"Similar Interests"

The Similar Interests Update is an over the air patch released by Tom from Nintendo on February 5th, 2015. This new "update" now allows users to see the latest comments from people's posts, and along with that, the activity feed has been updated. The new main feature that caught many people's eye was the Similar Interest update. The system will randomly find a user who is "similar" to you. This can be viewed via the Activity Feed .


On February 19th 2015, Miiverse got another update adding on to this one. It caused posts from people that your followers follow to show in your activity feed. This not only got more criticism, but caused Miiverse to lag extremely badly on that day.

On April 20th 2015, the activity feed got yet another update that causes one post per person to appear in the feed. Now, more people are hating the activity feed then ever.


Many criticized how the Similar Interests work. Some users found people from other countries, and/or who have little to no interests to the user. The biggest criticism was the lack of disabling the feature. Many find it a minor or even major annoyance. Majority of users overall disliked the Similar Interest update.

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