17jt69bt7gnat normal face
NNID EliteSkyshaymin
Age Unknown
Joined December 25th, 2012
Community YouTube Community, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS Community, Pokemon Shuffle Community
Followers 8,654
System(s) owned SO Wiiu

SO N3ds

Birthday September 28th
Alts Unknown
SkyShaymin is a Miiverse user who mostly draws. He has over 8,500 followers. SkyShaymin is often seen posting in communities such as YouTube Community, Smash Bros, and is even seen posting screenshots and drawings in the Pokemon Shuffle community.


SkyShaymin's first Miiverse post was on 12/25/2012 likely the time he bought his Wii U. He later draws mostly and gets over 300 yeahs. He also got a girlfriend who came to be known as Peach-Pit. Him and her are still in a very happy relationship. His drawings mostly consist of four things; Himself, Rosalina, Peach-Pit, and various jokes. He claims he used Hatena, but many Miiverse users don't believe this despite there being evidence.

Many Miiverse users don't like Sky from hearing the allegations that he has gotten users banned using his followers, but no one has proven the fact yet. He had a rivalry with the user Krrrrbin, though they made up later. 


  • He gets many Yeahs on his posts.
  • Many hate him and others like him, notable is a pre-existing page on Le Miiverse Wiki to torment him and having his fans report others. *shrugs* ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • He draws Rosalina a lot and people tend to connect her and Sky together.
  • Stoney used to have him on his friend list during the early miiverse days.
  • He usually blocks people who cause trouble for him.
  • He is a very faithful boyfriend to Peach-Pit
  • He lives in the United States.
  • According to a Q/A video, his Mii doesn't look like him at all.

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