Smashers Timeline

This is a timeline for Smashers and events related to the Smash Bros, Zelda, Wii Fit U, and New Super Luigi U Communities.

Feel free to add events to the timeline that might have been missed or are very recent. Don't add any minor or fake events.

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June 2013

  • June 11th, 2013 - The Super Smash Bros. Series Community launches and becomes popular and the community is filled with a mix of on-topic and off-topic posts. The off-topic posters and trolls of the community would later nickname themselves "Smashers" sometime during 2013.

July 2013

  • Mid-july - Talon begins posting his rants in the smash community.
  • July 20th, 2013 - BonkinHead joins Miiverse

August 2013

  • August 6th, 2013 - BonkinHead makes his infamous quote, "That looks like Minecraft why is he putying minecraft in here". BonkinHeads quote became popular on Miiverse and is featured on sites and YouTube videos such as Bad Miiverse Posts.
  • August 25, 2013 - Giga Gamby releases his first Worst Posts on Miiverse video, which features posts from the Smash Bros and YouTube communities.

October 2013

  • October 31st, 2013- Swapnote's Spotpass features are permanently shut down. Many complain in both the SSB and YTC communities.

November 2013

  • November 18th, 2013 - Hatty joins Miiverse and becomes the first non-artist to become extremely popular.

December 2013

  • December 9th, 2013 - Miiverse is implemented to the 3DS. An influx on new users join the Smash Bros Community.
  • December 25th 2013 - As Christmas sets in, a new band of users join and are called "noobs" by many Miiverse veterans in the Smash Bros Series Community.


January 2014

  • January 19th, 2014 - The Bigley meme is created and becomes very popular with the Smash Series Community.

February 2014

  • Throughout February 2014 - The Miiverse Presidential Elections in the Smash Series Community are created for fun. Mr. Left hosts the elections and many Smashers and users from other communities enter. Hatty wins at the end of the elections

April 2014

  • April 1st, 2014 - The Anti-Shrek Alliance is formed to stop Shrek. Many users take part in April fools day and some utterly fail.
  • April 23rd, 2014 - The 3 minute comment Restriction is added to Miiverse after a new update. An organization named United Miis was created to get rid of it.

June 2014

  • June 5th, 2014 - E3 2014 community is launched. Many trolls and Smashers from the Smash Community join the E3 2014 Community. A group known as the PS nation becomes infamous for creating flame wars in the E3 2014 Community.
  • June 6th, 2014 - Eggverse starts.
  • June 10th, 2014 - E3 2014 begins, discussions and flame wars become more common. RichardCar and some other users create a flame with PS nation.
  • June 17th, 2014 - Trollurai starts a rumor that Miiverse is shutting down. Frungledrum makes the first popular Space Jam post
  • June 25th, 2014 - the user IvoEggman joins and creates the Eggimension/Eggverse Empire, Heropon creates the Smashy Club and takes in people from Miiverse, a user named Fezziadus joins and recruits YoungAndy, etc. and starts the "Guardians Of Miiverse".
  • June 27th, 2014 - The Admin War Begins, "Guardians Of Miiverse" fall and Fezziadus leaves, YoungAndy rebuilds Guardians, CIS is formed.
  • June 29th, 2014 - The Great Separatist Alliance was created, Fezziadus returns

July 2014

  • July 2014 - The annoucement of the Admin War is schueduled. Many clans and trolls prepare July 10th for an all out war against the admins
  • July 7th, 2014 - The E3 2014 Community is shut down
  • July 10th, 2014 - The Admin War ends, primarily due to nothing happening.

August 2014

  • August 3rd, 2014 - Sakurai's birthday is celebrated by many users in the Smash Bros Series Community.
  • August 29th, 2014 - Shulk is revealed to be playable in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, Miiverse begins to really feel it.

September 2014

  • Throughout September - Smashers discuss a rumor about the Smash Series Community possibly being shut down after the release of Super Smash Bros For 3DS. Many Smashers wonder what will happen and where they will go if the Smash Community gets shut down.
  • September 8th, 2014 - A user named ViridiFan finds a glitch in the Kid Icarus Uprising community and posts pictures of himself (naked) to Miiverse.
  • September 9th, 2014 - The Eggverse is officially disbanded.
  • September 27th, 2014 - A user known as Marioman57 becomes popular on Miiverse for making posts with swear words in them and talking about a robot called "The Mega Fuckatron".

