N4v6k2lsxq9u normal face
NNID sketchmii
Age 16
Joined Dec. 10th, 2013
Community Art Academy, Pixel Paint, Super Mario Maker
Followers tba
System(s) owned 3DS, Wii U
Birthday September 30th
Alts n/a

Sketchmii is a familiar user known for his Nintendo-based artwork. He is one of the few people on Miiverse who completely dedicates their style around classic Nintendo figures, such as (but not limited to) Mario himself. It has been noted that his all time favorite character is Mario, and hopes to someday create something that will bring smiles to a young audience. 

Inpiration + Artwork


He favors pop-art dynamics.

As a young child, Sketchmii has deeply enjoyed every Nintendo related franchise including Kirby, Sonic, Pac-Man, Mega Man, and of course Mario himself! His artwork contains a spectrum of bright and vivid color schemes, each very unique. He takes time and effort for any Art Academy work, leaving him to work at least a week on them before publishing.

He purposefully paces the time his artwork is uploaded. This is so that his vast fans have a chance to view each of them without missing an update of one. Sketchmii highly respects the community and looks forward to producing future works that have extravagant detail. Iconically to his name, Sketchmii does many sketches in real life (rumored that he has various amounts of sketchbooks containing scribbles of his fresh ideas). 


  • Sketchmii is a huge fan of DashieXP
  • The username "Sketchmii" when done in his signature references the"M" graffiti from Super Mario Sunshine.
  • He never intends to quit Miiverse as it's a place where he can expand his artwork and become closer to Nintendo.
  • It's a dream of his to someday work for Nintendo
  • He dislikes strawberries on their own, but enjoys any artificial flavoring of it.
  • He wishes to create his own cherishable works to contribute to his massive creativity
  • Occasionally he implements Japanese culture in his works, hinting his enjoyment and understanding of it
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    • Sonic fan too!

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