Shuhei Yoshida
27msdanzskxd0 normal face
His Mii.
NNID ShuYoshida
Age Unknown
Joined 12/03/2012 (mm-dd-yyyy)
Community Nintendo Land Community
Followers 2382
System(s) owned Wii U
Birthday 2/11 (m-dd)
Alts Unknown
Shuhei Yoshida (NNID: ShuYoshida) is the CEO of Sony. According to a interview, Shuhei loves Nintendo despite leading Nintendo's opposition PlayStation. Along with that he said he has used Miiverse many times and has been banned twice by the admins.
Shuheni Yoshida

Shuhei Yoshida in real life.

Using Miiverse

Shuhei stated in the interview that he has been banned twice on Miiverse. Some users think he may have been false reported. However in the interview he stated that his first ban was received after linking his Twitter account.

His second ban was considered nonsense by many. He later received another ban simply because he stated: "I love ps". Many believe a "Nintendrone" (a person who only likes Nintendo and hates everything that isn't Nintendo) may have reported him, however it is unconfirmed. It was most likely due to commerical reasons.


Shuehi Yoshida is known for being a troll. According to thisarticle he purposely trolled Nintendo in saying "I love PS". Despite this, he has two Wii Us, and even wishes the best of luck for the Wii U.


  • He is the CEO of PlayStation.
  • He is the only Non-Nintendo CEO to admit to having a Miiverse account.
  • He owns 2 Wii Us, and plays with his daughters on them.
  • He's known to be a troll
  • He likes the Nintendo Wii U, despite leading PlayStation.

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