October 2014

  • October 2nd, 2014 - The Super Smash Bros. Series Community is shut down and becomes the new Super Smash Bros For 3DS Community. Many Smashers either attempt staying in the Smash 3DS or community or try to find a new community to post in.
  • October 5th, 2014 - The Meme Team is formed.
  • October 2nd-7th, 2014 - The Volleyball Community is used as a temporary off-topic community, as proposed by Rosaline. Alyssa becomes popular with her Scarf Heroes meme and transports the off-topic posters to the Zelda Community.
  • October 11th, 2014 - Cold Midna gets into a massive debate with Duckness, and promtly loses. Both her and Duckness get banned. Cold Midna dissapears for quite some time but continues to ban people in secret.
  • October 13th, 2014 - Eggurai and PS4 GAMER$ defend the Smashers and created a army called the Smash Army. Cold Midna comes back, but gets banned almost immediately thanks to various Smasher clans.
  • October 14th, 2014 - Dr. James alters his appearance to that of a cute girl and obtains the role as leader of the New Dred Army. He begins recruiting people to take down Cold Midna for good. Eventually, he renames the group to Supreme Dred Army.
  • October 19th-20th, 2014 - Sheepy starts the Mass Debate meme. She received her first-ever ban not long after.

November 2014

  • November 1st, 2014 - Zelda fans try to take back their community but fail. Few users on both sides are banned.
  • November 9th, 2014 - The Leo Luster meme is created.
  • November 15th, 2014 - Miiverse After Dark is revived. Alyssa clones and imposters begin to appear more rapidly than AradiaBots. The United Miis officially disband. The Confederation of Miiverse is formed. Stefan and Mr.LuigiDude create the Too Many Cooks meme.
  • November 20th, 2014 - The Smashers attempt to move back to the Smash Community but it is a failure. Many of them are split apart and don't know what to do. Rosaline and Alyssa prepare to rally other users for second migration.
  • November 24th, 2014 - Reports of NeoTeam NightStar is starting to false report the Smashers again. A user named T-Man discovered a glitch in Smash Bros. for Wii U which makes characters flat and disfigured.

December 2014

  • December 2nd, 2014 - The Ghetto Caillou meme is created
  • December 4th, 2014 - IvoEggman recreates the new Eggverse Empire. Six members already joined.
  • December 5th, 2014 - Sakurai unveils the final Pic of the Day. Sakurai ends his smash screenshots, as the game is released in Japan.
  • December 7th, 2014 - The Gnome Sollux meme is started by Nootle and Sapphique, and dies within one hour.
  • December 13th, 2014 - A prank is played on the Zelda community, convincing users that many accounts had been hacked.
  • December 24th, 2014 - Raiden and the Zelda users convinces Rosaline to move, so he offically gathers the Smashers to move to the Wii Fit U Community. Many Smashers leave the Zelda community.


January 2015

  • January 2nd, 2015 - Cold Midna makes a return and gloats over the Hylians' victory against the Smashers. Dr. James finds her super secret hideout and tells everyone. A small-scale scrimmage occurs between the two sides until Cold Midna and Dr. James calm everyone down and discuss declaring peace. Mr. Up arrives, and the three survivors declare A true peace between LoZ and the Smashers.
  • January 4th, 2015 - The Luigi Massacre of 2015 occurs. Separatist Smashers make off-topic posts and drawings of Luigi in the Zelda community. The rogues leave the community alone later in the day due to Zelda fans banning them.
  • January 5th, 2015 - King Adam starts the Bob the Builder redesign meme.
  • January 19th, 2015 - A rumor that Miiverse is shutting down in April spreads around Miiverse. Abby-Chan starts a Miiverse Prom RP, and over 40 people join. All goes well until the YouTube Community trolls raid. Eventually, the post gets deleted, and an argument erupts between the Youtubers and Smashers.
  • January 24th, 2015 - Darth Sidious(user) and many other Smashers find out about a clan called The Sages that want the Smashers in the Wii Fit U community gone.
  • January 31st, 2015 - Dr.Eggman jokes about restarting Eggverse. Several people ask if they can join, and another others seem interested. Eggman considers recreating Eggverse.

