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The Smashers are a large group of Miiverse users who originated from the original Super Smash Bros. Series Community. When Miiverse was fresh and new, the Smashers were mostly on-topic and casual, until the community slowly became more and more off-topic. During this time many people were anticipating the new Super Smash Bros. for Wii U & 3DS, which opened the doors to trolling. As time went on, the number of trolls and off-topic posters began to flourish.

Depending on the time a user has joined, there are three categories and generations of Smashers:

  • Bandwagon Smashers: Smashers that embody Smasher stereotypes. Bandwagon Smashers are ones that joined after the Smash Series Community was shut down.
  • Veteran/Original Smashers: Smashers from the original Smash Bros Community. The Veteran/Original Smashers are ones who posted in the original Super Smash Bros. Series Community who have survived to this very day and were tossed around to various other communities. This generation is from June 11, 2013 - October 2, 2014.
  • Medieval Smashers: A user that joined the community that the Smashers currently called home. They usually enjoy posting memes, making friends, and having fun on Miiverse. This generation is from October 3, 2014 - July 28, 2015
  • Modern Smashers: A user that survived the update and joined the community the Smashers called home. This generation is from July 29, 2015 - present day
  • Average Smashers: Smasher users who never really took part in the off-topic posting or trolling, but simply posted about Smash-related things.


When the original Smash Series Community was shut down by Nintendo in October 2014, the Smashers gathered and took refuge in the Volleyball Community. It was there that the famous Hotel Bigley was constructed and used as a haven for the homeless Smashers. The Smashers were very distraught over losing their beloved Smash Community, and entered a dreadful time of depression.

Not long after the Smashers inhabited the Volleyball Community, a small group of Smashers organized a massive invasion of the Legend of Zelda Series Community. Much to the Zelda fanbase's lament, the Smashers began spamming and trolling the community relentlessly. A few Smasher clans even report-bombed and banned Hylians for complaining about the invasion. In the end, the Smashers successfully conquered the LoZ Series Community and began using it as their new home. This upset the Hylians, and lead to a devastating report-bombing by the infamous Cold Midna; and so began The Great Smasher/Hylian War.

The Smashers were massacred by the Hylians until they finally moved to the Wii Fit U Community (WFUC) in January 2015. The Wii Fit U Community was practically empty and contained no locals to deal with. The Smashers were happy about their new home, and knew the war was finally over. The Wii Fit U Community served as the Smashers' home for nearly two years, until Nintendo became sick of their "Disruptive" behavior and created the infamous Miiverse Redesign. The redesign made posting in the WFUC impossible since none of the Smashers owned the actual game. Once again, the Smashers were homeless and scattered.

The Smashers were temporarily welcomed into The Legend of Zelda Series Community. Though the Smashers and Hylians were once arch-enemies, the Miiverse Redesign miraculously managed to bring the two sides together. The Smashers, however, soon moved to the New Super Luigi U Community. This community had somehow not been affected by the redesign, and was a perfect place or the Smashers to occupy. To this very day, the smashers still reside in the NSLU community, waiting for Nintendo's next big move against them.


The Smashers are a very diverse and mixed bunch. They consist of trolls, furries, weeaboos, clan leaders, fanboys, gamers, and all-around good people of the internet. They are often seen as infamous for the Zelda Invasion of 2013. However, a Smasher's one goal in mind is this: To laugh, and to make others laugh. In this case, to have a good time and meet people who share this aspect while continuing to do so.

To learn about the many Smasher religions, see the Gods/Deities and Shrekism pages.


The Smashers have encountered many conflicts in the past. There are plenty of users on Miiverse who resent the Smasher for being off-topic, or even for using memes on a social media site intended for children. As a result, there have been users like Digit03 and Cold Midna, who strove to banish Smashers for having freedom of speech.

There is also the issue of "Bandwagonism" in Smasher culture. Many veteran Smashers believe that new Smashers are only joining in order to become popular and gain followers. While this belief is only a result of extreme pride, many new Smashers have been made outcasts for not being "Original". As a result, the Smasher population has significantly decreased in recent months.

Position of Power on Miiverse

The Smashers were once considered the superpower and capitol of Miiverse due to their large size and number of clans. When the Smasher/Hylian War broke out, the Smashers were crippled and afterward considered the second most powerful group.

Though they are not the largest anymore, the Smashers are still the most skilled at reporting.

The June 24th, 2015 update

On June 24th, 2015, Miiverse announced a new update that would eventually end up killing most of the Smashers. The update made it to where if you were banned, all of your alts would be banned as well. This was a devastating blow to the Smashers in particular. Many believed this update will be the end of the Smashers. However, some Smashers stayed in the Wii Fit U Community not giving up hope.

Miiverse Redesign

When the Miiverse redesign was announced many Smashers panicked and feared what would happen to the Wii Fit U Community and off-topic posting. Some Smashers looked for a possible new community to post in, while others sadly decided to leave Miiverse for good. When the redesign hit, the Smashers moved to The Legend of Zelda Series Community as they thought it was the only community that wasn't affected. However, the next day some users discovered that the New Super Luigi U Community also wasn't affected, and they moved there instead so that they didn't have to share communities with the Hylians anymore.

The Miiverse Redesign was the final nail in the coffin for the Smashers. It made many veterans and old-timers leave Miiverse forever, which only further crippled the Smashers further.

Legendary Smashers

Some Smashers went on to become extremely popular/infamous in their communities, and thus have earned the description as legendary. Some of those users are listed below:

List of Current Smashers:

Not including the ones that left.

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