Saving your screenshots in this album will be so easy, you'll build up a collection of memories from the games you love in no time!

—Miiverse Redesign annoucement page
Screenshot Album

The screenshot ablum's icon

The Screenshot Album allows users to save their screenshots, organized by community, into their private album. With these albums, you can save memories of the games you play in one place. This feature was added with the Miiverse Redesign. Users can to save up to 100 screenshots in their albums. Since the album is a private space, other users are not able to view them. Only you can view your album.

Process of Saving a Screenshot

If you want to save a screenshot into your screenshot album, you have to first go to the Activity Feed. Click on the Play Journal button and you will see two options. Click on "Save screenshot to Screenshot Album" and your screenshot will be saved. You can also save the screenshot when you open Miiverse and push the "Save to Screenshot Album" button. Due to this process, you can't save old screenshots or drawings. All you can do with the screenshot either is view it (if you have a 3DS, view it in 3D, but the screenshot has to originaly be 3D first) or write a Play Journal Entry with it attached. An update was made to the screenshot album that lets you attach screenshots with drawings.


Most users are neutral to the album, or just don't care. A very small portion, however, believe that the albums are "pointless". The albums have plain been overlooked by the other features included with the Miiverse redesign, such as the 30 post restriction.

Album example

Example of what you can do with the screenshot albums

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