February 2015

  • February 2nd, 2015 - The YouTube Community users raid the Wii Fit U community again for another Prom.
  • February 3rd, 2015 - Nick causes an argument in the Wii Fit U Community after making several posts about how the new Smashers are not funny and aren't real Smashers.
  • February 4th, 2015 - Digit03 supposedly false reported Smashers, even though he claims to be reporting them for hateful/ bullying content.
  • Febuary 8th, 2015 - Tt reveales that Digit is trying to get the Youtube Community to raid the Wii Fit U Community for unknown reasons. The Wii Fit U community prepares for yet another invasion. Some Smashers move again, but others stay at the Wii Fit U Community and wait to see what happens. Some of the smashers moves to the Ufouria: Saga Community, however they all soon left once they discoverd that Digit found the community. Later on the same day Digit was banned.
  • February 20th 2015 - Boxhead gets console banned, which results in the alts she made for Dov, Sabrina, Blast and Chozo-X to get banned.
  • February 21st 2015 - Dr. Eggman announces that he'll not recreate Eggverse, due to him being busy.
  • February 22nd, 2015 - IvoEggman offically annouces that he'll disband the Eggverse Empire.
  • February 27th, 2015 - SkyShaymin draws a picture on the Wii Fit U Community. For a brief moment, insults are flung at him.
  • February 28th, 2015 - A small group of smashers invade the Zelda Series community and try to re-take it. This went on throughout the afternoon.

March 2015

  • March 6th, 2015 - Due to Meme Team becoming inactive, many active Meme Teamers propose a new group. The name Six Squad is proposed.
  • March 8th, 2015 - The Villager outbreak happens, when many users in the Wii Fit U Community changed their Miis to Animal Crossing villagers. They yeah-bombed every post they saw to get people's notifications full of Villager Miis, and did so in the Wii Fit U and YouTube communities. The Villagers also made spam posts in the Wii Fit U and YouTube communities.
  • March 9th, 2015 - The Great War of Eggs vs. Pies happens in the Wii Fit U Community. Totodile is the captain of the Pie team, while Dr.Eggman (VGCGreg) is the captain of the Egg team. The argument was about which was better, Eggs or pie, and the event lasted almost the entire day and neither side won.
  • March 13th, 2015 - Digit03 plans to report the Smashers for posting off-topic in the Wii Fit U Community unless they leave. News spreads around and eventually half of the Smashers leave for the European Wii Fit U Community. The other half stays, believing Digit will not be satisfied even if they leave. Since the Smashers on the European Wii Fit U Community don't want to lose half of their group, they rejoin the Smashers in the American Community.
  • March 14th, 2015 - Digit03 starts reporting, and Smashers retreat to the Volleyball Community. Some stay behind, believing they can stand up to Digit. A mysterious user named Warrior starts false reporting popular Smashers, but is later reported by Sakuraichu and banned.
  • March 16th, 2015 - Warrior false reports Rosaline, angering many Smashers. The Smashers attempt to report-bomb warrior to get him banned. There was a rumor that Digit03 hacked Nintendo's admin system and got in big trouble, but it turned out to be false.
  • March 21st, 2015 - Warrior threatens the smashers again. "Something is being planned. On April 5th, All you smashers hold dear will be gone". A user by the name of Parkraft123 attempts to host another miiverse prom, but it soon dies out due to no one caring anymore. Later that evening, Joey announces that Alyssa was just a persona, created by him. This spreads to LMR chat, which causes an uproar. With Cheratolot and a few other users assuming that the information would be spilled, it certainly was. Vader, Quantus X's Miiverse, announced it. A few other LMR and Miiverse users confirmed this, starting drama that went on throughout the evening. Some assumed this was correct, others denied it, some were enraged. Later on, in between the drama, the smashers started the "Guys, I was secretly ______ all along!" meme.

