocked Free Play for all my missions. That means you can play as any character you want. Play them again in free play, and maybe you'll get some sweeter loot. 

Mission 14: Gotta Derp 'em All

Description: Team up with Adam to defeat all the characters and turn them into derps.

Rewards: Adam (Alt.) Trophy, Derp Trophy, and 900 Gold.

Intro: *Trickster and Adam are in the middle of fighting but stop.* (Trickster) is it just me? Or does it fill a lot less Derpy around here? (Adam) Same here. I've also been losing my derpyness! (Trickster) we've got to turn everyone into to derps! (Adam) Yus!

Outro: (Trickster) Welp, everyone is now a derp. (Adam) Horray!, so do you wanna get Ice Cream now? (Trickster) Sure.

(Insert your own missions here if you want. Whoever you want can narrate them.)

Final Smash Trophy Descriptions

Adam's Bulborb Ride

Description: Adam comes down with a Bulborb bigger than the screen and he's in a hunting season for YOU! Kiss your butt goodbye, your ded.

Origin: Pikmin, 2001

Shadow's Dance Move

Shadow will begin Dancing a random dance from either a Quickstep, Samba, or a Jive. The Quickstep does repeat damage, samba deals a lot of damage, and Jive kicks you in the air and Shadow kicks you again and again.

Origin; Dancing With The Stars, 2005

Stoney's War God Mode

Description: Ripped straight from Medaka's fourth trump card, hair turns fluorescent red and loses his sense of humanity. A form achieved from under heavy emotional stress, however in this case, it was at will. You best be begging for forgiveness, because he might forgive you... MIGHT!

Origin: Medaka Box, 2009

Royalheap and the Meme Team

Description: Royalheaps final smash. He will call ten meme team members including a guest cameo from shrek, and they will all jump around the stage, throw report bombs, and dive at people. Royal cant move while the meme team is attacking, and he is still vulnerable, so watch out!

Origin: Meme Team, 2014

Whatever's Laser Eyes

Description: Through excessive staring, Whatever obtained the ability of shooting lasers out of her eyes. It is extremely long-range and a KO is almost guaranteed, so fighters in the direction Whatever is facing when her Final Smash is used are doomed. However, it is possible to jump behind her one second before, when her eyes glow but the Final Smash is not yet used. Use that to your advantage!

Origin: Original

Sakuraichu's Raichu

Sakuraichu's closest friend, his Raichu, is sent out of her Poke Ball and attacks opponents. She uses Surf, Volt Tackle, Signal Beam and Volt Switch. There is no stopping her. She starts it with a surf, followed by a volt tackle, then a signal beam before finishing off the opponents with a volt switch, if it hasn't killed them already. He then goes back in her Poke Ball.

Origin: Pokémon, 1996

Dr Sakuraichu's appointment

Dr Sakuraichu grabs whoever is infront of him, takes their pants off and gives them a violent prostate exam. You don't get to see this.

Origin: Smashverse 3DS, 2014

This Guy's Goodra Beam

When This Guy grabs a Smash Ball, his Goomy will evolve into a Goodra, even though that's impossible. But who cares? Once he fires the beam, you can aim it up or down, and any opponents will be caught in the blast. After he's done, he'll turn back into a regular Goomy again. The developers clearly didn't do their research.

Origin: Pokémon X and Y, 2013

Haipna's Possession

Haipna's powers go beyond hypnosis, but she can't control them yet. One of her hidden powers are activated as her eyes go completely blank, and in a flash, she possesses all players on the battlefield. This lets her control all the actions of another character. KO'ing another character with a possessed one will give Haipna a point, and so will making the possessed fighter self-destruct. As mysteriously as it appears, it wears off, so make use of it quickly.

Origin: Original

Pico x Chico x Coco

Pico summons Chico and Coco for an ultimate.... is THIS an attack? Er... apparently, sex is an attack now.. They release powerful soundwaves arter a while... just... cover your ears.. or else.. oh, never mind. It breaks shields in a flash, too.

Origin: Boku No Pico 3

Irresistible Thrust

Leo Luster performs a powerful hip thrust. While he does this, the entire stage explodes, also spiking down opponents in the air.


