NNID Netger20
Age 23
Joined Unknown
Community Tomodachi Life Community
Followers 31
System(s) owned System in the Nintendo 3DS Family
Birthday 12/30/1992

Sherrie Maness is supposedly a 23 year old Miiverse user. She often dates children as young as 8 and usually loses interest in one of them after about 20 minutes of talking to them, and then posts about wanting another one. It's like a never-ending cycle. She has not-so-great grammar and uses the words "ok" and "hun" frequently, almost every other word in her sentences. Although there's no confirmation of this, she is possibly a pedophile, but she's most likely either a troll or very desperate. The controversy surrounding her is still ongoing and multiple users have been involved in it. So far, Sherrie has dated 4 boys, which in her eyes, are still her boyfriends.


Could be her real name.

Sherrie controversy

Main Article: Sherrie Controversy

The Sherrie Controversy refers to a ongoing event in the Tomodachi Life Community where a 23 year old user named Sherrie made her husband Matt, a 12 year old. This event came to be when Sherrie appeared on HipMarth's Tomodachi Life post in the Activity Feed. Sherrie began hitting on him, and then adding him to the game as her boyfriend. A user named Froςτγ posted the link to the post in the Wii Fit U Community, where it got mass attention. Some of the attention also stems from Matt himself posting links to Sherrie's posts in the Wii Fit U Community, as well as sharing the links with his friend Birdmeme.


  • "hello not dead i us wake up and not dead ok"
  • "i'm am 22 and i'm tell ture to you if don't beleave me look my profile now if don't beleave ok"
  • "i don't care i 2 year older for man i'm am tell ture and i'm am 22 tell him that hun ok"
  • "i'm wait for someone hamsome and cute talk to me and date me to ok "
  • "hello all hamsome boy i look someone to date can someone date me please say yeah you like it ok kiss prr"


  • She's a Naruto fan.
  • Almost everyday she's on, she asks for a new boyfriend.
  • She gets boyfriends as fast as a sick person uses tissues.

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