Greetings strangers,friends,followers, and countless others! Behold! I am Sev. I am 14 and I'm a competitive nice guy. I would appreciate it if you would friend and follow me or you will be put to sleep-Ur I mean.. See you all on Miiverse!! Now forget everything you heard. For you are under my spell.

—Sev's Profile Bio.
3eucz72j1fmaf normal face
His Mii.
NNID alecwk
Age Unknown
Joined Unknown
Community New Super Luigi U Community
Followers 120
System(s) owned SO Wiiu
Birthday December 1st
Alts Unknown

Sev (NNID: alecwk) is a quite infamous user on Miiverse who has a passion for talking, criticize and making memes about video games. He loves playing the Batman Arkham series and likes playing Injustice: Gods Amoung Us. He is mentored by AstroRobin and great friends with Ayo and TriFace. He is part of NES Clan and is leader of the League of Shadows group. You can view his profile here.



  • He was about to star in the Miiverse movie as an antagonist, but the movie was cancelled.
  • He loves making jokes about famous users and various things.
  • He lives in the USA.
  • He has a slight crush on Nicole (NNID: SoupahMario.)
  • He's a homorous and nice guy.
  • He is mentored by AstroRobin on his quest to higher popularity.
  • He has only been banned once.

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