April 2015

  • April 1st, 2015 - A Nintendo Direct is comfirmed and everyone on Miiverse gets hyped, during the direct tons of Smash DLC news is revealed including a Smash Ballot to vote for a future DLC character; everyone on Miiverse starts posting their ideas and what character they voted for. (Most of which being Goku and Shrek requests) The 1st N64 and DS VC Miiverse communities launch.
  • April 5th, 2015 - Happy Easter and International Sanic Day (Made by the Smashers)! Talk about the Easter Mewtwo begins. Warrior's threat to the Smashers is a bluff. Javi makes a user named Shrek1IsMyPsword for people to post off-topic stuff, and makes 4 of them but they all get banned.
  • April 6th, 2015 - Count Dooku announces he will recreate the CIS on April 15th. Thanos comes back to make peace with the enemies he made while trying to ban everyone. Thanos also learns that Warrior is planning to create chaos between the LoZ and WFU communities. Aubuscus returns the Arrow meme on the Wii Fit U community, making mostly a success while also making some of the Smashers hate him, but very few leave the Smashers because of this. Smashers make today "International give your password and perma banned day", due to the fact that many users are giving away their NNID password and getting permanently banned by The Miiverse Administration. This trend was started by Shrek1IsMyPsword.
  • April 7th, 2015 - The Smashers predict that Warrior is planning to attack the Wii Fit U community, which ended up to be true. #WeWantToCommentOnDrBobsPosts becomes a meme, and Dr. Bob is heavily irritated by it, openly saying the meme wasn't true to himself. Javi gets consolebanned for creating Shrek5.
  • April 12th, 2015 - Some smashers try to move to the activity feed after getting annoyed with most of the memes in WFU, it didn't last very long though.
  • April 14th, 2015 - Many users in the Smash Bros Wii U/3DS community already start begging for Mewtwo codes. A new meme starts in the Wii Fit U community where users post fake Mewtwo codes that make three word phrases.
  • April 18, 2015 - A group of Smashers decide to raid Club Penguin's Icicle server. They each got accounts and met up at the dance club, hoping to find some users to troll, along with trolling the server.
  • April 20, 2015 - Mother 3's 9th birthday is celebrated by the fanbase. 4/20 occurs, weed is smoked, and snoops are dogged. A rumour begins that Tom from Nintendo is being replaced, and the "Tom gets replaced by ______" meme starts.
  • April 21, 2015 - Some Smashers consider moving from the Wii Fit U community because of the overabundance of drama and trolls.
  • April 27, 2015 - The pineapple meme begins in the LoZ Community, which attracts the attention of the Smashers who then join in on the meme. Many Zelda users and Smashers get threatend with reports later that night.

May 2015

  • May 8th 2015 - The Splatoon Global Testfire begins. One side of the Smashers starts a union made of Inkling mii's called Splashers, while the other side hops on the hate-wagon.
  • May 17th, 2015 - The user Cipher wants to cause trouble, Gabi suggests invading the Hylians, it gets out of control and breaks into war. Cipher stopped but Gabi and many bandwagoners kept going, causing Cold Midna to return and attempt to ban Gabi, Cipher, and every user that participated. The event lead to many Smashers being divided.
  • May 19th, 2015 - Digit makes a poll on LMR about whether the bandwagoners and new Smashers should be report-bombed or not; this causes users in the WFU community to panic and assume that LMR is report-bombing them, which is false but the drama still continues as users MonadoGuy, Whatever, and Robert suddenly start pulling Marioman57s to try and CB themselves and break their addiction to Miiverse. It is unknown if Digit actually report-bombed anyone during the chaos.
  • May 24th, 2015 - The Roosters invade WFU and start bashing the smashers. The Roosters were later confirmed to be Robert, Death-X and Jeff.
  • May 29th, 2015 - Splatoon and the Splatoon community is launched. Rumors started spreading that Eggverse planned on report bombing the Wii Fit U community, this turns out to be false as Eggverse never fully planned out everything yet. Eggverse started posting memes all night in WFU
  • May 30th, 2015 - the new Eggverse is offically disbanded. This is due to Dr. Eggman getting false reported. The group ends after nine days of operation.

June 2015

  • June 11th, 2015- Nintendo @E3 2015 community is launched.
  • June 21st, 2015 - Some user finds the YouTuber, Super Minecraft Kid, and he becomes a topic of discussion throughout the entire day.
  • June 22nd, 2015 - An invasion of the Legend of Zelda Community is carried out by a few members of the Wii Fit U Community.
  • June 24th, 2015 - Miiverse gets a new update, where users who are banned will have their alt accounts on the same console banned too. Many users from all different communities are outraged, resulting in leaving the Smashers by retiring to The Youtube Community or Activity Feed. Users start calling it Miiverse genocide. Some users start creating replacement sites such as WFURetreat, a Sub-Reddit titles Miiverse Smashers, Newverse, and Smasherverse.

