Sheepy's old Mii.
NNID sheepyswag
Age 18
Joined July 17, 2014
Community Wii Fit U Community
Followers 1,500+
System(s) owned System in the Nintendo 3DS family
Birthday Unknown
Alts MadSheepyIsMAD

Sheepalicious McBigButt, nicknamed Sheepy, is a lady with an afro. She's a very friendly Miiverse user who constantly makes excellent and visually stunning drawings. She enjoys drawing and playing video games. One of her dreams is to draw professionally one day.

Her drawings


Sheepy and The Bard portraying Daddy Bardbucks.


Sheepy Grump.

Many consider her a master at drawing hips and curves of female bodies. She, like The Bard and Sarge, make these dirty drawings that of users enjoy. She states that she's trying to improve on male drawings. She studies the masculinity of male bodies to try and become much more effective.



Her Mii wearing her spunky glasses.

This user is very communicative and likes to be a positive kind of person towards others. She's very respectful and appreciates any sort of positive comment or remark and simply loves fan-art. This user has so far made 2,200+ posts. She is currently following 600+ users and has 1,500+ followers. This was caused by her ambition, dedication and loves to all of her friends and fans.

Her personality


Sheepy doesn't mess around either.

She has a bit of a dirty mind, but some consider her one of nicest girls you'll ever meet. She appreciates her fans and continues to do what she does best. She considers everyone a friend. She's surprising, as sometimes her drawings can be something very innocent, to something very sexually attractive.


She is very highly ranked as a Miiverse user. She is surely at the level user Sarge currently stands at. She rarely gets reported, so her popularity doesn't seem to deteriorate. She is the Queen of Curves/Hips. It is absolutely certain, that if she gets hated on, users will generally come to her aid.

Recently, she has surpassed 1,500 followers.


Sheepy has created five memes, each having a story to be told, and each definitely being creative and entertaining in their own way. These memes have boosted her popularity.

Mass Debate Meme

- This meme was created when users were confessing personal things, and lead to this being created.

Pouring Meme

- This meme was created by her to prove that quite possibly anything could become a meme.

(Blank) Classic (Blank) Fan Meme

- This meme was created when she began acting like SammyClassicSonicFan.

Sheepy Drawing Meme

- This meme was created when all of her friends and fans decided to give back by drawing her.

Drop The Bass Meme

- This meme was created when an idea popped in her head while listening to music.


  • 2awesome

    Sheepy's joy.

    Sheepy is considered a Smasher.
  • She is a very big fan of the Game Grumps!
  • Her favorite user (that has certainly inspired her) is The Bard.
  • Her posts now get an average of 20-40 Yeahs!
  • There is an apparent user called Lamby, with an addiction to socks that acts as her long lost sister.
  • She's a very big fan of 90s rock music.
  • She spends most of her time on Scarf Heroes, a now inactive group.

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