Origin: Donkey Kong Country

Bala's Quest of Heroes

Bala pulls out a laptop and drawing tablet or a notebook and pencil and begins to sketch. A rapid barage of attacks, similar to Pit's final smash, come from the characters of a story Bala wrote: The Quest of Heroes. 


(Attacks [in order]: First, Archie shoots homing arrows, Alan throws quick fireballs before dashing across the screen, Software fires lasers, Shock calls down lightning bolts from the sky, the Earth Lord sends rocks hurling toward nearby enemies, Aquice freezes the nearest foe, the Missing Evolution bashes the frozen opponent with his hammer, Brendan creates a tornado to that flies across the screen, and finally, Thorn creates giant spikes in the center of the stage.)

TELLMEMORE's Tellmeday

A clone of Shulk's Final Smash. TELLMEMORE transforms into Super TELLMEMORE and calls Perico and Byahkee to beat the players out of the stage.

Origin: Original.

Origin: The Quest of Heroes, 2013


Description: Trickster glows with his power of the element of laughter, and rises to the center of the stage. He yells, 'No more unfunny things!' and shoots large smiley face made of energy from the True Memenado! These faces bounce off the stage and edges of the screen for twenty seconds. Dodge or reflect them into your enemies!

Origin: Original content, suckas!

Player One

The Rush Super Adaptor can transform the user in a powerful killing Machine: Player One does that! He'll wear the Rush Super Adapter and can fly infinitely and launch powerful shots.

Origin: NES-Wii, 1986-2010.

Octagon Laser

It's an octagon that shoots lasers from it's fantastic sides, isn't it gr8, m8?

Alan's Electric Ghost Slice

Alan asks Pichu/Pikachu to electrify his blade, and deals a massive slash to his right, while George the gengar shoots shadow balls at his left, dealing extra damage!

Origin: God of Pichu, 1987-20XX

Forever's Laser Eyes

The same as Whatever's Final Smash. The only difference is that when Forever uses it, hearts surround it.

Origin: Original

Chris and Blanca Magic Teamup

Chis's final smash calls Blanca to charge at a enemy and knock them up, the player is then repeatedly shocked, frozen burned, poisoned, and cut by Chris and Blanca. it is a really strong one. so strong that it insta KOs the enemy!

Origin: Original

SSJ Nerd Super Sayain

SSJ Nerd's final smash is a strong attack that does 35% per hit and will K.O. in 3 hits.

Origin: Dragon Ball Z: The non-exsistant episodes.

Character Trophy Descriptions

Add Origins Pls.

  • Player One

Description: A 13-year old boy who gets angry quickly. Despiste this, he's a good guy, and he knows alot about technology. He loves Mega Man and the Robot Masters. His arsenal is made of Robot Master weapons.

Origin: Miiverse, 2014. 

  • Shadow

Description: A sassy 14 year old who knows how to get to the bottom of things, Who isn't afraid of making a few enemies along the way. Really likes Jesus and his philiosiphy is this "If Jesus created us, why wouldn't he create a dislike button??" His final smash summons his friends and Waifu gets bigger and bigger until he explodes, while they rack up damage. Wears trademark Blue oversized glasses and is a Miiverse God.

  • Bala

Description: Bala, "Shokio's Benchwarmer", is the Ridley Hater we all (except most Ridley supporters) respect . Bala is an Ace Attorney fanboy. He uses his expertise to debate with Finn and Ridley fans of all ages. Whenever he does what he perceives as winning a debate, this arrogant egotist exercizes his bragging rights far beyond the socially accpetable limit.

Origin: Bala The Hedgehog (2009)

  • Trickster

Description: Little is known about who or what the Trickster is, but he seems to be always laughing and trying to make people happy, even if that means having a little fun with them. In battle, he utilizes his suit, which looks like an orange and blue superhero costume. He wields his mysterious cape, and rubber chickens. Now that doesn't sound intimidating, but beware, they explode!

  • Whatever

Description: Whatever spends most of her time eating, sleeping, and playing video games. She dons an uncaring exterior, but this is not the real her at all. She just never exposes the real her.

Origin: Miiverse, 2014

  • Adam

Description: Adam is your average Miiverse user with some sense of humor. He dose'int get that much popularity but he still gets into the newest memez and follows along. His favorite franchise is Pikmin and he shares some moves with the main character of the game, Captain Olimar.