July 2015

  • July 1st, 2015: A redesign for Miiverse is announced, introducing picture albums, the play journal, and the 30 posts and comments a day limit, even though some of these features may be changed in the future. Many users' jimmies are rustled, resulting in posts about leaving, and posts about the end of Smashers. Official details are still unknown.
  • July 6th, 2015 - Users assume that the update is the next day, and begin to make posts with the #MiiverseMemories tag for about 3-4 hours. Some users later discover that the update will take place at the end of the month, due to translating Tom's spanish post about the update.
  • July 12th, 2015 - Teh Gabe claims to have e-mailed Nintendo about the update and got news back that it axed Special Communities and introduced Custom Communities. He later admitted it was a cover-up and he actually hacked into Miiverse's code. The Wii Fit U Community fell into panic and argued about if he was telling the truth or not. Wii Fit U, YouTube, and The Legend of Zelda Communities say their goodbyes to Iwata.
  • July 21st, 2015 - Wii Fit U Community users stir up drama by saying the redesign would be released at 8:00 PM, which was later confirmed to be false.
  • July 24th, 2015 - Tom announces the redesign will happen on July 29th.
  • July 26th, 2015 - A verified user named P0tayters makes a post stating to stop talking about the redesign in his "Miiverse." People in WFU make a meme out of this. P0tayters finds out and likes the meme, and even makes a contest for the best 3 "I own this Miiverse!" drawings get download codes for his game, Tiny Galaxy.
  • July 27th, 2015 - Users share their favorite memories with "#MiiverseMemories" once again. Users in the Wii Fit U community also shout out to fellow Smashers who helped them, which gives birth to #FinalSmash.
  • July 28th, 2015 - The last day before the redesign strikes. Some smashers try to convince the Hylians to allow them to move to the Zelda Community temporarily. Count Dooku started a campaign back to Smash plan (which he got much support), incase he and the smashers wouldn't be able to stay in wfu. The Smashers conquer the Netflix community in hopes of finding a new home, but for a short while, many remained in WFU waiting to see if there community would be closed to player post only.
  • July 29th, 2015 - The redesign happens at about 4:30 A.M EST. As a result, the Invasion of Netfilx stops. People realize that you must disable comments on your previous post in order to create a new post. One of the only communities that didn't change was The Legend of Zelda Series Community. Most of the Smashers and some Youtubers move there.
  • July 30th, 2015 - Memes and posts from smashers still flooded the Zelda community, so Count Dooku planned with one of the Zelda Community Group leaders to make a deal where smashers could have there stay there legally without troubling the Hylians into reporting us. Fortunately they found a new community like old Miiverse, the New Super Luigi U community. And there may be even more out there, for the You Tube Community users to live in, and others wishing to escape this redesign.

August 2015

  • August 1st, 2015 - Some Miiverse users discovered that the Wii Sports Club Community and its clubs are unaffected by the redesign. Some of them suggested that it would be the new base for the Youtubers, while others conquered the clubs, which continues to this day.
  • August 11th, 2015 - A rumor that the earth will end on 9/23/15, from a meteorite, spreads in NSLU, and becomes a popular topic. Some people dismiss it saying it will not happen, while others get scared.
  • August 22th, 2015 - The YTCers raid the New Super Luigi U Community. Smashers move to the Japanese NSLU, but then move back in an hour.

September 2015

  • September 15th, 2015 - A Miiverse Election meme starts in the New Super Luigi U Community and dies down at the end of the day. Some took this seriously, while others complained about this meme.
  • September 17th, 2015 - Almost all Japanese Wii Sports Club communities have been conquered. Morimoto conquers 50 percent of all Japanese WSC communities.
  • September 23th, 2015 - The end of the world becomes a popular topic. Radmin follows a lot of other users under inappropriate usernames such as "I CUT NECK" and others. Radmin and all his alternate accounts, are soon reported.

October 2015

  • October 2nd, 2015 - Something about a glitch that enables you to have infinite posts becomes a well-known topic. Admins took notice of this and deleted posts relating to this subject.
  • October 3nd 2015 - NostalCritic and Spongehog get Smashers to make Leo Luster posts in Zelda Community to protest the 30 post limit this continues for 7 days.
  • October 7th, 2015 - Browser Miiverse gets a huge update, which includes ads. Many users dislike the update, while others are okay with it, because they have Adblock. However, they both rejoice that the infamous redesign banner is gone.
  • October 14th, 2015 - The YTC Split happened. The Youtube community separated into three communities. Commenting and Discussions are disabled in the European and Japanese communities. The old YTC page ceased to exist. Smashers thought it was the end of the YouTubers, But the YTC decides to raid the NSLUC and the Smashers are get annoyed by this, some Smashers try telling the YTC to invade the Zelda Community, but they didn't listen.
  • October 15th, 2015 - The Great Spaghetti Revolution takes place in Puerto Rico Club.
  • October 17th, 2015 - Lard Cow suggests moving communities due to the YTC, and this idea gets the community talking about it, some supporting moving and some against it. Demsey suggests the Japanese NSLU community, and a sizable group of Smashers move there, although everyone moves back the next day.
  • October 31st, 2015 - Halloween happens and most users change their Mii to "Spook" and having an orange shirt.

