23sv0qdgc74kc normal face
NNID Shyguymask
Age 15
Joined 9/12/2013
Community Wii Fit U Community
Followers Unknown
System(s) owned SO Wiiu Wii U

SO N3ds 3DS

Birthday Unknown
Alts Unknown
Shyguymask is a Miiverse user that is also a Smasher and regularly posts to the New Super Luigi U Community.


Shyguymask often posted in the Wii Fit U community, trying to post memes or jokes, sometimes would just write a single world with a period, such as "Spiders." or "Macaroni." He joined Miiverse on the day that Miiverse was ported into the Nintendo 3DS. At that time, he often post in the Pokemon X/Y Community, and he is very, VERY obsessed with the Pokemon "Gardevoir". When he used to post in the Pokemon X/Y Community, at least 1/4 of his posts were about Gardevoir.

Eventually, he went to the YouTube Community to post his off-topic messages, but were more serious and made more sense than now. Some time later, he migrated to the originial Super Smash Bros. Series Community, and posted on-topic messages before starting posting off-topic messages. At a similar time he got tired of the Pokemon X/Y community because of all the "Trade" and "Role-play" posts. He made several posts complaining about it.

At the the closure of the Super Smash Bros. Series Community, Shyguymask posted off-topic messages to the new community along with some other smashers, and shortly after, he discovered The Legend Of Zelda Series Community and posted off-topic there like usual. One day, he wondered why everyone was talking about "Migrating" and asked "Where did everyone go". Someone answered him that the Smashers migrated to the Wii Fit U community, and Shyguymask migrated there as well and start posting like today.

Although he is a Smasher, he regularly posts in other communities, mostly notably and most often the Super Smash Bros. For 3ds/Wii U community. He also posts in certain communities such as the Pokemon ORAS Community (despite being tired of the X/Y community), "Trolling" the Youtube Community, and post drawings to Pixel Paint and Art Academy community.

Shyguymask eventually moved to the New Super Luigi U Community.

Puzzle & Dragon: Super Mario Bros. Edition Trouble

Shyguymask had a (very) hard time playing the game, and has made several posts complaining over losing because of not preparing properly.

Notable Drawings


  • His favorite Pokemon is Gardevoir.
    • His second favorite is Porygon2.
  • His mains in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U are Mr. Game & Watch and Yoshi.
  • He posts in 4chan, despite being underage.
  • His favorite Mario character is Shy Guy.

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