  • DivineThought

Description: DivineThought is a huge gamer/nintendo fan, owning a Xbox 360, Wii U, 3ds, and a average PC gamer. He is mostly a Call of Duty player, as hinted by his moveset being based off MLG montages, but has admitted to not liking it and getting more into Nintendo. He has many costumes and uses them for his alternate costumes.

  • CaliburTek

Description: Calibur is some Huge Earthbound and Homestuck Fan he's 14. He very sympathic and nice. He goes through the world of Miiverse drawing being a Artist and Swordsman. He's friends with many users too! He even saved Ness's life before never seeing him ever again... He's on a journey to Adventure and Have Fun!

  • Mr.LuigiDude

Description: Luigi is just one WEIRDDDDD mothafucka. He's a HUGE Luigi fan, and even has a Luigi hat. He goes FUCKING BATSHIT if you put a plate of chicken wings in front of his face, so DON'T. EVER. DO ET. FEGUT. Anyway, his adventures through the wondeful world of the Mushroom Kingdom are very wonderous, hell, once he even got Luigi to sign his hat himself! He gained powers to throw fireballs by his training with Luigi during his various travels of the Mushroom Kingdom. He gained Cap Throw powers by throwing a cap..... Yeah....


Description: Tellance M. Morgan, AKA Tellmemore and Telly for friends, is a very weird guy who wants peeps tell him more. He's very desperate, he even created the Tellmedays to make people tell him more. Tellmemore is anything but sarcastic, he really wants people to tell him their opinion, specially when they want Ridley, Shadow, Mona/Ashley and Failsy Daisy for smash. He has a legendary sword, called the Tellmesword, and only Nhatatroll can destroy it. He also has powers to transform into SuperTellmemore, in that form he is more powerful and their wishes to know moar increment (even moar). Tellmemore can also transform his arms in cannons and stuffz. In this game, however, only transforms into SuperTellmemore in his final smash.

  • This Guy

Description: Guy Goomington, or This Guy for short, is a derp artist and loyal follower of Goomism. He enjoys spamming random shet on the Smash Community/Zelda Community, and sometimes drawing comics. He once found himself stranded on an island populated by Platypi, but using the magical power of red bacon, he conquered them and became the Platypus King. Toadette is his waifu.

  • Nostalgic

Description: Nostalgic, the creator of the cancelled Miiverse movie and the main antagonist against Finn, is a reviewer who deeply hates Breadwinners. He has a deep hatred among the Zelda fans who banned him, and seek revenge. He also wants to avenge those who got banned, and those who draw stuff you normally see on Deviantart. 

  • Tom

Description: Tom is just your average Miiverse user, and somehow he found his way into Smashverse. He decided to stay, and he got a lot stronger, just to compete! He hates the Ridley beggars. He is also in Smashverse 3DS.

  • Sakuraichu

Description: He is an 11 year old kid with sunglasses and headphones. He illegally carries a knife, seen in some of his moves.

  • Dr Sakuraichu

Description: Dr Sakuraichu is a junior doctor from the 3DS version. He is similar to Sakuraichu, but he uses different weapons and is much more powerful. His equipment slows him down and makes him heavier, and he is incredibly powerful.

Origin: Smashverse 3DS, 2014

  • Virtuality

Description: A machine created to lead a machine army in the small town, Bismark. He was also programmed to act like a person.

  • Dr.Eggman (VGCGreg)

Description: The antagonist of the Sonic Series. He created a Universe jumper and jumped to the world of Miiverse, the weirdest world of all. He is now friends with many users, but hopes to get back to his world someday. He also created a robot named Dr.Fakeman.

  • IvoEggman

Description: The greatest scientific genius on earth, IvoEggman used to be enemies with VGCGreg, but now are allies. He happen to create the Egg Dimension, the best place in the multiverse, but Bigley helped him land on Miiverse. Sakurai is his uncle and Eggurai is his long lost cousin who got trapped in Miiverse. He wants to go back to his word one day.

  • Haipna

Description: A small girl with the power to hypnotize others. Quick and energetic. She has strong magic and projectile attacks, but her clumsiness makes her physical moves awfully weak with little to no knockback.