November 2015

  • November 8th, 2015 - A few Miiverse users raid the Lunchables wikia, causing an uproar on LMR and Miiverse. Later, many other Miiverse users start raiding and vandalizing other wikis and soon get globally blocked from Wikia.
  • November 10th, 2015 - Nintendo announces a Nintendo Direct on November 12 and many gets excited.
  • November 12th, 2015 - The Nintendo Direct happens and virtually all users posted about this while the Direct was streaming.
  • November 13th, 2015 - Paris, France gets attacked, and many users pay their respects to the victims of the attacks.
  • November 28th, 2015 - A Spaghetti Revolution starts in The Legend of Zelda Community due to users Jubei (NID: Jubei527) and Wa$aKing14 (NID: IWasAlsoAKing).

December 2015

  • December 12th, 2015 - Some users notice a glitch in the In-Game section for the Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS Community. It is filled with posts coming from different Wii U games.
  • December 15th, 2015 - The Final Smash Presentation happens and practically all users talk about it. Corrin gets announced and many hate on him, especially the fact that he is another Fire Emblem character. Bayonetta gets announced and some users who voted her get excited. Many users feel disappointed for Snake and Wolf not appearing in Smash.
  • December 25th, 2015 - It is Christmas and many users talk of the gifts they have received. Some users talk about the influx of new Miiversers, bandwagon Smashers, and bad online servers.


January 2016

  • January 7th, 2016 - Ninja Pig Studios's successor to Meme Run, Bigley's Revenge, is released on the Wii U Nintendo eShop. Many Smashers protest against Bigley's Revenge, while other Smashers buy the game out of curiosity.
  • January 16th, 2016 - The Bigley's Revenge game and community gets taken down for unknown reasons.
  • January 17th, 2016 - Phantasma plans to revive MiiverseAfterDark . Some users get salty over the fact of it saying it won't be the same without The Bard. Miiverse After Dark returns only to be turned into Beeverse After Dark or BAD by A meme (user); bee memes return.
  • January 22nd, 2016 - The New Super Luigi U Community suddenly becomes inactive, so people invade the Mario & Luigi Paper Jam Community because it does not have the newer Miiverse layout and has a 1000 character limit, unlike the rest of the other communities which have a 400 character limit. People post about it in the New Super Luigi U Community and many people settle in the Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Community. Some are starting to consider making The Legend of Zelda Series Community off-topic. The Minecraft: Story Mode Community opens, but all of the screenshots are unintentionally all black, causing a few off-topic posts.
  • January 26th, 2016 - Cameron is permabanned on his 3DS, makes his mission to make Coner, the user who false reported him, console banned. Jeffrey joins and will soon cause chaos within those still in the Smash WiiU/3DS community.
  • January 27th, 2016 - The Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Community gets redesigned to be on par with the other Miiverse communities.
  • January 31th, 2016 - Many users in the New Super Luigi U Community find out that a YouTube channel named TheFineBros are currently attempting to copyright the word "react", which causes many posts in the community to be related to said YouTube channel. Dazen is permabanned, and now is under the alt with the following NNID: dazenalt

February 2016

  • February 1st, 2016 - Miiverse quietly releases an update, which reminds users not to post their NNID and Friend Code in the post/comment box. The "trademarks" meme, based on the Fine Bros, becomes a popular topic. Miinion attempted to troll the Hylians by using SpongeBob quotes and mentioning Cold Midna, but failed because no one knew who she was.
  • February 2nd, 2016 - XXS leaves miiverse. Smashers, such as Dazen and her sister, Cuttie Cat, invade the Zelda Community with Spongebob quotes, in which MiinionX joins in on. Sm4sh DLC releases this day which causes users to get hyped.
  • February 4th, 2016 - A rise in Undertale-related posts. Toby Fox, creator of Undertale mentions/notices the Undertale posts in Miiverse. It has been a talked about topic, with some users thinking that he will port the game to Wii U.
  • February 6th, 2016 - A user named a wild moose "copyrights" the word "moose." He is later revealed to be a member of the AS clan. They invade the NSLU yet again. Miinion returns, however, rather than trying to take over Miiverse, he helps the Smashers defeat the AS clan.
  • February 11th, 2016 - Spacejunk/Dewd leaves Miiverse.
  • February 15th, 2016- Genderbend Week 2016 happens.
  • February 16th, 2016 - Drama happens in NSLU as some users began hating on Undertale. Some say that the NSLU has started to turn into a YTC because of the fanbase. Some have even considered moving to the Japanese NSLU. The smashers have had enough of Undertale. Many users in the NSLUC and other communities feel emotional due to the hit Disney Channel/XD tv show "Gravity Falls" airs its final episode.
  • February 18th, 2016 - Shower Gel starts a meme about Drawing Forks. Spamming posts start to appear, and contintue the day after.
  • February, 20th, 2016- The AS Clan returns.
  • February 22nd, 2016- MiinionX tries to join forces with the AS Clan to create a new community. They agree on moving to the European NSLU, but the AS needs to talk with the other members.
  • February 23rd, 2016 - M11n1on joins forces with AS to try and get rid of undertale, or bring it back..? I have to be honest I have no idea what they're doing
  • February 24th, 2016 - Observer warns the Smashers about a war in March with "false reporting" Miiverse Clans. Some users think he is spreading false info.
  • February 28th, 2016- Dazen hacks CutieCat's account to start CDI Memes with the words 'Lamp oil'.

