NNID Dutch-Discord
Age Unknown
Joined 12/14/2013
Community YouTube community

Super Smash Bros for WiiU/3DS community

Followers Unknown
System(s) owned System in the Nintendo 3DS Family
Birthday Unknown
Alts Unknown

Sjuul is a Miiverse user who usually posts screen shots of games. Sjuul (NNID Dutch-Discord) is a gamer with the aspirations to draw but not the talent, He never posted any drawings on Miiverse though. His first posts were in the Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon Community were he complained about being stuck on the final level before he could get to the final boss.

Sjuul often posted in communities such as YouTube and the Super Smash bros communities. In the Smash community he would often request for Midna and Palutena for Smash bros, he also wanted Viridi, Dyntos, and Mewtwo for Smash DLC, despite that Mewtwo was already confirmed by the time he made the post.


Sjuul mostly posted screenshots about his progress in the Pokemon Rumble Community, nothing too interesting happened. His last post was in the Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Community, and Sjuul hasn't been active since then.


  • He doesn't have very good grammar or English. This could be because he's from the Netherlands.
  • His favorite character is Midna, judging from all of his screenshots and posts voting for Midna to be playable.
  • He claimed that his dog died while he was alone at home once.
  • His favorite video game series is Zelda.

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