  • Mr Dew and Doritos

Description: A 2D soldier from an alternate world. He has come to represent the MLG community, scrubs....

  • Travis B

Description: A Young Boy with PSI Power thats very powerful , Hes Quick , and Likes to be off topic

  • Stoney

Description: Just your average user with a ton of people to hang with. He also can control and tranform at will. He is more mature than your average user, who would be like "MAH UPINUN IZ DA RITE JAUN!" he is aware of people being different. (Unlike most people) He does respect opinions, just not the ones where the asshat claims it as pure fact. He likes Dragon Ball and most other anime. Just don't piss him off, ya hear?

  • Miiverse Admin

Description: The super strict and deadly artificial being with the sole purpose of eliminating trouble. Watch out! It moves quickly and can ban your moves!

  • Blast

Description: A 12 year old with long-as-hell hair. He/she carries a sniper rifle, a totally legit Monado and a jetpack. He/she is one of the few Ridley Supporters who respects anti-Ridley's opinions. Blast is like a glass cannon, insane attack, but shitty defense. Also, NO-ONE KNOWS HIS/HER GENDER.

  • Alan

Description: A young boy that stays on miiverse a lot instead of having a normal social life, during most of his quests, he hangs out with Pikachu, but, because the Pichu king wanted to be in, forces Alan to go with him(Pikachu's still an alt. tho). Alan uses his sacred sword, Ze Swoard to slice opponents and the help of the dark one, Gengar to stun opponents, but if they are too close at the right time, they'll be sent flying!

  • Toon Alan

Description: Also known as Toony, is the younger, cartoonish version of Alan that for some odd reason has a nose, he serves two people whom he is VERY afraid of, the Pichu king, and someone he calls "Queenie" so she doesn't kill him. Toony is literally a clone of Alan, he even has almost all of his alt. costumes, but he's considerably faster and lighter than Alan.

  • Forever

A happier and more optimistic form of Whatever from an alternate universe, Forever tries to see the good in everyone and everything. She knows too much happiness is never a bad thing, but only in the right situations.

Origin: IDK

  • Chris The Stick

A super fun loving character who lives in a ms paint world! He has been known for being a true gamer and loves hanging with his buds. Blanca is his girlfriend. Chris knows magic. he was tought by his girlfrend.

Origin: Chris The Stick Adventures (Youtube Series)

  • SSJ Nerd

A usually mad and cranky 13 year old that has been blessed with Super Sayain powers. He got them by all the times he was no scoped. He is known for hating Shadow.

Origin: Early 2013

Item Trophy Descriptions

Blue Shell

Description: This item is well known for breaking Friendships in Mario Kart and it's the same thing here. When a fighter throws it, it'ill target another random fighter.

Origin: Mario Kart 64, 1996

Super Horn

Description: Might as well call it God Horn because it can kill the Blue Shell. With a single blast it can DEMOLISH anything/one in it's way. It's like Meta Knight in Brawl but in item form!

Origin: Mario Kart 8, 2014

Smash Ball

Grab this thing and unleash your final smash! This is a very devistating item.

Origin: Super Smash Bros. Brawl, 2008



Stage BGM

  • Stoney- A rock for Irony.
  • Sakuraichu - Sunglasses
  • Whatever/Forever- A plunger
  • Trickster- His grin
  • Shadow- A Disco Ball
  • Bala/Dark Bala- a flame that's actually Bala's head (pictured on the right)
  • Adam- Similar to Olimar's, only with a derp face in the middle.
  • This Guy- a winged Goomy
  • Potato- His "Love is Potato" gun, complete with french fries on the keychain.
  • Mr.LuigiDude- Luigi's stache.
  • Chris The Stick- Firework
  • Jandel- MLG Mushroom
  • SSJ Nerd - Jontron

Credit Themes

In Classic Mode, when you get to the credits a theme will play depending on what character you choose. Sakuraichu explained this in the Smashverse Thread.