March 2016

  • March 6th, 2016- The Yo-Kai Watch Fanbase spams the Yo-kai Venoct and raids the NSLU. A small group of people led by Queen Ari go to the Panama community just to get away from the New Super Luigi U. Community.
  • March 7th, 2016 - Some smashers and a few other users from the NSLUC move to the Panama Club. However, Observer reveals this to all of Miiverse leading to a raid in the Panama Club community and the leaving of the smashers from there.
  • March 8th, 2016- The few remaining smashers split into Panama Smashers and NSLU Smashers.
  • March 10th, 2016 - Some users say that there has been a string of false reports just for mentioning Undertale. Kesha returns and gets banned again. Morimoto successfully led an anti-redesign protest, the first one in months, which lasted for 15 hours in Tom's recent post.
  • March 12th, 2016- Phantasma and DoD Riley helped reveal the clan known as 'Undercleaners', led by a user called AlexTroll (NNID- TheCylox7crew) and people begin to investigate, AlexTroll would be banned not long after this, in an ironic twist, it is known AlexTroll has two accounts.
  • March 14th, 2016 - Because of daylight saving times, everyone's post limit either start refilling, don't refill at all, or decrease their limit. Many Smashers have reported about this bug.
  • March 15th, 2016 - The NSLU Community becomes empty for a while due to the bug, but it returns back to normal.
  • March 15th, 2016 - BanTalon account gets banned permanently. Talon's Wii U and 3ds also get console banned.
  • March 23rd, 2016 - AlexTroll returns with his main account (NNID- TheCyloxCrew), it is unknown if he went back to false-reporting people right away, he made a slight change to his name, spelling it as "alextrolll", DoD Riley tells people in NSLU again
  • March 24th, 2016 - Goldsmith organizes yet another move to the Norway Club, and intended to use it as a back up community for whenever the NSLU invades Panama Club.
  • March 26th, 2016 - Some Smashers move to the Norway Club. It is unknown if they are the Panama Club Smashers. "Yeah Bots" appear in the NSLU community and start yeahing every post.
  • March 27th, 2016 - The NSLUC starts a joke about Milk. A user named "MikeyTDM" makes cringey on-topic posts in the NSLU community with Minecraft jokes, and mispells Toad as "Dode", which a user named Kane noticed, and started spamming the name, starting another meme.
  • March 29th, 2016 - AS invades again. Phineas and Ferb meme starts again. A small fight starts in the Costa Rica Community, which leads SparkleMan, the co-owner of the community, to retire. The owner had just gotten unbanned. Cutie Cat gets banned again after false reports. 

April 2016

  • April 4th, 2016 - Iamzu makes a new alt for Zeast with the NNID zeastisabutt, and one for himself with the NNID Iamzuisbacl. Three users, by the names of ProfeserBox, Cornando, and Quote, create the Leafeon is Beefeon meme, which happens for about an hour.
  • April 9, 2016 - People start talking about a user named M2FP having backwards notifications. 
  • April 28, 2016 - Phantasma trolls NSLU in the morning, posting lots of 'nya' and 'purr-fect' things, even bringing in an alt to continue until nearly noon, some users got salty, while a few others joined in, this was actually just the beginning of several NSLU invasions led by Phantasma.

May 2016

  • May 14th, 2016 - Users start getting backwards notifs after having their posts yeahed by PF2M.
  • May 21st, 2016 - Kesha and Public Mii invade at the NSLUC. Some Smashers invade the Peru Club and New Jersey Cluba gainst the furries peacefully residing there.
  • May 22th, 2016 - Some Smashers invade the Peru Club and New Jersey Club against the furries.
  • May 29th, 2016 - Cameron quits Miiverse.

