Cguzqsj8fchv normal face
NNID Shrek1IsMyPsword
Age Unknown
Joined Unknown
Community Unknown
Followers 9+
System(s) owned SO Wiiu
Birthday Unknown
Alts Unknown

Shrek1IsMyPsword was a user made by Javi (DooksAndDags) on April 5th that told everyone the user's password so they could post off-topic stuff on it (Or inappropriate things).

Many users soon started to use the account and mostly posted and commented things that were against the Miiverse Code of Conduct, and some users just stayed in one community to make posts with the account while others spread to different communities to cause trouble.

Javi made 4 Shrek1IsMyPsword related accounts that all got banned late into April 5th and he didn't want to make anymore, for the fear of being console banned. Their Mii name was ************.

Javi made Shrek5 on April 6th which was once again used by users to post bannable things in communities. The account soon got banned, and Javi got console banned. 

List of known people that used ************


  • "I want to have sex"
  • "Hey guys, Javi alt. here. Now abuse me!"
  • "Its me again, Javi alt. now, ABUSE ME! *plays dead*"
  • "OMG #mad is coming back! Who deletd the post from the bard?"
  • "FOLLOW ME!!!!!!!!!! :::::::::]]]]]]]]]])))))))))))DDDDDDDDDDD"
  • "Parents found me having 69 with my girlfriend last week. It was sweatty."
  • "after this one is banned ill be done okay"
  • "Ike is the worst miiverse user"
  • "Expand that D0ng inside me!"
  • "The Super Püssy Bros Porno Show"
  • "0sama bin Laden is my Waifu"
  • "It's the super pûssy bros. Pørno show, cûm along"
  • "King Big D0ng"
  • "Blow occupation simulator 2069 edition"
  • "nicholas is a really underrated user tbh"
  • "Hitler plays Project M"

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