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NNID ScottB1973
Age 42
Joined Nov. 26, 2012
Community Animal Crossing: New Leaf Community

Splatoon Community

Followers 3369
System(s) owned SO Wiiu

SO N3ds

Birthday 12/16
Alts Unknown

Name: Scott

★ Current mood: Depressed that Halloween is over. ›·‹

Hope you enjoy my posts. Thanks.

—Scott's profile comment

Scott (ScottB1973) is a long-time Miiverse user. He made his first post on 11/26/2012. He is a popular artist in the Animal Crossing: New Leaf Community getting 200-600 yeahs each post. He made some Mario Maker level posts which usually got around 40 - 60 yeahs.

He is currently inactive, as his last post was made February 8th, 2016.

About His Drawings

Most of his posts are drawings in the Animal Crossing: New Leaf Community, Pokémon Art Academy Community, or the Splatoon Community. He mostly posts in the Animal Crossing Community, where he posts drawings of various villagers. Most of his Animal Crossing drawings are of Isabelle. He also occasionally posted in the Pokémon Art Academy Community. He mostly posted about Animal Crossing related drawings, but he posted about other topics too. In the Splatoon Community, he posted about which team he wanted to win for the Splatfest.

He posted in the Smash 4 Support Communities for a little while, which were drawings of him supporting the character the community was for.


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