Sgt. Cloud
3r1wh9ygw0w6v normal face
NNID EspurrsEyes42
Age Unknown
Joined 2012 - 2014?
Community Zelda and Pokemon related communities
Followers 322
System(s) owned SO Wiiu
Birthday 01/04
Alts CyberRaiden


Sgt. Cloud (AKA Denzel[CN]) is a Miiverse user infamous for reporting many users for posting off-topic in the Legend of Zelda Series Community, he has even been kicked out of the RoS after harassing the Smashers. He operates two alternate accounts under a different identity which everyone has figured out, but he still denies affiliation outside of knowing each other in real life.


He started using Miiverse at an unknown date, and likely only posted on-topic for the largest part. He is a member of the Pokémon clan Cloudnation and was one of the most infamous Hylian users in the Great Smash/Zelda War. He was a member of the Requiem of Spirits as both Sgt. Cloud and Raiden, but was eventually kicked out after being deemed too extreme and one person.

He currently posts in multiple Zelda and Pokemon communities is a member of a Pokemon clan called Pokemon clan Cloudnation.


CyberRaiden mii

During the Great Smasher/Hylian War, he eventually made the account CyberRaiden, most likely after being banned. His posts were very similar to Sgt. Cloud's, and he used the unique word "Smesher", which led people to believe they were the same person. When approached, he either ignored or denied the accusations. CyberRaiden was eventually permabanned and he now uses CyberRaiden2.

He was a major player in the migration of the Smashers to the Wii Fit U Community, as he blackmailed Rosaline into informing the masses of the community. He appears to be the first person involved in the war who discovered it, as seen in this post.


  • He once got in a debate with Jonathan about Smash 3DS. He claims that it's the inferior version and likes the call it the "WeakDS" version. Jonathan ended up refuting all his claims. Raiden got banned right after the debate ended and Jonathan blocked him. The post can be seen here.
  • Jonathan later unblocked him and said that he understands that Raiden has different views.
  • For a while, he had a hard time spelling "Smashers", instead replacing the a with a second e, and sometimes even adding in an r. As of seeing this page, he has corrected himself to create the illusion that he never made the mistake in the first place.

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