Regional differences

  • Sakuraichu is called Jack in Japanese versions of the game and Dr Sakuraichu is called Professor Jack. This is a mistake as he should be called Dr Jack.
  • The PAL version of the game has no trophies for some reason. It is believed the translation team got lazy.
  • 3Spooky5me was named 'spooky skelitin' in the Spanish version. This was a mistake in translation, as the spanish translators felt it more appropriate.
  • Dark Bala is named 'Black Bala' in the japanese version, but changed to 'Dark' in most other reigons to avoid racial controversy.
  • Stoney's final smash in the Japanese version is changed to 'super saiyan' and his hair was recolored yellow.
  • For obvious reasons, This Guy's Goomy is named "Numera" in the Japanese version, because that's his Japanese name. This Guy was also mistranslated as "The Guy" in the German version of the game.
  • Player One's Final Smash is called "Super Rush" in Europe, and "Rush Fusion" in Japanese.
  • In Spanish speaking reigons, Bala is  called "Bullet" but Dark Bala is "Sombrío Bala". This is because (unrelatedly) bala is the spanish word for bullet. Dark Bala's bala isn't changed because his themes are hispanic. Sombrío also translates to "shadowed".
  • In the Japanese version, Adam's Alt. (Pikmin & Adam) pose is Olimar's in SSBB. In the Amercian version, its Olimar's pose in SSB4.
  • In every other regions besides America CaliburTek's name is Cal.
  • In the North American version of the game, Chris the stick's Anime Fan costume must be unlocked to wear. But in the Japanese version, the costume is already unlocked but the unlockable is switched to the MLG Suit
  • The Leo Luster songs are dubbed in japanese in the Japan version
  • Wings has a diffrent color sceme in Japan and Europe. Wings yellow feathers are darker and his feet are orage instead of brown black. This was to avoid conflict with Nintendo. In all regions, his limbs are more stretched out, a diffrent face, and diffrent anatomy. Again, to avoid copyright.
  • In the Danish, Finnish, Swedish, and Icelandic releases of Smashverse, Trickster is referred to as 'Loki' and has Ice effects to many attacks, as well as his default costume being a green outfit with a Ram's horn helmet, while his usual outfit is an alt.

Cut content

  • There is an unused stage based on Farquadd's kingdom in the game's data. Farquadd appears as a boss but is horribly glitchy and the model is incomplete, as it is wireframe.
  • Darkchu is playable by hacking the game as he was originally playable, but was replaced with Dr Sakuraichu. The developers said that Darkchu was too generic and felt like they should make Doctorchu their disk-locked Sakuraichu clone.
  • There are several unfinished characters, which include Tom (the admin. He was planned but was changed to the role of a boss), Sanic, Expand Dong, Masahiro Sakurai, Shokio (later changed to a boss), Farquadd (included as a trophy), Mewtwo (changed to an item), Shofu (later changed to a boss), Fatley and the mysterious character NOTPLAY. All of them except NOTPLAY can be played by hacking, but they can only use their jabs. Using any other type of move will crash your system and erase your game data. You also have to switch off the console at the wall as the power button won't work.
  • NOTPLAY is nothing more than a texture of a completely black Shrek with Bigley's beak and wings. Using him will distort every model in the game, remove the KO lines, make items do nothing and remove all DLC characters from the roster. He uses a random moveset from another character every time you play as him. He is believed to be a fighter that the developers ended up completely breaking.
  • There are several unused tracks in the game's data. These include Groose's theme (later replaced with Gotta Go Fast, the theme of Sakuraichu's wall), Ridley's Super Metroid theme (high pitched version) and a bunch of Linkin Park and MLG parody songs.
  • This has made many believe Rachi is on the way as Rachi is edgy and is MLG. Others believe that Dank Pit is a possible DLC character. Evidence against this is that there iis no trace of them anywhere in the code as every other DLC character is disk-locked.
  • There's evidence in the game's code that suggests Samus was gonna be playable. There is unused artwork and a model left in the game's code for her and even an unused special outro screen against ridley. It is possible to hack her back in, but she crashes the game if you beat classic or all-star mode with her, as no trophy was made for her, thus it's impossible to get her trophy.
  • Some unused models show the Adam was going to be a clone of Mii Brawler. This makes much more sense because most of Adam's animations are similar to Mii Brawler's.
  • In an interview with IGN it was revealed that Drek was planned to be a playable character who would be a mix of Shrek and Bigley but they broke him. Many believe NOTPLAY is Drek's remains.
  • An unused voice clip can be found of the announcer saying "EVILZ Guy!". This seems to suggest that This Guy's evil clone EVILZ Guy was once playable, instead of an alt. He was most likely replaced with Dr. This Guy.
  • A file named "p1-copy" was found. Hacking it into the game reveals that Mega Man was going to be Player One's rival in Rival Smash, instead of the copy bot. There's also clips for Player One saying "BEAT!" "Gemini Laser!" and "Spark Shot!", along with a new dialogue, which it's literally the Mega Man Powered Up Copy Mega Man's dialogue. His costumes were going to be the ACTUAL robot masters, instead of costumes. Finally, a file for Time Stopper was found.
  • Travis was suppose to use PK Gaming but it was cut since it was too powerful
  • Stoney was originally going to use the death note in his moveset, but was cut due to being too OP.
  • Captain Awesome was originally to be a playable character, but was changed to an alt for Bala. The Captain's moveset revolved around switching both power and weapon, and he was cut because it was too hard to program.
  • Sakuraichu was originally going to be able to transform in to Mysteriouschu. Mysteriouschu would be incredibly quick and use a knife in every one of his moves. The developers felt like creating a Sakuraichu clone instead, though. Another scrapped idea for Sakuraichu's moveset was his final smash, where he would transform in to Superchu.
  • The Lone Player chapter was intended to start in a building, similar to Mega Man 2
  • There's unused audio clips for Stoney of him saying "Spirit Gun!" and "There's no need for trouble." The former was a possible removed move and the later was most likely either a taunt or an unused line in the story.

