MiiWorld's old logo.

SmashFeed (formerly MiiWorld, but changed after receiving a copyright strike) is a forum that was created by the user Dewd, which you can find here. It currently has 140+ members but hasn't been active as of lately.

New Logo.


The plan was to create a website just like Miiverse with more improvements such as less strict admins. Just like Miiverse, it has a board/community for every game. It was created because of the Miiverse Genocide, an update that introduced the mechanic in which if one user was banned on that Wii U, every other NNID on the console gets banned for 2 weeks, and the console ban. (However it is impossible to make a website just like Miiverse without coding and have the same basis.)


On the 25th of March, 2016, Smashfeed admin Meclent created a new website created "The Spawn Point" in collaboration with Stocke and Serenade. The Spawn Point is aimed at gaming as a whole instead of exclusively Miiverse, with a more simple and clean atmosphere and is currently looking for members and already has a fairly active community.

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