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Joined December 2013
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Silverpaw (ID: Silverpaw19) is a pretty average, not ugly Miiverse user. He mainly posts in the Youtube and SSB Communities . Wikia Username: Silvehpwah


Silverpaw joined Miiverse on his 3DS  in December 2013 with the name #Jonathan. He mainly posted in the Animal Crossing: New Leaf Community  and made really crappy drawings. He mainly makes off topic posts on the SSB community and occasionally roleplays. His off topic posts are not supposed to be funny, he just makes really odd posts to confuse people. He usually hangs out with users with less followers than him. He currently posts in the Youtube, SSB, Tomodachi Life, and Cave Story communities. He has been banned twice and he has 321 followers at the time of writing this.


Silverpaw mainly hangs out with the users Kori, ??? (Chris P.), Hannah, Missin, Quote, Scourge, ☆★Xarive★☆, Dooveed, Brooksie, Krrrrbin, Patrick, Fire★Yoshi, and Meadowstar.


For a short time, Silverpaw changed his Mii nickname to TheToaster, he claims he is the reincarnation of SilvrHatty, Silverpaw's second form. TheToaster's catchprase is "It's Toasting Time." Eventually Silverpaw got tired of being TheToaster and went back to being Silverpaw.


At the current time, Silverpaw is trying to start two memes. The 'I AM the ______' meme and the 'All Hail Lord Bubbline!' meme. The first one is pretty straightforward. The second one is a meme in the Cave Story community where Silverpaw is trying to get people to worship the Bubbline, the worst weapon in Cave Story, as if it is some kind of god.


My Heart Will Go On04:17

My Heart Will Go On

1st Ban: Made fun of CoD and got attacked by the fanboys.

2nd Ban: Told someone his Steam username was also his NNID. He thought that was the admin-proof way of doing it. Turns out not. **BAN STILL IN AFFECT**


Other Stuff

  • His mii is a shiny sylveon/cat hybrid.
  • He mainly uses Miiverse on his laptop because he is too lazy to wait through the starting screen on the 3ds version.
Snoop Lion's Raps
  • His mii has -135 charm rating in Tomodachi Life.
  • His greatest weakness is Snoop Lion's raps.
  • His most popular post is his Tomodachi Life QR code with 51 yeahs.
  • Curly Brace is his waifu.
  • His theme song is Freedom Dive by XI.


Silverpaw's QR Code

Here it is, my Tomodachi Life QR code. Now you may put this sexy beast on your island. K. Bai. Fak u.

  • "Tom is a scary 2-year old."
  • "When life gives you lemons, realize this meme has been over for a VERY long time and throw your lemons down in DISGUST."
  • "When I found out my friend has a Sonic OC I shunned him for a day."
  • "The music in the Splatoon trailer makes my ears bleed."
  • "If you can see this post, it means a creepy duck is stalking you."
  • "Welcome to the YouTube Community, where any post you make gets tons of yeahs even though it gets buried by anime drawings and follow beggers within seconds!"
  • "Miror B. 4 Smash!"
  • "Sometimes, I feel like the admins want us to leave."
  • Deleted by administrator. Post ID: 3DB-NBL7-C3X-XX6H-4LU-8AFL
  • "Dis be an outrageous humbug community, young bahss."
  • "Justin Bieber is a scary 87-year old."
  • "Pls children, stop requesting Minecraft. This is Miiverse, not Chuck E Cheese's."

...Does he have ears...?

Link's Barrel Beat02:37

Link's Barrel Beat

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