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Scribblenauts unlimited community icon, from the community scribblers post in

Scribblers are a group of people, on Miiverse, that perceive themselves as good at making custom objects using the game Scribblenauts Unlimited. Scribblers tend to have high standards when showing created content and rarely mix well with newbies. They also prefer that people use almost perfect grammar. While most are known for decent skills when making things, others are known for their "horrible sense of humor". Some create story things called series, but they never work out. Although almost all of them are atleast off the scribblenauts community, a user named Clifford restarted them.

The End and Rebirth of the Scribblers

Later in July 2015 a time when all the scribblers are gone and the place became happy, 3 Scribblers are left.

Emilano was the king scribbler at the time so he was the best, He got banned so Tomas held try outs for the new king scribbler, Everyone wanted to be the new king but a user named Jordan thought the scribblers were a bad idea cause they often catalysis some people as bad people so Tomas then ended the scribblers (Emiliano: That's a lie, mah boi!)

Later on there making a new group called "The new scribblers" but is failing right now The only scribblers left are Nikalos, Emilano, and Primrose.

After a long time, a user named Clifford got the idea to restart them. People said that all the scribbles were hated because they were mean to non-scribblers and caused drama. He thought that now since almost all the old scribblers are gone, he could restart them and they could be nicer. Instead of "bashing" on non-scribblers, they could teach them. They currently consist of: Jennz (Unknown if alive), Joshf, Fluffy/Guanzido, Tomas, Emiliano, Rick, HyFly, Noah, Sean, Zack, and Brendan. A newer batch of scribblers include MetaKnight, Rebirth, Willilam, and Rick. However, Clifford got permabanned and now spends his days editing miiverse wikis because he can.

They have their own wiki here[1]

Hated Members of the Community

Nikalos was also one of the first to buy Scribblenauts as well but later came in 2013 He made his first post on Miiverse showing his objects, He got a notification and it was from Popper and he said "Wow those aren't good at all" Nikalos got angry with him so he looked at some of his post

He found that Popper would often show other peoples objects and tell how bad there were, Nikalos soon popped in and said "Stop some people work hard on those" Popper soon said "No I could make this in 30 seconds" Nikalos was just stepping up for some people

They argued over and over again and the Scribblers got a good laugh, Nikalos just stopped and started making more objects but the scribblers would start tease him on his posts so he blocked them

Nikalos felt bad so he said he was sorry and make objects for the fellow scribblers and would say "I'm sorry I was just angry that day" Some forgave him and some didn't

Nikalos was tired of the place so he said he was leaving to the Disney infinity community but Popper and the other scribblers would say there glad hes leaving, Nikalos was soon mad again

Before Nikalos left he reported all the mean posts Popper had made, Popper was banned and he became hated across the community (Nikalos NNID Drawing_Nikalos)

He has come back and although he doesn't post very much in scribblenauts unlimited, he is more liked now.

Although I don't know how hated she is, a notable negative member is Jazz. I don't know much about her but I do know that a. She caused a lot of drama. b. She was very dirty and apparently pretended to r people. c. Ethan used to have a huge crush on her.

The more current enemies are Joseph, a user who is probably console banned and copied a bunch of objects. He banned a use named Tomas and no one likes him. Another one is Houston/Bill Cipher/W.D. Gaster. He is hated because he kept on editing the scribbler wiki with false information, and is also pretty annoying. he no loner edits it, however, and has even become friends with some of the scribblers. The final one is hayman. I have no idea what happened but I do know he's better now.

Dr. Kendo Copies

Dr. Kendo is a famous YouTuber who shares objects made in scribblenauts. When people put some his stuff in his/her shop many people would tell them they have no talents and just leach off other people. They also commonly watch his videos and just do the exact same steps to making his objects. One notable example of coping in the community is Joseph.

Primrose, the Revolutionist

In late 2014 a new user named Primrose showed his face (yes, he is a male, Primrose is but a pen name). So anyway, he made a very controversial series. In the first episode, he kills a guy named Fabu-Jamez (a popular user in the community at the time) and his followers. He and the scribblers then destroy another popular user named AlfonDitto's city, and shoot him, injuring but not killing him. This episode led to many people either saying "I love this, more please!" or "I hate it, stop now!"

I will add more later.

He has talked about restarting it a couple times.

Famous Scribblers

Some scribblers have gone on to achieve fame in other communities. They include: Popper (King Scribbler), Ginky pigs, Nikalos, Alex and alot more.

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