June 2016

  • June 1st, 2016 - Public Mii returns as Dazen hints at joining the Dragon Quest fanbase again, and dedicates her time to drawing Dragonlord. Cavebob becomes a meme.
  • June 10th, 2016 - A user named mii police invades the NSLU and reports the community for being off topic. Some users are annoyed by this and report him. Many users were false reported and eventually banned. Cameron returns to Miiverse.
  • June 25th, 2016 - Cameron and Coner make peace.

July 2016

  • July 23, 2016: Lambie comes back, users such as Trollurai use up their entire post catalog hyping the event. Some users post bikini art that has the majority of the ass showing.

August 2016

  • August 5th, 2016 - Some people from the NSLU community invade the Zelda community.
  • August 17th,2016 - MII king is banned but his brother mii police is threatening to ban people through Friend requests.
  • August 19th, 2016 - The NSLU community is rumored to have wars happening but nobody knows where it started from.
  • August 20th, 2016 - The NSLU wars is still continued but rumors state that furries, Joker and MII king teamed up to false report everyone. Caleb Returns to Miiverse.
  • August 21st, 2016 - Sortable19, a former NSLU user, makes a post about how most of the users in the NSLU community are bigoted and immature and a flame war started because of it.
  • August 28th, 2016 - MII king returns and he makes a list of people he's gonna get banned,Meanwhile AJ returns but wanted to leave the community but decides to yeah bomb everyone for fun.

September 2016

  • September 21, 2016 - Dazen returns from a double console ban with the help of Talon
  • September 22, 2016 - Dazen starts the Nutshack Meme

October 2016

  • October 23, 2016 -  P9 makes a post saying that he has 6 yeahs on his last 3 posts (666 reference). Mr.LuigiDude stumbles upon this post and comments "edit farmer turned yeah farmer". P9 then deletes LuigiDude's comment, blocks him, and replies with "I left your life, why don't you do the same?". This post gets linked in LMR Chat, and P9 memes ensue, some using his posts as copypastas, others making fun of P9 for not being able to take a joke, etc.
  • October 31, 2016 - Arian and PF2M hack Miiverse and remove the announcements. They then start posting custom screenshots and videos on the Announcement Community

December 2016

  • December 5th, 2016 - PF2M messes around with the visuals of the New Super Luigi U Community and accidentally locks it, starting Memepocalypse 2016.
  • December 15th, 2016 - A new user named ABDL joins and annoys people with his diaper posts. Meanwhile, AJ comes back on Miiverse with an Alt named AJEscool345 and posts as usual.
  • December 29th, 2016 - An art thief by the NNID of Isabelle200 is noticed by the smashers because of a latest yeah post and the entire community gets filled with jokes about her.


January 2017

  • January 13th, 2017 - More information on the Nintendo Switch is announced, including the fact that Miiverse will not return on it. This leads to speculation that Miiverse will be shut down. Impersonators of Hulu and EA Sports' accounts yeahbomb for a short time while appearing banned, causing some confusion.
  • January 15th, 2017 - PF2M hacks Miiverse again, using the token of verified user BroMii to yeahbomb and even make a post of the developer tools on the NSLUC.
  • January 21, 2017 - PF2M, Arian, and Andrew P. raided with custom images and videos, and NNIDs got leaked and hacked. MarioMan57s were pulled due to the hacking while Nintendo is not doing anything about it.
  • January 22, 2017 - The community is spammed with exploiters of the leaked NNIDs and requests to join the Miiverse Discord Channel. Hackers continue to post, with the admins being extremely lenient towards them, taking a long time to ban them (if they are banned at all) and even leaving some posts on announcement communities up for nearly 18 hours.

May 2017

  • May 6th, 2017 - MII king returns on a mii police account.
  • Unknown Date - The NSLU is overun with spam from BobROssjr.

November 2017

  • November 5th, 2017 - Sour Meme declares himself General of the Smasher Army. Under his leadership, the Smashers retake the Legend of Zelda community. Hylians retake their community less than three hours later. Web Mii begins spamming questionable images into the New Super Luigi U Community and some Smashers seek refuge in the Legend of Zelda community.
  • November, 7th 2017~It's the Last day of Miiverse for everyone and they pull MM57's while everyone else saves there posts for goodbyes but everyone moves to miiverse clones at the finale.
  • November, 8th 2017~Miiverse is closed and thus destroyed the majority of the Smashers. The few remaining members took refuge on Miiverse clones.