His Mii
NNID Supah_bass
Age Unknown
Joined Unknown
Community YouTube Community
Followers 11500+
System(s) owned SO Wiiu
Birthday Unknown
Alts Lord-Bilbo

Savage (NNID: supah_Bass) is a popular Miiverse user in the YouTube Community, and uses his main account for mostly posting drawings and commenting. The main cause of his popularity is the fact that he draws many detailed pictures.

Previously, he drew on another account (NNID Lord-Bilbo), which is somewhat still active and usually posts things other than handwritten posts. His Lord-Bilbo account has a mii mocking the Bane character from the Batman film The Dark Night Rises.

Savage will follow the first person who comments on his posts. According to his profile comment, he will try to post his drawings around 8:00 pm EST. 


  • His real name is James.
  • He was friends with Zeast


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