Character trailer scripts

Attack of the clones! (Trailer for all the clones)



You can collect stickers by random, completing game modes, or by buying DLC. Each character will get stickers related to him/her.


  • Adam
  • Cartoon Adam
  • Derp Star
  • Derp Rod
  • Sword of Derp
  • Olimar
  • Pikmin (Each Color)
  • Bulborb

Bala/Dark Bala



  • A grin
  • Trickster's winking face
  • A Trickster mask
  • The Memenado
  • A ram-horn helmet
  • Trickster as Loki (Nordic release only)


This Guy/Dr. This Guy



  • Bigley was teased in this game as a shadow on Bigley field, causing people to believe that he is a boss, however he became playable.
  • Some of the characters are also on the 3DS version.
  • While ROB0Bard was put in this version, The Bard is in 3DS. They have identical movesets, and each one is the other's secondary alt.
  • It was shown in a leak that Duckness Hunt will be in the game as DLC.
  • Shokio is the Master Hand of this game, he's the final boss in Classic Mode on difficulty 5.0 and below. He'll be paired up with Shofu at 5.0 - 7.0, and Gazpacho Ban as the Master Core of this game.
  • Shrek is unlocked by beating All-Star mode on difficulty 10.0. Smash Mouth's All Star plays as you fight Shrek.
  • Max from Total Drama was leaked as DLC for this game, although it was proven fake by butthurt anti Total Drama kids.
  • There is now a Wikia for this game
  • It was also leaked Adam's custom Up B 3 will get a DLC costume.
  • Whatever's voice may change depending on which alt you choose. The Bowser form has Bowser's SSB4 voice clips, WalkableChaff26 is silent, and I<3urpants says nothing but "I like your pants."
  • Sakuraichu requires beating story mode on 10.0 difficulty to unlock. His unlock stage is Final Destination, but the music is Darude - Sandstorm. He also has the worst grabs in the game.
  • Bigley is the biggest character that is playable.
  • There is a glitch on Sakuraichu's wall with Shrek's brogre summon. If Shrek summons a brogre where an admin is about to spawn, attack ends the match and every character is replaced by whoever player 2 was playing as until you restart the game.
  • Smashverse Wii U was in the Guiness World Records of 2015 for longest story in video game history
  • A real Smashverse game is being developed. It is called Super Smashverse.
  • Toony is stated to originate from miiverse, yet he originates from Call of Pichu, in 20XX.
  • Richie is the first character to go from 3ds to Wii u in smashverse
  • After buying the 3DS clone characters pack, holding Y for 10 seconds when the cursor is on a story mode level with Sakuraichu playable switches him with Dr Sakuraichu. Cutscenes are unchanged, however.
  • Bala's rival was originally Stoney, and their intro had them debating abour Ridley. 

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