NNID SeepManTheGreat
Age 13
Joined December, 2012
Community New Super Luigi U Community

YouTube Community

Followers 46
System(s) owned Wii U (8GB)

New 3DS XL

Birthday October, 10th
Alts TheRealNess25

SeepMan is both a Smasher and semi-YTCer on Miiverse, and a YouTuber (known as SeepMan Productions) with currently over 170 subs, with YTPs, Minecraft (not so much anymore), and other random stuff.


The first device to have the nickname "SeepMan" was actually a 3DS in mid 2012. The first Miiverse post made by SeepMan was for the New Super Mario Bros. U Community on Christmas 2012. However, It was on an account that is now perma'd.

The first YouTube video by SeepMan was called "Villager Kill" made as an attempt to rip off ExplodingTNT.

The first YTP made by SeepMan was called "BobSponge murders an innocent drawing" uploaded not that long ago.

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SeepMan's profile picture for stuff.


  • SEEPMAN123 (perma'd)
  • SeepMan (not used often)
  • TheRealNess24 (not used often)
  • TheRealNess25 (used for an extra 30 posts)
  • SeepManTheGreat (current main account)

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